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Bicycle Ride to Sullia


Ride date: 26th July 2015

I was in native for 2 days during last weekend of July for some work. Bantwal-Sullia solo bicycle ride was an unplanned one for me. My MTB was in native so thought of Sunday early morning ride till Sullia via Puttur. I know it will be quite challenging ride for me cos nowadays i am not riding regularly. It was almost 2 months without long distance bicycle ride. Last ride was Bantwal-Dharmastal solo bicycle ride.

Day in brief:

Slept late on Saturday night around 11:00 PM and kept alarm of 3:30 AM. My plan was to start ride around 5:00 AM. Though it is monsoon season, Rain was playing Hide n Seek game at native and not sure of what weather is in offering for early Sunday morning. I already made up mind to ride so no looking back. Alarm rang at 3:30 AM and freshen up. It was raining heavily outside around 4:00 AM and dark too. I know my native weather very well, it will not rain throughout the day but rain in intervals.

By time 4:30 AM, I was ready for ride so started at 4:35 AM. It is 30 minutes early then scheduled. Anyone can tell me crazy and mental to start so early but i always like challenges in life. Reached B C Road circle in 5 minutes then took left and moved on NH 48 Highway. It was very dark and street light also not there at Netravati Bridge (Panemagaluru). I pedaled without bothering much and prepared to face whatever comes. Road was not good till Mani. Full of path holes and no street lights till Mani made my pedaling scarier one. It was 5:45 AM when i reached Mani then took right at Mani junction. Rain was stopped and no signs of rain but roads are wet. Perfect weather for Monsoon ride. It was amazing pedaling experience from Mani cos roads are too good for cycling and reached Puttur Petrol bunk Junction around 6:45 AM.

BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 1
Much needed break @ Kabaka
BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 2
Welcome to Puttur Taluk…
BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 3
Puttur Petrol bunk Junction where left goes to Puttur city and right goes to Mysore via Sullia

Took right and moved on Bantwal – Mysore road to reach Sullia. From this junction, Sullia is around 34- 36 Kms. Road was awesome for cycling!!!

BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 4
Few classic pics en route Sullia – Pic#1
BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 5
Few classic pics en route Sullia – Pic#2
BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 6
Selfie with my MTB – KHS Alite 500

It was around 400 mts. of uphill & downhill terrain near Kanakamajalu town before Jalsoor.  Had small breaks while riding and took much needed snacks break at Kanakamajalu town at 9:00 AM. Relaxed for half an hour and had snacks. Started again around 9:30 AM to Sullia which is around 10 Kms. from the place. I decided to finish my ride at Jalsoor town which is around 8 Kms. from Sullia city and decided to return back to my native Bantwal.

BGBTD Bicycle ride to Sullia 7
Jalsoor town – My final destination of Bantwal – Sullia solo bicyle ride

Reached Jalsoor around 9:45 AM and started back to my native Bantwal around 10:00 AM. It was very tiring and challenging return journey for me with cramping legs at regular intervals. Had  2 snacks break while returning and finally reached my hometown around 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

  • Positives from the ride:  Monsoon bicycle ride in native with scenic route. Route is very good for cycling from Mani junction.
  • Negatives from the ride: It was very challenging and tiring bicycle ride for me cos cramping legs  at regular intervals while returning to native.

Cycling distance: Around 116 Kms.

Cycling route map: Bantwal–>B C Road–>Kalladka–>Mani–>Puttur->Jalsoor(Suliia Taluk)–>Puttur–>Mani–>Kalladka–>B C Road–>Bantwal

Terrain: Moderate to Difficult. Moderate cos rolling terrain and few part of the journey is uphill one. Difficult cos long distance self supported solo bicycle ride.

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4 thoughts on “Bicycle Ride to Sullia

    • Gautham Baliga B says:

      Thank u Sagarji 🙂

  1. Aashish Urs says:

    Awesome Route !

    • Gautham Baliga B says:

      Ya it is Aashish 🙂 especially from Mani junction, road was amazing for cycling… Loved it 🙂


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