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Day 6: Summit Day to Goecha La & Easy Trek from Lamuney to Thangsing


Trek date during Dzongri & Goecha La Trek: 10th November 2016 (Thursday)

Trek distance for the day: Around 20 Kms. (16 Kms. from Lamuney to Lamuney during Goecha Pass trek + 4 Kms. of easy trek to Thangsing to Lamuney)

Difficulty level: Moderate to Strenuous

Highlights during the trek:

  1. Heavenly Lamuney camp-site.
  2. Kitchen Hut at Lamuney.
  3. Oglanthang camp-site.
  4. Beautiful & Scenic Prek Chu.
  5. Early morning trek to Goecha La.
  6. Walking on trails which will take us to Goecha Pass.
  7. Moderate to Strenuous trek to Viewpoint 1, Viewpoint 2 & Viewpoint 3(Goecha La).
  8. Semi frozen Samiti Lake.
  9. Kilometer long desert (flat bed) which is known as Zemathang Pass.
  10. View of breathtakingly beautiful Emerald Lake from Viewpoint 2.
  11. Reaching Goecha La before 8:30 AM and victory celebration.
  12. View of Oglanthang & Talung valley from Goecha La.
  13. Classic view of Goecha Peak & Mt. Kangchenjunga from Goecha La.
  14. View of Goecha Lake towards Talung valley.
  15. Bright Sunshine throughout the day.
  16. Breathtaking views of Mt. Kangchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Jopunu & Mt. Tenzing Khang at Thangsing and Lamuney camp-site.
  17. Horses, Mules & Dzos all over the valley.
  18. Fabulous Thangsing camp-site in the lap of Himalayas at Oglanthang valley.
  19. Toughest day of life in-terms of Adventure.

Challenges: Moderate to Strenuous day of trek with walk on Legendary trails at Oglanthang valley of Kangchenjunga National Park, West Sikkim.

Altitude Meter: Please find altitude details for the day below:

  • Lamuney camp-site comes around 4180 Mtr.
  • Samiti Lake comes around 4200 Mtr.
  • Zemathang Pass comes around 4500 Mtr.
  • Viewpoint 1 comes around 4600 Mtr.
  • Viewpoint 2 comes around 4900 Mtr.
  • Emerald Lake comes around 4200 Mtr.
  • Goecha Peak comes around 6172 Mtr.
  • Mt. Kangchendzonga comesa round 8586 Mtr.
  • Goecha La (Viewpoint 3) comes around 4940 Mtr.
  • Thangsing camp-site comes around 3930 Mtr.

Day in brief:

I can divide Day 6 into 2 parts:

  1. Summit Day to Goecha Pass
  2. Easy Trek from Lamuney to Thangsing

Part 1: Summit Day to Goecha La

Trek distance to Goecha La: Around 16 Kms.(2 way)

Time taken: Around 11 hours. (Lamuney to Lamuney)

Difficulty level: Moderate to Strenuous

Goecha La (elevation 4,940 Mtr or 16,207 ft) is a High Mountain pass in Sikkim, India in the Himalaya range. It is one of the evergreen trails of West Sikkim and every trekkers dream to trek on this trail!

Summit day to Goecha La is one of kind experience for me. I kept alarm at 1:00 AM since Rhik told us to get up at 1:30 AM. I was got up around 1:00 AM and day started at 1:30 AM for all of us as everyone got up at sharp 1:30 AM in the midnight. After freshen up, had Black Tea and Oats at 2:15 AM. Started Trek to Goecha Pass at 2:38 AM. It was dark and very cold. All of us had Head Torch with Bhim leading us from the front, Rhik in the middle & one more crew is sweeping us. It is classic experience of trekking in the dark & early mornings! Initially reached Samiti Lake on same trail which we trekked on previous day. Difference was time of the day – Previous day hike is during evening hours and Summit day experience is during midnight.

Note: Trail will pass by the Samiti Lake and Lake is on left side of the trail.

Once we cross Samiti Lake it was steep ascent of 2 Kms. all the way. Reached Viewpoint 1 around 4:34 AM. It was still dark and we trekked 4 Kms. which is nothing but half-way stage to Goecha La. We didn’t wait for sunrise. Viewpoint 1 is famous for breathtaking views during sunrise on Mountains.

As son as we cross Viewpoint 1, it is 80 degree descent which took us to Kilometer long desert (flat bed) named as Zemathang Pass.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 277
En-route Goecha La during early mornings hours…

From Zemathang Pass, another 2 and half Kms. took us to Viewpoint 2. These 3 and half Kms. of distance will be tiresome one cos we have to cross semi circular arc then steep ascent till Viewpoint 2. This steep ascent was sleepiry cos of  dried mud and small stones all the way. It was 2 hours and 50 minutes (Almost 3 hours) of trek to reach Viewpoint 2 and reached Viewpoint 2 around 7:20 AM.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 278
Trails which will lead to Viewpoint 2
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 279
Closing in Viewpoint 2 at Oglanthang valley
Breathtaking views of Majestic Mt. Kangchendzonga & Gorgeous Goecha Peak from VIewpoint 2
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 279
Majestic Mt. Kangchendzonga
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 280
Gorgeous Goecha Peak
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 282
Mesmerizing view of Oglanthang valley with Emerald Lake

