October 22, 2021

ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek – 2016


My 4th Himalayan Trek and 2nd in Incredible Himachal Pradesh. Last time I visited Himachal Pradesh in the year 2013 with Pratap Sikdar & Achintya Kundu for PIN BHABHA Pass Trek & Lahaul-Spiti exploration. Himalayan Treks are highly addictive and adventurous one!!! I visited to Himalayas just 8 months back with Achintya Kundu & Team. I have kept Agend in life doing at-least one Himalayan Trek per year. I was looking for leaves so I can go for at-least one Himalayan Trek this year. Planned Kashmir Great Lakes, Parang La and done lot of R&D which one to do but due to some health issues in May I could not make it to KGL with my inspiring buddy Achintya Kundu. Meanwhile Kundu planned another Himalayan Trek in September 2016 to off-beat & lesser known trails of Tosh valley and gave name as “Trek to Sara Umga La & Animal Pass in Himachal_16th to 25th September_2016” and posted in Bangalore ASCenders (BASC) website. I thought of doing Parang La in September but due to cost & less registrations with one of Himalayan guides, decided to cancel Parang La for this year and joined Achintya Kundu for Tosh valley exploration. Booked flight tickets in advance as per itinerary.

About ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La: ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La is off-beat and lesser known trails in Himachal Pradesh. This trek offers beautiful meadows, Narrow trails, Classic Himalayan Landscapes, Beautiful waterfalls, Streams and finally Tosh river. Tosh valley is located on the side of the popular Parvati Valley which leads to the Pin Parvati Pass. The valley is initially narrow but as we progress higher it starts to open up and we cross several beautiful meadows. At the head of the valley is the Tosh Glacier surrounded by some well known peaks: Papsura (6451 Mtr) & White Sail (6446 Mtr). By crossing Sara Umga La one descends into Lahaul valley. Malana valley along with Malana village, Deo Tibba (6001 Mtr) & Ali Ratni Peak (5490 Mtr) will be visible from Animal Pass Summit. This part of Tosh valley consists of lot of hidden Lakes at altitude above 4000 Mtr including Kuta Sarovar, Sora Lake, etc..

Note : There is not much information about this trek since it is less popular destination for Adventure seekers. As per Trek crew, i have changed name from Sara Umga La to Sora Umga La. It is Sora not Sara and in internet u will able to find this trek with name of Sara Umga La only. Tried my best to provide accurate data about this Himalayan Trek 🙂 🙂 🙂

Altitude details of Animal Pass & Sora Lake:

  1. Animal Pass                             Altitude: 4750 Mtr
  2. Sora Lake                                 Altitude: 4320 Mtr

Himalayan Mountains of Sora Umga La range:

  1. Devachan                                        Altitude: 6300 Mtr
  2. Papsura                                           Altitude: 6451 Mtr
  3. White Sail (Dharamsura)            Altitude: 6446 Mtr
  4. Angdu Ri                                         Altitude: 5953 Mtr
  5. Pinnacle                                          Altitude: 5444 Mtr
  6. Shigrila                                           Altitude: 6230 Mtr

Trekking group: MANALI OUTDOORS – Website link: www.manalioutdoors.com

Event date: 16th September 2016 to 25th September 2016

Team size: 16 ASCENDers

Trek distance: Around 60 to 65 Kms. from Tosh village & back.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek – 2016 TEAM

BGBTD Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek TEAM

Trek Crew – Ambar Chand, Narayan Dev & Team

BGBTD Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek Crew

Integral part of every Himalayan Trek – Mules & Horses

Horses & Mules were integral part of every Himalayan trek. 8 Horses and 2 Mules were part of our Himalayan Journey during Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek – 2016. These amazing creatures can carry weight of nearly 150 Kilos & trek miles without tiredness. Mule is much stronger than Horse. Horses will get tired after some time but Mules are super stronger than Horse.

BGBTD Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek Mules & Horses
8 Horses & 2 Mules were part of our Himalayan Journey

Farewell Group Photo at Kutla village before leaving to Tosh village

BGBTD Animal Pass & Sora Umga La Trek Farewell Group Photo

Trek Itinerary: Please find trek itinerary prepared by Achintya Kundu for this ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek below:

DAY 1 (16th September): Land in Delhi by 6:00 PM and catch 9:00 pm Volvo bus to Manali.
DAY 2 (17th September): In the morning get down from the bus at Bhuntar and drive to Tosh village (2300 Mtr) via Manikaran. Stay in Hotel.
DAY 3 (18th September): TREK starts from Tosh village around 9:00 AM. Reach Camp-1 (2900 Mtr). Stay in Tent.
DAY 4 (19th September): Trek to Camp-2 (3450 Mtr). Stay in Tent.
DAY 5 (20th September): Trek to Camp-3 (3900 Mtr). Stay in Tent.
DAY 6 (21st September): Go for Tosh Glacier exploration towards Sara Umga La (4700 Mtr) and come back to Camp-3. Stay in Tent.
DAY 7 (22nd September): Trek to Animal Pass (4500 Mtr) and back to Camp-3. Stay in Tent.
DAY 8 (23rd September): Trek back to Tosh Village. Stay in Hotel.
DAY 9 (24th September): Drive to Manikaran, take bath in natural hot spring. In the evening catch Volvo bus from Kullu to Delhi.                      DAY 10 (25th September): Reach Delhi by 10am. Fly to Bangalore in the afternoon.

