December 2, 2020

AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT


Adventure group: Bangalore AdvenTurers (BAT) – Website link:

Event date: 21st & 22nd November 2015

Team size: 17 AdvenTurers

Trek distance: Around 17 Kms. in 2 days.

Trek plan: Please find tentative itinerary prepared by Niranjan for Amedikallu trek below:

Leave Bengaluru around 9:00 PM on Friday night.
Meetup point: Shantala Silk House(Majestic)

First day itinerary:

  • Reach Shishila – Amedikallu base home around 6:00 – 7:00 AM and fresh up in the home.
  • Have breakfast at home and parcel food for lunch.
  • Start trek and have parceled lunch on the way.
  • Reach the peak around 4:00 – 5:00 PM.
  • Clean the base camp and pitch the tents.
  • Cook dinner (If no rain) followed by camp fire and fun activities if possible.
  • Sleep inside tents.

Second day itinerary:

  • Get up and fresh-up at sharp 6:00 AM.
  • Sharp 6:30 AM start trekking down on the same path.
  • Have breakfast on the way (Own food as mentioned below – please get your own food).
  • Reach Amedikallu base home around 12:30 PM.
  • Have lunch at Amedikallu base home.
  • Leave for Bengaluru by max 2:00 – 2:30 PM.
  • Dinner at any hotel on the way – Self Sponsored.
  • Reach Bengaluru on Sunday night around 10:00 – 11:00 PM.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult since continuous steep ascent till the peak.

Nearest town is Shishila (Around 35.1 Kms. from Dharmasthala)

Distance from different cities:

  • Bengaluru: Around 302 Kms. (Bengaluru to Shishila)
  • Mangaluru: Around 92.9 Kms. (Mangaluru to Shishila)

How to reach the place: 

From Bengaluru, Take following route to trek start point: Bengaluru –> Hassan –> Sakleshpur –> Gundya –> Kokkada –> Shishila

From Mangaluru, Take following route to trek start point: Mangaluru –> Uppinangadi –> Nelyadi –> Kokkada –> Shishila

Mode of  Transport to choose:

  • If you hire a Tempo Traveler/ Mini Bus, it is easy to reach Shishila directly via Kokkada circle.
  • If you use public transport like private & govt. buses, you have to get down at Dharmasthala. Once u reach Dharmasthala, take service jeeps or auto rickshaws from Dharmasthala (make sure you fix the amount for pick up and drop before hiring any jeeps or auto rickshaws). Also Shishila is well connected by road network. The bus stop is located at a distance of 0.5 Kms from the temple. Limited numbers of buses fly to Shishila from Uppinangadi and Dharmasthala.

Note: At Kokkada circle, If u take left deviation road will lead to Dharmasthala and right deviation will lead to Shishila.

KMs distances noted for the reference:

  1. Bengaluru –> Hassan –> Sakleshpur –> Gundya –> Kokkada –> Shishila  is 302 Kms.
  2. Mangaluru –> Uppinangadi –> Nelyadi- -> Kokkada –> Shishila is 92.9 Kms.
  3. Bengaluru –> Hassan –> Sakleshpur –> Gundya –> Kokkada–> Shishila –> Kombaru is 305 Kms.
  4. Mangaluru –> Uppinangadi –> Nelyadi–> Kokkada –> Shishila –> Kombaru is 96 Kms.
  5. Dharmasthala–> Kokkada –> Shishila is 35.1 Kms.
  6. Dharmasthala–> Kokkada –> Shishila –> Kombaru is 38.2 Kms.

Note: These are Kms. distances collected from google maps, it may  change depends upon where do you start from Bengaluru / Mangaluru.

Best time to trek: Post monsoon till March.

