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Trek to Channagiri Hills


Trekking group: Bangalore Trekking Club (BTC) – Website link:

Event date: 2nd February 2013

Team size: 17 BTC members

Trek distance: Around 10 Kms. (From Nandi village to Channagiri hill base – 2 Kms. then start ascending from Channagiri hill base to peak – 3 Kms.(it depends on trail we choose). Descending from peak to Channagiri hill base – 3 Kms. then from Channagiri base to Nandi village – 2 Kms.)

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate (Depends on trail we choose)

Nearest town is Nandi village

Distance from Bangalore: Around 56 Kms.

How to reach the place:

By bus:

  • In Majestic bus stand, go to Terminal 3 – Platform # 10 or 11. Check for Chikballapur/ Nandi hills bus. We will get KSRTC bus from there to Chikballapur /Nandi hills frequently.
  • If you take Chikballapur bus, then need to catch Dodballapur bus from Chikballapur bus stand and get down at Nandi village.
  • If you take bus directly to Nandi hills, you can get down at  Nandi village only. From Nandi village, take left of “Sri Bhoga Nandishvara Temple”  to go to Sultanpet. Go straight till you reach “Basaveshwara Temple” which is in the base of Channagiri Hill.

By train:

  • Catch Dodballapur passenger train at 8:30 AM from city railway station which will reach Nandi Grama station by 10:20 AM.
  • From railway station, hire auto and reach Nandi village / Sultanpet.

About the place:

Channagiri Hill is one of the tallest peaks in Karnataka with a total height over 1400 meters. It is 56 Kms from Bangalore, is one of the 5 major hillocks in the Nandi ranges. The others are Nandi hills, Skandagiri, Brahmagiri and Kaurava kunda.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 1

Day in brief:

It was Saturday morning, as usual I started from my house to Majestic bus stand at 6:00 AM and reached bus stand at 6:30 AM. Waited for other BTC members to join me at bus stand. Our assembling point is behind Platform no.1 in BMTC bus stand. After little delay, all of us started our journey towards Channagiri hills at 7:30 AM. As per Chaitanya’s plan, we went on KSRTC bus. Took Bangalore/Chikballapur/Nandi hills bus which will go via Devanahalli. Reached Chikballapur around 9:20-9:25 AM. Bus was jam packed with plenty of students since this route (NH 7) is having lot of professional colleges. Chaitanya, Viru and Vijayananda got down nearby bus stand to take parcel form hotel for breakfast and lunch. Bus moved towards Chikballapur bus stand. They took parcel, boarded bus at hotel and bus started towards Nandi village at 9:45 AM.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 2
View of Nandi hills form Sri Bhoganandishvara temple

Reached Nandi village at 10:00 AM. Myself and Chaitanya asked about Channagiri hill with few villagers. Villagers were showing Skandagiri hill so Chaitanya asked about Sultanpet then they showed us the right way to hill. Had our breakfast (Menu is Idli, Vada and Chutni) and self introduction part in the lawn of “Sri Bhoganandishvara Temple” at Nandi village.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 3
Breakfast at Sri Bhoganandishvara temple
BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 4
Self introduction with lots of fun


BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 5
Group photo at Sri Bhoganandishvara temple (Photo courtesy: Chaitanya)

After group photo, we all started towards Sultanpet from Nandi village at 10:30 AM. On the way, we took lot of photos of surrounding places. It is treating for our eyes since plenty of hills surrounded enroute Channagiri base. We will get breathtaking views of following hills: Nandi hills, Brahmagiri, Skandagiri and ofcourse our destination Channagiri.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 6
Enchanting Nandi hills
BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 7
Beautiful Brahamagiri hills


BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 8
In the backdrop Skandagiri hills

It was said by our event organizer chaitanya, will take 2 Kms. from Nandi village to Channagiri base. It took us 1 hour to reach the Channagiri base since we all moved slowly by taking lot of photos. Finally, we reached the base at 11:30 AM.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 9
Road heading towards Channagiri hills

In the base, we will get Basaveshwara Temple and lot of monkeys around temple. They will always look for food. Beware!!! Don’t open food packets in front of them… :). All of us relaxed here for few minutes.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 10
Sri Basaveshwara temple at the base

Asked temple priest and a guard about trail to reach the peak of Channagiri hill. Both are showing different trails, finally we all decided to make our own trails and started from the base.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 11
Team gathered at the base of Channagiri hills

Weather is very hot and sun is shining with temperature is more. Grass on hill is dried and lengthier one en route hill top. We couldn’t identify the trails. Megharaj and Chaitanya decided to go front. Both are making their own trails so others can easily follow them.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 12
In search of trails – PIC 1
BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 13
In search of trails – PIC 2

It was nice experience all the way while climbing. Views from the top are breath taking!!! Also cool breeze in the air on top so tiredness is missing. Meanwhile all of us hungry since it is lunch time.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 14
Relaxing at the peak – PIC 1

Unfortunately, all of us came to know that we started our trek from southern side of Channagiri hill (back side). Channagiri hill is very huge comparing to other hills in the surroundings, it looks like joined peak of 2 hills. As per Chaitanya’s plan, we need to reach temple on the top to succeed in our trek but temple is on northern side. At 1:30 PM, we all reached the top and from here started to find new trail towards northern side. Also getting down will take more time so we all decided to drop this one from our plan. Chaitanya decided to make sequel for this event i.e. Channagiri Returns soon… :) to accomplish the goal.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 15
Relaxing at the peak – PIC 2

Had our lunch (Palava & Lemon Rice) and relaxed for one hour. After some group photos, started to descend from the top at 2:30 PM.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 16
Group photo at the top (Photo Courtesy: Chaitanya)

Descending also challenging one for all of us since we made our own trails to reach the top. Slowly descended from the top so it took us 2 and half hours to reach the base of the hill. Meanwhile, Dinesh is struggling with leg injury and Vijayanand also finding difficult to descend so I helped him to reach the base. After two and half hours of walk finally we all reached the base at 5:00 PM.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 17
Descending from the peak – PIC 1
BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 18
Descending from the peak – PIC 2
BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 19
Group photo at the base of Channagiri hills (Photo Courtesy: Chaitanya)

In the base, we found water tank near temple with tap. Everyone went there, washed their faces, drank water & filled few bottles. We spent nearly 1 hour here for freshen up and started towards Nandi village to catch Bangalore bus at 6:00 PM. On the way, we took some individual and group photos with backdrop of Nandi hills and Channagiri hill.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 20
Group photo on the way back to Nandi village (Photo Courtesy: Chaitanya)

At last we got bus for Chikballapur at 6:15 PM while returning to Nandi village and reached Chikballapur around 6:30 PM. few of them had Badam milk and others had coffee at hotel in Chikballapur bus stand.

BGBTD Trek to Channagiri Hills 21
@ Hotel in Chikballapur bus stand

Bus for Bangalore came at 7:00 PM, by the time we got into bus it was jam packed somehow few of them able to find seats and bus started towards Bangalore. I and Anthony got down at Mekhri circle at 8:45 PM, left for our places. Few of them got down at Hebbal fly over and rest of them at Majestic bus stand. Bus reached Majestic bus stand at 9:00 PM and all left for their destination.


  • This is my second toughest one day trek around Bangalore. I felt Savanadurga is toughest one.
  • Thanks to Chaitanya for giving me opportunity to become part of BTC. This is my first event with BTC and enjoyed a lot with you guys… :)
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