Travel Plan:

September 16th: Reach Delhi by morning or afternoon flight and catch 9:00 pm Volvo bus to Bhuntar.
September 17th: Travel from Bhuntar to Tosh village by shared vehicle. Trek Itinerary starts once we reach Tosh village.
September 24th: Post trek completion, Travel from Tosh village to Bhuntar by shared vehicle. Night bus to Delhi.
September 25th:  Take afternoon or evening flight  to Bengaluru since we will reach Delhi from Bhuntar around 10:00 AM.

Journey started at Namma Bengaluru followed by bus drive from Delhi to Bhuntar then cab drive to Tosh village via Kasol & Manikaran is memorable one. Trekking in Tosh valley is unforgettable one due to serenity of the place. A journey into Heaven!!! Camping in Beautiful & Magnificent camp-sites like Buddhaban, Sharan Thach, Shamshi Thach & Umga Thach were experience of life time with 15 Adventurous souls. Day 4 summit hike to Animal Pass (4750 Mtr) is unique experience of our lives due to tough terrain, steep ascent, boulder zone and crossing hidden gem of Tosh valley – Kuta Sarovar. Hailstorm followed by snowfall at Animal Pass Summit on 4th day at an altitude above 4500 Mtr at Parvati valley is amazing experience indeed! Trek to Tosh Glacier and Sora Lake also made journey interesting one. Snow-capped mountains of Sora Umga La range, Classic Himalayan camp-site Sharan Thach with Sheep & Goats around the place made our trek special one. Due to unexpected Hailstorm and Snowfall on 4th & 5th day of trek, Rain on 6th day this trek – Everything in this trek reached beyond our expectations. Arguably, The Best Himalayan experience of my life and will be remembered forever as one more special trek of my life .

I have decided to have 3 write-ups for ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek – 2016. Complete Himalayan Trek in one page so it will be useful for many people to plan their itinerary, Himalayan Mountains of Sora Umga La and detailed write-up on day-wise experience. Please find blog links below:

Into the lap of Tosh – ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek

Himalayan Mountains of SORA UMGA La

Please click on below links for day wise experience of ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek:

Journey to Tosh Village
Day 1: Trek from Tosh Village to Buddhaban via Kutla Village
Day 2: Trek from Buddhaban to Sharan Thach via Shiyadi Thach
Day 3: Trek from Sharan Thach to Shamshi Thach & Trek to Tosh Glacier
Day 4: Summit Day to Animal Pass
Day 5: Trek from Shamshi Thach to Umga Thach & Trek to Sora Lake
Day 6: Trek from Umga Thach to Sharan Thach via Shamshi Thach
Day 7: Trek from Sharan Thach to Tosh Village via Buddhaban
Return Journey from Tosh Village to Namma Bengaluru

Note: ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek is offbeat & lesser known trails at Tosh of Paravat valley (Kullu region). It looks easy on paper but difficult trek in-terms steepness, Boulder zones, etc.

Highlights during ANIMAL Pass & SORA UMGA La Trek:

  1. High Altitude high tech village of Parvati valley – Tosh.
  2. Camping experience in Magnificent camp-sites of Himalayas – Buddhaban, Sharan Thach, Shamshi Thach & Umga Thach.
  3. River crossings & walk on narrow trails of Tosh valley.
  4. Extremely scenic Kutla village.
  5. Himalayan origin trees including Pine tree.
  6. Scenic stretch of  Buddhaban to Sharan Thach.
  7. Trek to Tosh Glacier.
  8. Hidden beauty of Tosh valley – Kuta Sarovar.
  9. Summit day to Animal Pass.
  10. Memorial at Sora Umaga La in the memory of climbers who died during Papsura expedition.
  11. Beautiful Sora Lake in the lap of Himalayas.
  12. Snow-capped Sora Umga La range of Himalayan Mountains.
  13. Classic Himalayan Landscapes.
  14. Specialty of this Himalayan trek is Trek without Maggie 😛


  • My 3rd Himalayan Trek with Achintya Kundu. I always prepare to go with Achintya to Himalayas cos success rate of every Himalayan Treks is 100% with him. One more unforgettable trekking experience at Himalayas with Kundu!!!
  • My first trekking experience with Great Narayan Dev of MANALI OUTDOORS is most memorable one. Narayan ji is inspiration to everyone during the trek.
  • Big Thanks to Amazing Trek Crew!!! – Trek crews including local guide from Tosh village Ambar Chand, Ram Singh, Sanjay Thapa, Prakash Rana, Vipul Sharma, Pankaj Negi & Gopal Thakur for friendly gesture during the trek and helping everyone to complete this Himalayan Trek successfully. We never felt, we did trek with strangers for 7 Days at Tosh valley. After the trek, all of us become like family. Thanks for being supportive, informative and friendly throughout the trek. Amazing people from mountains!!!
  • Thanks to cook Sanjay Thapa (Cook) & team for yummy and hygienic food during the trek. Also thanks to great support crew for their love and care during the trek.
  • Thanks to friendly 15 Adventurous Souls from Bengaluru for making this event unforgettable one and will remain in our memories as one of the best treks of our lives. All of them are Gem of this trek and made this journey beautiful one!!!

Strongly recommended Himalayan Trek for every Adventurous Soul!!!

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