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Solo Bicycle Ride to Kanakapura


Ride date: 27th August 2016

After Bicycle Tour of Shimoga to Udupi on 20th & 21st August 2016, I decided to reduce 2 day events and concentrate on cycling around Namma Bengaluru. Much needed service to my best buddy KHS Alite 500 was done post Bicycle Tours. Installed brand new tires & Breaks. Meanwhile cycling is addicted to me. Thought of early morning rides now on. 26th August 2016 (Friday) – I got my bicycle post service and this Kanakapura ride was planned on 26th August evening and decided to ride till Kanakapura & back on next day that is 27th August Saturday.

Day in brief:

Got up at 4:30 AM and freshen up. Plan was to finish ride by afternoon because cycling distance is around 100 Kms. and ride can be concluded by afternoon. Carried 2 spare tubes as usual in backpack and started ride to Kanakapura at 5:15 AM in the early morning from my house.

Reached Kanakapura road from my house and pedaled till Kanakapura. Took many small breaks en-route and captured some pics too…

BGBTD Solo Bicycle Ride to Kanakapura 1
My KHS on Kanakapur Road
BGBTD Solo Bicycle Ride to Kanakapura 2
Beautiful Lake en-route Kanakapura
BGBTD Solo Bicycle Ride to Kanakapura 3
Good pose!

Reached Kanakapura around 8:00 AM. Had breakfast at Udupi Upahar, Kanakapura and relaxed for few minutes. After half an hour of break, started return journey around 8:30 AM. Return journey was relaxed one and had multiple breaks for Tea, Tender coconut, etc…

Reached my house around 12:30 PM. It was nearly 100 Kms. of bicycle ride and memorable one!!! Weather was fantastic throughout the ride that made journey memorable one.

BGBTD Solo Bicycle Ride to Kanakapura 4
Total distance of Bicycle Ride is 106.5 Kms.

Cycling distance covered as per Strava: 106.5 Kms.

Cycling route map as per Strava:

Terrain: Easy to Moderate. Easy cos Kanakapura Road ride is very scenic and it is ride on Main road which is in good condition. Terrain is rolling one. Moderate one cos long distance ride.

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2 thoughts on “Solo Bicycle Ride to Kanakapura

  1. abhishek says:

    Hi Gautham,

    I really liked the blog. A lot of valuable information. Thanks a ton :)

    • Gautham Baliga B says:

      Thanks for ur Kind words & Appreciation! Glad u liked it :)


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