October 22, 2021

A visit to Panchapalli


Adventure group: Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) – Website link: www.bangaloreascenders.org

Event date: 19th January 2013

How to reach the place:

Train to catch at Majestic railway station: Bangalore-Nagore Passenger / 56514

Platform: Platform No.1

Train timing:

  • Morning: From Majestic train will start at 7:15 AM and will reach Marandahalli by 10:30 AM.
  • Evening: From Marandahalli at 4:00 PM to Bangalore and will reach Bangalore around 7:00 – 7:15 PM.

Ticket cost: Rs 19 per head.

Other stations within Bangalore where this train halts:

  • Bangalore Cant
  • Bangalore East
  • Baiyyappanahalli
  • Belandur Road
  • Karmelram
  • Heelalige
  • Anekal Road

2013 is started for me with Night trek to Bilikal Ranganathaswamy Betta and visit to Chunchi waterfalls then one week later I had visit to Siddara Betta with BASC so Panchapalli dam and Waterfalls visit will be my 3rd one day event with BASC in January 2013.

Panchapalli dam is a place with backdrop of the mountain ranges of Denkanikottai is perfect picnic destination during monsoon.

Day in brief:

For me it is a long Saturday, with lot of expectations I started from my house at 5:45 AM and reached the City railway station around 6:00 AM. As per preparation mail, assembling time is 6:45 AM so I reached 45 mins early and waited for other fellow ASCENDers to join me. Finally, we all catched train at 7:00 AM. Niranjan and Raghunandan brought breakfast for all of us from SLV Hotel (Menu is Idly with chutni…:)).

Our train started at 7:25 AM and the place is around 100kms from Majestic. We are going on Passenger train. As usual,Train is too slow with plenty of stations back to back and one can expect it will take nearly 3 hrs to reach the Marandahalli.

During train journey some member’s catched train at different stations so after couple of stops in between, finally 26 ASCENDers from BASC with excitement and curiosity of thinking we will get to see water in dam and taking bath in waterfalls, reached nearby destination to falls Marandahalli at 10:30 AM. Weather is very hot in Marandahalli. Station is just after Rayakottai station where BASC had their one day visit just one week back.

BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 1
At Marandahalli railway station

From station we took Public Tempo to reach the town which is around 1 to 2 km from the station.Took us just 10 mins to reach the town (started from station at 10:45 AM and reached town around 10:55 AM). Some people in town told us there is no water in the dam and falls it is waste of time, few told us better visit Hogennakal falls which is nearby to town. We stuck to our original plan and after lot of inquiry with local-ides finally engaged a TATA ACE for our visit to Panchapalli dam which is nearly 15 km from town.

BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 2
All set for open auto ride!

Around 11:15 AM, we all loaded into TATA ACE like goats (open auto) and started towards dam site. It was an “Life time experience” for me since it is open auto ride for all of us. We can call it as “Betta Safari” or “Hill Safari” since place surrounded by mountain ranges with plenty of villages which ends with “Palli” name. On the way Plenty of Tamarind trees found and can pluck the tamarind…:)

BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 3
A capture from auto ride
BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 4
Panchapalli dam view

Reached dam site at 12:00 PM Noon. Dam is in good condition with no sign of water. Dam Backwater is dried down. We all explored the place for 1 hr and took plenty of photos. We can find different kind of Birds here and also it is scenic place for nature lovers. Good place for photography lovers….:)

BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 5
Imagine the place with full of water Truly breath taking one..:)
BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 6
Group photo with backdrop of water (Photo Courtesy: Raghunandan Photography)

Finally, we got one place where some water is found in the backdrop for our group photo. Captured the group photos and started towards waterfalls around 1:00 PM.

BGBTD A visit to Panchapalli 7
GOD or EVIL???

Reached waterfalls place at 1:20 PM and we will find one small temple here. Mudassar, Niranjan and few of them went for checking whether water is available in falls or not.They come up with news of no water resource and everything is dried down.Also they told us that fresh Elephant dung is found at the place that ensures Wild animals will be there in the place. So we dropped our plan to visit falls and had our lunch (Home made Lemon Rice brought from Sunil Kumar & Family).

Around 2:15 PM – 2:20 PM, we started back to Railway station and reached station at 3:30 PM. Around 4:20 PM, We got train to Bangalore and reached Majestic at 7:15 PM.

There is no complaints from my side since i always likes to explore new places and place is really worth visit (Monsoon season will be great).

In one word i can call this event as “Picnic” or “Sightseeing”organised by BASC which went really well for me, I made more friends since group is very huge and all are like-minded. Enjoyed a lot during the event and plenty of jokes from Suresh, Raghunandan Sir and Santhosh made this trip memorable for each and every one.


Place is strongly recommended during Monsoon and it will be treat for our eyes.

Finally, I would like to thank Mudassar for organizing a visit to Panchapalli dam and Waterfalls.This is my first event with Mudassar even though i attended n  numbers of events of BASC earlier. Appreciate your approach towards exploring new places in and around Bangalore.

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