We didn’t took any break for photography since plan was to take more breaks while returning.  Noticed Richard gave-up on the way due to his knee problem and he stopped at Viewpoint 1 itself. Between 5 of us (Myself, Soumen , Arjit , Rhik & Bhim) doing good at KNP and all of us sure of reaching Goecha La. After 5 minutes of pit-stop at Viewpoint 2, continued our trek to Goecha La. Another half Km. of trek is in store for us on moraines. Crossing these moraines is tough task since there is risk of injuries. After crossing moraines it is 100 meters downhill followed by another 50 meter ascent to Goecha La. It was 8:10 AM when we reached Goecha La. Myself, Soumen, Rhik & Bhima made it to Goecha La and Arjit gave-up just before 200 meters to Goecha La.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 283
All efforts to get here… It’s Goecha La

I was over the moon and it was The Best milestones of my life!!! Greatest feeling on earth and witnessed Mt. Kangchendzonga from very close. Lovely feeling which can’t be expressed in words. In one words, Amazing!!!

Note: We are the only team who made to Goecha La (Viewpoint 3) on 10th November 2016 rest of the groups reached either Viewpoint 1 or 2.


Relaxed for 30 minutes at Goecha La and Captured serenity around Goecha La in my camera to fullest. Clicked some videos too..

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 285
Amazing place!!!
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 286
Myself with India & Karnataka flag at Goecha La
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 287
View of Oglanthang valley from Goecha La

Note: Goecha Lake & Mt. Simvo can be witnessed at below pic. This is the view of Talung valley which will take us to Tibet.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 288
View of Talung valley from Goecha La

Started back at Lamuney camp-site around 8:49 PM. Reached Viewpoint 2 at 9:15 AM. Had breakfast and relaxed for 30 minutes.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 289
At Viewpoint 2
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 290
Classic view of Emerald Lake in the lap of Himalayas…

Started back to Lamuney camp-site from Viewpoint 2 at 9:45 AM and it was tiresome return journey with shortage of drinking water.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 291
Return journey to Lamuney camp-site started from Viewpoint 2
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 292
Very careful descending at Oglanthang valley
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 293
Breathtaking views all the way – Pic#1
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 294
Breathtaking views all the way – Pic#2
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 295
Kilometer long desert (flat bed) – Zemathang Pass
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 296
Scary steep ascent while closing in Viewpoint 1
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 297
Breathtaking views all the way – Pic#3
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 298
Breathtaking views all the way – Pic#4
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 299
Viewpoint 1 with Mt. Jopunu in background…
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 300
Arjit at Viewpoint 1
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 301
A capture during descent to Samiti Lake
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 302
Getting down towards Samiti Lake
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 303
Breathtaking view of Semi frozen Samiti Lake
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 304
Semi frozen Samiti Lake

Finally, I was able to reach Lamuney camp-site at 1:30 PM and took much needed Power nap inside tent. Meanwhile others reached at 2:00 AM.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 305
Reached Lamuney camp-site around 1:00 PM

Timings of reaching all Viewpoints:

  • Started at 2:30 AM from Lamuney camp-site then reached Viewpoint 1(Sunrise point) at 4:34 AM (Around 2 hours from Lamuney camp-site to Viewpoint 1).
  • Viewpoint 2 at 7:20 AM (Around 3 hours from Viewpoint 1 to Viewpoint 2).
  • Viewpoint 3 at 8:10 AM (Around 50 minutes from Viewpoint 2 to Viewpoint 3).

Note: Viewpoint 3 is Goecha La.

Part 2: Easy Trek from Lamuney to Thangsing

Trek distance from Lamuney to Thangsing camp-site: Around 4 Kms.

Time taken: Around 2 hours.

Difficulty level: Easy

Had Lunch around 2:30 PM and started to Kokchurang at 3:15 PM. Reached Thansing at 5:00 PM. Initial plan is to do overnight stay  at Kokchurang but cooking space and accommodation is not available so decided to camp at Thangsing itself.

Met Saranbir Singh at Thangsing camp-site who is leading one of the IH batches to Goecha La. I did HAR KI DUN WINTER TREK with him during January 2015. Another surprise of trek it is!

As usual had dinner in the evening and told Bye Bye for the day.


Thangsing camp-site is heavenly camp-site which is situated on the banks of Prek Chu at Oglanthang valley of Kangchendzonga National Park, West Sikkim. One can witness breathtaking views of Mt. Pandim, Mt. Jopunu and Mt. Tenzing Khang on right side of the camp-site. There are many Trekkers Hut available at this camp-site. One of the biggest camp-site of Dzongri & Goecha La Trek.

Temperature: Around -5 to 5 degree Celsius at night.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 306
Biggest & Beautiful camp-site of KNP
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