September 24, 2020

Himalayan Mountains of SORA UMGA La


ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek of Tosh valley offers Breathtaking and Jaw dropping views of mighty Himalayan Mountains of SORA UMGA La range. It is my sincere effort to document and show case to the world what we seen during our Tosh valley trek from Umga Thach camp-site which is extremely scenic in-terms of Himalayan standard.

Note: Details on Himalayan Mountains of SORA UMGA La is hardly available on Internet. Tried my best to give accurate details. Hope it will be useful for Adventure seekers.

Himalayan Mountains of SORA UMGA La

There are 6 peaks named in SORA UMGA La range of Himalayan Mountains inside Tosh valley and also there are few unnamed peaks on right side of Devachan according to the maps available in Himachal Pradesh. SORA UMGA La range of Himalayan Mountains belongs to Tosh of Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Below Photograph is Aerial view of SORA UMGA La range of Himalayan Mountains with 6 peaks captured in one frame on 23rd September 2016.

BGBTD Himalayan Mountains of SORA UMGA La

Please find details of 6 peaks with their altitude below:

Devachan: Devachan peak exists on right side of Papsura peak with altitude of 6300 Meters. Devachan peak belongs to Tosh valley of Himachal Pradesh region, India.

Altitude: 6300 Mtr

BGBTD Devachan

White Sail (Dharamsura): Dharamsura is a mountain in the Himachal Pradesh region, India, near Manali. It is 6420/6446 Meters high depending on the resource, which makes it one of the highest mountains of the Himachal Pradesh. Dharamsura as the peak of good.

Altitude: 6446 Mtr

BGBTD Dharamsura

Papsura Peak: Dharamsura is connected with his Bigger brother, the 6451 Meter high Papsura, by a ridge of 1.9 Kilometers. This col has an altitude of more than 6000 Meters. Papsura is often referred to as the peak of evil.

Altitude: 6451 Mtr

BGBTD Papsura

Note: Both Papsura & Dharamsura peaks divide the Tosh glacier in the south and the Bara Shingri glacier in Lahaul, in the North. Because of the little available topographic material, these peaks are often confused with each other.

History about expeditions on Papsura & Dharamsura peaks

Both Papsura & Dharamsura peaks are not climbed very often. The first ascent was Dharamsura in 1941. Papsura was only climbed in 1967. The highlights of the climbing history are displayed below:

  • 1941: Dharamsura is climbed by a Brittish expedition with James Owen Merion Roberts. From the East Tos glacier they climbed to the col south of the peak and from there they followed the ridge to the top.
  • 1961: 20 years after the first ascent, Dharamsura is climbed a second time, by the same route, again by a Brittish team.
  • 1967: The Brittish climb Papsura with Doffrey Hill, Colin Pritchard, Mike Payne, and Robert Pettigrew. They took a longer approach by the Animals Pass. Their expedition almost ended in tragedy when a party of three whas dragged down the “avalanche couloir” in a terrifying 500 meter drop which ended in the bergschrund. Two of them remained unharmed while Robert suffered a dislocated hip. 3 days later The mountain was climbed by a couloir west of the initial route.
  • 1970: Dharamsura is climbed by an Indian expedition.
  • 1971: Papsura is climbed by the same Indian expedition as the previous Dharamsura expedition.
  • 1975: Dharamsura is climbed for the fourth time by an Indian team.
  • 1977: Both Dharamsura as Papsura are climbed by a Brittish team with Sean Bean, his wife Dawn, Rowland Perriment, George Crawford-Smith, Barry Needle, Tara Chand and Steve Berry, in an impressive alpine-style fashion. With only little carriers and only bivouacs as resting places, they succeed not only in Dharamsura but also in climbing Papsura by 2 new routes. Their minimal equipment and climbing style exhibits an impressive climbing talent.
  • 1989: Dharamsura is climbed by both the southwest as the southeast ridge by 2 teams from the same expedition.
  • 1991: An Indian team climbs Dharamsura.
  • 1991: A New-Zealand expedition does multiple climbs in the region. One person dies during the climb of the westside of Papsura. At 6000 meters he loses his footing and falls 400 meters into his death. 16 days later, 3 teams of the same expedition make another attempt on Papsura, one of them makes it to the top.
  • 1997: Dharamsura is climbed by a Japanese team.
  • 2005: Papsura is climbed by a ladies team via the route of 1967. Malabi Das, one of the climbers, reaches the last camp on the return but eventually dies of exhaustion.m
  • 2008-2012: Several attempts were made on Papsura and Dharamsura. In this period Dharamsura was climbed once. Papsura was climbed by a big team of young West-Bengali climbers in their second attempt. 7 team members, including 4 sherpas reached the top by previously unclimbed Northwest ridge.
  • 2013: An international team of top-notch skiers was flown in by helicopter. Their goal was the ascent of Papsura followed by a ski-descent. Bad snow conditions forced them to abort their plan.

Until now the ridge between Papsura and Dharamsura has remained unlimbered.

Information Courtesy: Google

Angdu Ri: Angdu Ri is another beautiful peak which is situated on left side of Dharamsura with an altitude of just below 6000 Meters. Angdu Ri belongs to Himachal Pradesh region of India. Altitude of Angdu Ri is 5953 Meters.

Altitude: 5953 Mtr

BGBTD Angdu Ri

Pinnacle: Pinnacle is situated between Angdu Ri and Shigrila Peaks of SORA UMGA La range of Himalayan Mountains at Tosh, Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh. Altitude of Pinnacle is 5444 Meters.

Altitude: 5444 Mtr

BGBTD Pinnacle

Shigrila: Shigrila peak comes last in SORA UMGA La range of Himalayan Mountains and close to Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. Altitude of Shigrila is 6230 Meters. Shigrila is Big & beautiful and covered with snow throughout the year.

Altitude: 6230 Mtr

BGBTD Shigrila

Note: There are few unnamed peaks in SORA UMGA La range of Himalayan Mountains. They are situated on right sides of Devachan Peak.

Check it out few photographs of these unnamed peaks below:

Unnamed Peak 1

Altitude:6197 Mtr

BGBTD SUL Unnamed Peaks 1

Unnamed Peak 2

Altitude: 6180 Mtr

BGBTD SUL Unnamed Peaks 2

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