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BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_9

Journey to Chitkul via Shimla & Sangla


Journey dates from Bengaluru to Chitkul: 17th,18th & 19th May 2017 Journey to Chitkul from Namma Bengaluru is unforgettable & memorable one!!! 17th May 2017: It was My 1st visit to […]

BGBTD Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek- 2016 280

Return Journey from Tosh Village to Namma Bengaluru


Return journey dates from Tosh village to Namma Bengaluru: 24th & 25th September 2106 After freshen-up at Hotel Oliver Garden at Tosh village, reached cab point along with Kundu. Boarded cab to Bhuntar […]

BGBTD Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek- 2016 17

Journey to Tosh Village


Journey dates from Bengaluru to Tosh village: 16th & 17th September 2106 Journey to our base camp-site Tosh village from Namma Bengaluru is remarkable and adventurous one!!! It all started […]


Return Journey to Namma Bengaluru


After 7 days of unforgettable journey, it was time to return to Namma Bengaluru. Achintya already booked 2 cabs for return journey to Haridwar with help of guide on 5th […]


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