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Solo Bicycle Ride to Pyramid valley


Ride date: 16th November 2014

After doing few 100+ Kms. bicycle rides and Kottai 200K Brevet, it is time for solo bicycle rides. I wanted to do few long distance solo endurance rides. There is nothing planned for 15th November 2014 weekend and it was raining on weekdays in Bangalore so not sure of attending any cycling events on weekends. I wanted to do Pyramid valley ride on Kanakapura road and a ride to Bannerghatta National Park too. Since it rained on Friday evening, Road condition across the city is wet so cancelled to do this ride on Saturday. There is sudden changes in weather condition on Saturday and also rain has been disappeared. Sky was clear and blue so planned to do Pyramid valley ride on Sunday early morning.

Day in brief:

Got up at 4:00 AM and freshen up. Plan was to finish ride by afternoon because cycling distance is less than 100 Kms. (93.4 Kms.) and ride can be concluded by afternoon. Carried 2 spare tubes as usual in backpack and started ride to Pyramid valley at 5:00 AM in the early morning from my house.

As per google maps distance to Pyramid valley from my house is around 43 Kms. It is winter and chilled morning at Bangalore. By the time 5:30 AM, reached Dairy circle via Madiwala and continued pedaling on Bannerghatta Main Road. Took right turn near Barbeque Nation(J P Nagar)  and joined Kanakapura road. It was straight road on NH 209. Passed Kaggalipura, Ravagodlu then came Pyramid valley.

BGBTD Morning Bliss - Pyramid valley 1
Blissful morning near Pyramid valley – Kanakapura road

Reached planned destination Pyramid valley at 7:00 AM. Not much traffic on Kanakapura road made early morning ride memorable one. Took 5 minutes of break at Pyramid valley gate.

Rear tyre of my bicycle is showing less air. Assumed tyre will get flat after few Kms. ride. I was already prepared for such outcomes. There are 2 no. of spare tubes in backpack.

Started pedaling back to Bangalore around 7:05 – 7:15 AM. After few Kms. of pedaling, realized it was better to change tube of rear tyre and found one shop on the way. Since it is solo ride it is my responsibility to fix flat tyre and one can’t ride remaining distance to Bangalore with such conditions.

BGBTD Puncture - Pyramid valley 2
My first outdoor experience of fixing flat alone

It was my first outdoor experience of fixing flat tyre. It took me half an hr to fix and continued pedaling around 8:00 AM to Bangalore. Initial plan was to pedal till Bannerghatta National Park by getting back to Bannerghatta main road via J P Nagar but few local-ides told me there is a shortcut to reach Bannerghatta National Park via Kaggalipura. Distance will be nearly 11 Kms. One can easily reduce distance and save time to finish ride.

Few of local-ides helped me in finding the way and with their guidance I took right turn at Kaggalipura to Bannerghatta National Park. This shortcut road doesn’t seems to be easiest one to pedal with nearly 4 Kms. off road and uphill cycling in store for most part of the ride.

BGBTD Selfie - Pyramid valley 3
Selfie 😛 – Scenic route with greenery on both sides of the road

I found terrain very challenging between Kaggalipura-Bannerghatta main road, specially during 4 Kms. off road pedaling. Reached Bannerghatta main road around 10:00 AM. I took more small 5 minute breaks during this section of ride because to skip from dehydration.

After reaching Bannerghatta main road, I felt sense of relief because I fed up with tiresome off road pedaling. Started pedaling back to my house and reached around 11:30 AM.

Cycling distance: 93.4 Kms.

Cycling route map:Kodihalli 2nd Main–> Pyramid valley–>Bannerghatta Main Road–> Kodihalli 2nd Main

Terrain: Easiest one on Kanakapura road and across the city. Moderate one on between Kaggalipura-Bannerghatta Main Road.

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