Trekking Experience:

AMEDIKALLU Trek is one of the must do treks in Westen Ghats of Karnataka which offers magnificient views of Ettina Bhuja, Deepada Kallu, Jenukallu Gudda & many more peaks of Sakleshpur range of hills. Bangalore AdvenTurers(BAT) Founder cum Organizer Niranjan decided to organize a trek to Amedikallu on 3rd weekend of November. Since my cycling event postponed I decided to join Amedikallu event with Niranjan. Niranjan got 18 registrations including myself. As usual as per event preparation mail, all of us assembled at Shantala Silk house (Near Majestic Bus stand) around 9:00 PM. Last moment one guy dropped out so team was reduced to 17. Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Mat arrangements were done for requested people. Additional charge for Tent rental  Rs 100/- collected with participants at Meetup point apart from event expenses. 21 seater Mini Bus finally came around 9:30 PM. All of us started around 9:45 PM with signing of Indemnity Bond at meetup point. Picked up Vishwanath at Govardhan Theatre (Yeshwanthpur) on the way and continued our journey towards Shishila. Reached Shishila Higher Primary School premises around 4:30 AM in the morning with covering distance of nearly 300 Kms. from Bengaluru.

About the place:
Amedikallu (height 1299 m), near village Shishila in Dharmasthala is one of the significant peaks of Charmadi range and there are three approaches to this peak. The name Amedikallu is a combination of two words: Ame – Turtle and dikkel – Tulu word for Stove. Amedikallu has a huge monolith at the top which appears like a giant turtle and 3 huge stones which give an appearance of a stove. This peak is surrounded by many other important peaks of Western Ghats.

Amazing Amedikallu!!!
Water resource & Camping site marked in pic for reference

Amedikallu is considered to be one of the toughest in Karnataka and is a two day trek if one wants to make it to the peak comfortably. Shishila is a small village near Dharmastala. The starting point is Shishila village where from the trail starts. One has to take a jeep from Shishila bus stand to reach the start of trail (Kombaru). The initial trail is through a fairly dense forest, but the trail itself was pretty wide. Then the forest cover disappears slowly and grassland starts to appear which continues almost till you get 3 stones, the dikkels. The monolithic peak is almost 90-degrees, one needs to go around in a spiral to reach the peak and this part of the trek is through a very very dense vegetation and narrow trail which probably becomes waterfall during monsoon. Post-monsoon, one would need to clear vegetation using knife to make way.

Information Source: Google

Day 1: 21st November 2015 (Saturday)

Day in brief:

After reaching Shishila around 4:30 AM, Mini Bus was parked in-front of Higher Primary School for 1 and half hours. Few of them had good sleep inside bus and rest came out.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 1
Mini Bus at Higher Primary School, Shishila

Mr. Gopu Gokhale was contact person for Amedikallu trek. Niranjan already called Gokhale and arrangements were already done for successful event.  At 6:00 AM, Vehicle was moved towards Gokhale’s house. All of us freshen-up at Gokhale’s house and had breakfast around 8:30 AM. Yummy Idly’s prepared by Gokhale’s wife were menu for the breakfast. Most of them took 9 Idly’s in 3 rounds(3×3), I too had similar numbers 😛 Took many group photos around Gokhale’s house before leaving to trek start point Kombaru.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 2
Twin houses at Gokhale’s place can be used for freshen-up
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 3
Having yummy Idly’s for breakfast at Gokhale’s house
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 4
Group pics at Gokhale’s place – Pic#1
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 5
Group pics at Gokhale’s place – Pic#2

Left Gokhale’s house at 9:15 AM with guide Subramanya and reached trek start point Kombaru which is 3 Kms. from the place around 9:30 AM. It was Scorching sunny day awaiting for us. All of us geared up for Amedikallu hike and started hiking around 9:45 AM after a group photo with backdrop of Ettina Bhuja peak.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 6
Ettina Bhuja & Deepad Kallu peaks can be witnessed from the distance…
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 7
Trekkers gearing up for real Adventure at Trek start point Kombaru!

