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My 4th 10K Marathon – Yuva Marathon 2017


Marathon date: 25th June 2017

Marathon Venue: CPED Ground, Bangalore University, Bengaluru.

Event in brief:

During office hours, when i am free checking for Marathons around Namma Bengaluru for the weekend 24th & 25th June 2017. Found Yuva Marathon – 2017 for the date 25th June 2017. Registered for the event and waited for the event mail. They have mentioned BIB Collection center as apple FITNESS, Katriguppe, Bengaluru and collecting time between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on 24th June 2017. I went to BIB Collection center on 24th June 2017 evenings around 8:00 PM and collected BIB with #10149. I have Night shift at office on 24th June 2017 so logged in little early to office around 8:00 PM that gave me opportunity to leave early on 25th June 2017 Mornings. Left office at 4:30 AM in the morning and reached home by 4:45 AM.  Left for Event venue at 5:00 AM from My House to Bangalore University Area which is just behind my House. Reached venue by 5:15 AM.

Yuva Marathon – 2017 is organised YUVABALA JAGRUTHI PARISHAD, Bengaluru and main sponsor was apple FITNESS. Event commenced at 6:30 AM with some warm-up events. 10K Marathon and 5K Fun Run/Walk were 2 categories at Yuva Marathon – 2017. My category was 10K which is flagged off at 7:00 AM. Since registration was very less  for the event, only around 200 participants can been seen for 2 categories.

My Experience: It was relaxed 10K Run cos i was little experienced when it comes to Running now. I ran slowly with steady pace for entire 10K (2 loops of 5K). I was adjusted for Running now so reached Finish Line around 8:15 AM. I was very happy again with 4th 10K experience cos finished my 4th 10K in timing of around 1 Hour, 02 Minutes and 08 Seconds which is better than my 3rd 10K experience!

Collected my Medal at counter along with other participants. Made some new friends who also participated in various categories at GCPED Ground, Bangalore University 🙂

Had breakfast and left for house at 9:10 AM and reached home around 9:20 AM rest is History! 🙂

BGBTD My 4th 10K Marathon - Yuva Marathon 2017

Running distance covered as per Strava: 10.7 Kms.

Finishing time as per Strava App: 1:02:08 (10 Kms.)  Total time for 10.7 Kms. is 1:06:37

Running route map as per Strava:

Terrain: Moderate to Difficult around Bangalore University, Bengaluru

My 4th 10K Marathon of the year 2017!!! Improving my finishing time with each run! This time bettered 2 minutes & accomplished under 63 minutes 🙂 🙂 🙂

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