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Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side!


Chitkul is first village of Baspa Valley and India’s last village from Tibet side. It is peaceful village in the lap of Himalayas on the banks of Baspa River at Baspa Valley. It is must visit place for Adventure Seekers, Tourists & Travelers across the world which can be reached via Road. Distance from Sangla to Chitkul is 22.1 Kms. and people throng into this place to experience beauty of mother nature which is famous for Snow-caped Mountains, Baspa River & Many more. Potatoes grown at Chitkul are one of the best in the world and are very costly.

How to reach Chitkul:

If you are visiting Chitkul with friends or family, try to take or book Innova, XUV, Tata Sumo or Tempo Traveler from Shimla. This will help you to stop & spend enough time en-route Chitkul. Journey from Shimla to Chitkul via Sangla is Epic & Deadly dangerous one with Breathtaking views of Sutlej River, High Mountains, Mountain Villages, Lovely Bridges, Sangla Valley, Some Beautiful Towns of Kinnaur Valley.

One need to cross Sangla before heading to Chitkul. For more information on Sangla, visit the link: Sangla – A Buddhist Town in the lap of Himalayas!

Note: There are HRTC Buses available at Sangla Bus stand for Chitkul. Once u reach Sangla, inquire with locals or Bus stand staff for timings of HRTC Bus to Chitkul they will help you to find proper Bus.

Distance from different cities:

If you are travelling from different States of India, it is better to reach Delhi or Chandigarh by Flight, Train or other transport options then plan accordingly in advance. This will help to reach Sangla without any transport issues.

  • From Delhi: Around 613 Kms. via NH44 and NH5 (Delhi to Chitkul via Shimla & Sangla)
  • From Chandigarh: Around 377 Kms. via NH5 (Chandigarh to Chitkul via Shimla & Sangla)
  • From Shimla: 264 Kms. via NH5 (Shimla to Chitkul via Sangla)

How to reach Chitkul from Shimla: From Shimla, Take following route to Chitkul: Shimla –> Kufri –> Fagu –> Rampur –> Tapri –> Karcham –> Sangla –> Batseri –> Rakcham –> Chitkul

Altitude: Altitude of Chitkul comes around 3435 Mtr.

Best time to visit: May to September are Pleasant days where October to April are Cold days so better to visit in the months of April to October.

BGBTD Chitkul_Chitkul Village
India’s last village from Tibet side – Chitkul

During our stay at Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side, we explored this village to the core! Spent some quality time with Kids of Chitkul, Roamed around Chitkul & on the banks of Baspa River and finally captured Peaceful & Beautiful Chitkul in our cameras.

Note: Chitkul is now commercialized badly. Still it is Peaceful & Beautiful cos it is situated high in the Indian Himalayas.

This article mainly concentrates on what we have seen in Chitkul of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh before start of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition in the month of May 2017. I have tried my best to document everything in this article:

Mathi Temple, Chitkul

Mathi Temple is the local goddess of the people Chitkul. It is one of the famous temples situated in heart of Chitkul village. Shri Mathi is more than a village god. This Hindu temple is dedicated to goddess Shri Mathi. This temple has three shrines, the main one said to have been built by a resident of Garhwal. 

The goddess is on square ark made up of walnut wood and covered with clothes and decorated by a tuft of the tail of yak. Two poles called bayanga. Then that are inserted and the Goddess is carried out at times.

Legend of Mathi Temple, Chitkul: Goddess is started from Brindavan and via Mathura & Badrinath had reached Tibet. Afterward she came to Garhwal and via Sirmour reached Sarhan in Bushahr and ultimately reached the Barua Khad.

She found the territory divided into 7 parts. Narenas was the deity of Shaung village, her nephew and also including her husband. To guard the territory, she appointed him. Her husband name is Badrinath. Badrinath was put as a guard of the throne of Bushahr. For guarding a place named Dhumthan, her husband was responsible. Then further she went to Rakcham where Shanshares, as a guard of Dhumthan yet another nephew was appointed. Then she went to Sangla where her another nephew, Barang Nag, was responsible for safeguarding the Rupin Ghati. Finally she settled at Chitkul and took over a supervisory role of the seven division.

