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Bicycle Ride to Karinje


Ride Date: 2nd May 2015

About the Place:

  • Shri Karinjeshwara Temple, Karinje, Bantwal Taluk:  This temple is situated at a place called Karinja of Kavalamudur village of Bantwal taluk. 38 Kms. away from Mangalore and 14 Kms. away from Bantwal. Could be reached from (2 Kms.) a place called Vogga on Mangalore-Belthangady route. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The temple stands high on the hill amidst beautiful surroundings. The view of the lake below the hill will certainly cool one’s eyes. Every year in months of February – March, Shivaratri, the festival of Lord Shiva is celebrated here with much festivity, which attracts large masses of people.

Day in brief:

Bicycle Ride to Karinje was an unplanned ride. Keeping in mind BANTWAL-DHARMASTAL bicycle ride on 3rd may 2015, as soon as i reached home in the morning  around 6:00 AM from Bangalore thought of having warm up ride to Karinje which was 12.5 Kms. away from my house. Already my MTB is in native, assembled and in riding condition. Made up mind and decided to have small ride to Karinje from my house.

After fine tuning to cycle, started off from my house around 7:00 AM. It was early morning ride and best time of the day for pedaling. Nice scenic route is in offering till base of Karinje Betta. This 12.5 Kms.  of ride goes through small villages of Bantwal on Bantwal-Belthangady road. Reached Karinje Arch(Right side of Bantwal -Belthangady road at Vogga) around 7:40 AM and Arch was entrance for Karinje Betta. From here another 1 and half Kms. of uphill cycling inside thick forest route will take to base of Karinje Betta. Reached base around 7:55 AM in the morning.

BGBTD Bantwal-Karinje Ride 1
My Bicycle at base of Karinje Betta
BGBTD Bantwal-Karinje Ride 2
Selfie with my bicycle at base of Karinje Betta

Relaxed for 10 minutes and clicked some snaps as usual. Started back to native around 8:15 AM in the morning. Reached back home at 9:15 AM. Even though it was small ride, Bicycle ride to base of Karinje Betta is always special cause of terrain is in offering.

Note: Later BANTWAL- DHARMASTAL bicycle ride was cancelled for next day due to injury to my leg on same day and it was postponed indefinitely.

Cycling distance: Around 25 Kms.

Cycling route map: Bantwal->Karinje-> Bantwal

Terrian: Easy to Moderate.  Easy cos very less distance to cover – around 25 Kms. and Moderate cos while nearing base of Karinje Betta couple of uphill cycling is in store.

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