Note: Trek start point Kombaru was 3 Kms. from Gokhale’s house at Shishila.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 8
Bangalore AdvenTurers (BAT) posing for group pic with backdrop of Ettina Bhuja peak

Initially phase of trek goes through dense forest with leeches kissing our legs. Continuous steep ascent commences at beginning itself with hardly 1 or 2 plat walks inside the forest. After 1 hour and 45 minutes of walk inside dense forest finally we reached open space around 11:30 AM where we witnessed first glimpse of Majestic Amedikallu. Everyone seems to be tired so took much needed break and continued hiking around 12:00 PM.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 9
Initial phase of trek inside dense forest in collage
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 10
First glimpse of Majestic Amedikallu – Niranjan & Santosh posing form my Nikon
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 11
Much needed break around 11:30 AM

Another 1 and half Kms. of dense forest walk was in store for us before commencement of continuous steep ascent. After crossing dense forest all of us got real experience of Trek. Continuous steep ascent, Open grass lands and Scorching sun made our journey difficult one! Everyone feeling tired and took many breaks before reaching the only water resource available at peak. Around 2:15 PM, we had parcelled Chapati for the lunch at water resource point.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 12
Continuous steep ascent, Open grass lands and Scorching sun altogether it’s great experience!!!
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 13
Tiring climb before reaching the only water resource point at peak
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 14
Having lunch en-route Amedikallu peak in the afternoon at water resource point

At 2:45 PM all of us moved towards camping site which is just above the place where we had lunch. 15 to 20 minutes of hiking took us to camping site around 3:05 – 3:15 PM. Pitched tents and unloaded backpacks at camping site.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 15
Stretch which we took to hike – View from half way stage
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 16
A group pic en-route camping site
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 17
Rajesh posing at camping site – Vaikunta pura, Shishila 😛

At 4:00 PM, started our final hike towards Amedikallu peak. Open grass land + dense forest + open grass land hike finally took us to Amedikallu peak. Only 12 of us made to Amedikallu peak rest of 5 were returned back to camping site due to various reasons.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 18
Final phase of hike to Amedikallu is steeper one with crossing open grass lands & dense forest…
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 19
Group pic with the backdrop of Ame (Turtle) shaped rock

Final stretch of hike was very adventurous one with almost 80 degree incline at peak. Crawling, scary steps on rocks took us to peak point around 5:10 PM. Relaxed for 20 minutes at peak point with clicking wonderful pics 🙂 I felt very happy cos it is one of toughest treks for me at western ghats and dangerous climbing on rocks at peak point. Adventuresome experience indeed!!!

We witnessed magnificent views of Ettina Bhuja, Deepad Kallu, Jenukallu Gudda and Western ghats from Amedikallu peak. Truly Breathtaking!!!

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 20
80 degree incline which we need to bare to reach the Amedikallu peak
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 21
Bangalore AdvenTurers(BAT) at Amedikallu peak after tough day of trek
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 22
Magnificent views of Ettina Bhuja, Deepad Kallu, Jenukallu Gudda & Western ghats – Hope I guessed it right!


Few Amazing landscape captures at Amedikallu

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 23
View of “Jamalabad fort” or ‘Gadaikallu’ from Amedikallu peak – Classic capture indeed!!!

Started to descend around 5:30 PM and reached camping site at 6:35 PM.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 24
Easy descent to camping site

Niranjan and other 4 fellow trek-mates waiting for us to join so we can start preparing our dinner. Master Chef of BAT cum Bisibelebath specialist Niranjan prepared yummy Bisibelebath for us. It was 10:00 PM when Bisibelebath was ready to serve for us. Had Bisibelebath for dinner and rested for the day inside tents.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 25
Master Chef of BAT cum Bisibelebath specialist Niranjan at his work!
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 26
5 Tents + 17 AdvenTurers – Awesome camping experience!!!

Strong wind flowing at camping site made our overnight stay adventurous one!

Trek distance: Around 8.5 Kms.