Information Courtesy: Google

BGBTD Chitkul_Mathi Temple 1
Mathi Temple, Chitkul
BGBTD Chitkul_Mathi Temple 2
Architectures of Mathi Temple, Chitkul
BGBTD Chitkul_Mathi Temple 3
Premises of Mathi Temple, Chitkul
 Temples of Chitkul 

There are few temples can be witnessed while exploring this High Altitude Himalayan village at Indo-Tibet Border – Chitkul.

BGBTD Chitkul_Temples of Chitkul

Friendly Local  Kinnauri’s

While roaming around tiny Chitkul village, One will get to meet  & interact with few local Kinnauri’s too…

BGBTD Chitkul_Kinnauri Women
Kinnauri Women at Chitkul
Kids of Chitkul

If you are in Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side, please don’t miss to spend quality time with Kinnauri kids of Chitkul. We met many Kinnauri kids who know what is going around the world even they are souls of Indian Himalayas.

Many even saw Baahubali series movie N number of times. They went on to brief us “Why Kattapa killed Baahubali?”. Amazing! Kudos to Baahubali Team, they won heart of every Indian 🙂

These Kinnauri Kids are very naughty & photogenic too… Try to capture them in your cameras. I guarantee, you will get Best shots of your trip 🙂

BGBTD Chitkul_Kids of Chitkul_1

BGBTD Chitkul_Kids of Chitkul_2
Basketball & Volleyball Courts in the lap of Himalayas!

Chitkul is Beautiful village with friendly people in the lap of Himalayas. One can witness Kids & Yougsters playing outdoor games at Basketball, Volleyball Courts too. This is how i captured Basketball & Volleyball Courts in my Nikon D750 during Chitkul exploration 🙂

BGBTD Chitkul_Basketball Court
Basketball Court in the lap of Himalayas at Chitkul!
BGBTD Chitkul_Volleyball Court
Kids playing Volleyball in the lap of Himalayas at Chitkul!
Breathtaking views of Peaceful Baspa Valley

Once you reach Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side, it’s breathtaking views only! One can witness Peaceful Baspa Valley at Chitkul. It is Best place to relax in the lap of Himalayas.

BGBTD Chitkul_Peaceful Chitkul 1

Peaceful Chitkul

Chitkul is lovely place to explore in the lap of Himalayas. If you are in search of Peace & Happiness, do visit Chitkul once in a  Lifetime.

BGBTD Chitkul_Peaceful Chitkul 2
Peaceful Chitkul in the evenings
Baspa River

A Scenic & Jaw-dropping view of Baspa River flowing across Lower Baspa Valley can be seen at Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side. Baspa River originates from Baspa Glacier which can be seen post Gundar Camp-site.

BGBTD Chitkul_Baspa River

Gateway to many High Altitude Himalayan Treks

Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side is Gateway to many High Altitude Himalayan Treks like Lamkhaga Pass, Khimloga Pass, Borasu Pass, Chungsakhago Pass & Many more. These treks can either start or end from Himachal Pradesh or Uttrakhand.

  1. Lamkhaga Pass:  Either Start from or end at Chitkul.
  2. Khimloga Pass: Either Start from or end at Chitkul.
  3. Borasu Pass: Either Start from or end at Chitkul.
  4. Chungsakhago Pass: Either Start from or end at Chitkul.

Final Words: Chitkul is a must visit place for Adventure Seekers, Tourists & Travelers across the world. It was peaceful village in the lap of Himalayas on the banks of Baspa River at Baspa Valley. I will rate this village 8 out of 10. Please don’t miss to explore this place if you plan a Adventure Trip around Kinnaur & Spiti. Must visit village of Himachal Pradesh indeed!!!

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