Highlights for the day:

  • Yummy morning breakfast at Gokhale’s house.
  • Hike to Amedikallu Peak.
  • Crawling and adventurous climb at 80% incline on rock at peak.
  • Magnificent views of Ettina Bhuja, Deepadkallu, Jenukallu Gudda and other peaks of western ghats range.
  • Bisibelebath prepared by Niranjan.
  • Night stay inside Tents.

Day 2: 22nd November 2015 (Sunday)

Day in brief:

Day-2 plan was to wake-up around 6:00 AM then start descending at 6:30 AM and reach base by 11:30 AM. Move to Gokhale’s house at Shishila, freshen up and have lunch. Later leave for Bengaluru around 2:00 PM and reach Bengaluru by 10:00 PM.

As per Niranjan’s plan, all of us got-up around 6:00 AM. Removed tents and packed our backpacks. Started descending around 6:45 AM with 15 minutes delay, reached water resource point at 7:15 AM. Freshen up and had snacks for morning breakfast. Few of them had Bisibelebath which was turned into Tannagebelebath.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 27
Morning clicks at camping site – Amazing one!
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 28
Beautiful sunrise in my camera at Amedikallu – Pic#1
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 29
Beautiful sunrise in my camera at Amedikallu – Pic#2

Continued descending around 7:45 AM. Watchful descending without single break helped us to reduce time and reach next break point by 8:30 AM. Took half an hour break and had many things for eating including Biscuits, Gagara, etc…

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 30
Memorable captures from Amedikallu
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 31
Some classic pics from peak – Pic#1
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 32
Some classic pics from peak – Pic#2

At 9:00 AM, started final descent which was through dense forest and reached trek start point around 10:15 AM. Not took single break and walk on rapid face helped us to reach trek start point very early than planned time.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 33
Easy descent at Amedikallu
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 34
Dev & Chandrika pointing at Amedikallu peak
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 35
Beautiful clouds in my camera…
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 36
Myself with fellow trek-mates during easy descent
BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 37
Good number of mushrooms can be witnessed inside dense forest

After small nap of 30 minutes, started to Kapila river on Mini Bus. Main attraction of Shishila is Lord Shishileshwara Temple which is situated on the banks of Kapila river.

BGBTD AMEDIKALLU conquered with BAT 38
AdvenTurers taking final nap before leaving from the trek start point

Girl gang got down at Gokhale’s house for hot water bath where Boy gang had dip into Kapila river water. Started back to Gokhale’s house around 12: 15 PM, lunch was already prepared. Had lunch (Pickle, Anna & Sambar) at 12:45 PM and started back to Bengaluru around 1:30 PM. On the way had 2 breaks for tea/coffee and 1 break for dinner at Adigas. Reached Bengaluru by 10:00 PM and departed to our places. I reached my home around 11:45 PM and told Bye Bye for the day.

Note: We couldn’t able to visit Lord Shishileshwara Temple, Shishila due to time constraint. Temple closes around 12:00 PM and reopens around 2:30 PM in the afternoon. Hope we will make it next time 🙂

Trek distance: Around 8.5 Kms.

Highlights for the day:

  • View of beautiful Sunrise in the morning.
  • Descending to the base.
  • Bath at Kapila river.
  • Yummy lunch at Gokhale’s place.

Contact Person and Guide details:

Please find contact details of Mr. Gopu Gokhale who can help you to plan trek to Amedikallu:

Contact Person: Mr. Gopu Gokhale, Shishila                                   Phone number: 08251-269246
Mr. Gopu Gokhale, Shishila provides excellent service including arranging for guides, transportation, food.

Guide Name: Subramanya was our guide for Amedikallu trek.


  • Congrats to all 16 AdvenTurers who successfully completed Amedikallu Trek. Yes, AMEDIKALLU Conquered!!!
  • Amedikallu Trek was in my to do bucket list for long time. Finally, did it!  Thanks to Niranjan for organising Amedikallu trek and rest of 16 AdvenTurers making it memorable one for all of us 🙂 🙂 🙂

Strongly recommended!!!

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