October 22, 2021

Day 6: Trek from Upper Kyarkoti to Gangnani


Trek date during Lamkhaga Pass Expedition: 25th May 2017 (Thursday)

Trek distance: Around 13 to 14 Kms.

Time taken: Around 8 to 9 hours

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Highlights during the trek:

  1. High Altitude Upper Kyarkoti Camp-site.
  2. Jalandhari Gad Valley of Govind Pashu National Park, Uttarakhand.
  3. Upper Kyarkoti & Lower Kyarkoti of Kyarkoti Meadows.
  4. Jalandhari River crossing.
  5. A walk on flat terrain with more of Boulders.
  6. Bhojpatra Trees of Kyarkoti.
  7. Spectacular view of Chhotkhaga Pass.
  8. 2 Temporary Mountain Lakes of Jalandhari Gad Valley.
  9. Glacier, Stream & Moraine crossings.
  10. Snow-caped Mountains of Jalandhari Gad Valley.
  11. Famous Gangnani Bridge.
  12. Classic Himalayan Landscapes.
  13. Famous Pine-tree forest of Indian Himalayas.
  14. Breathtaking view of Gangotri range of Peaks.
  15. Breathtaking view of Harsil Valley at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows.
  16. Jaw-dropping view of Waterfalls at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows & Gangnani.
  17. Beautiful Gangnani Camp-site.

Challenges:  Moderate to Difficult day of the trek due to Stream, River & Glacier crossings throughout Jalandhari Gad valley.

Altitude Meter: Please find altitude details for the day below:

  • Upper Kyarkoti Camp-site comes around 4400 Mtr.
  • Temporary Mountain Lake 1 comes around 3555 Mtr.
  • Temporary Mountain Lake 2 comes around 3400 Mtr.
  • Gangnani Camp-site comes around 3215 Mtr.

Day in brief:

After crossing Lamkhaga Pass on Day 5 of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017,  Day 6 is all about beginning of return journey to Harshil. It will be around 25 to 27 Kms. of trek from Upper Kyarkoti Camp-site to Harsil so decided to camp at Gangnani on 6th day and 7th day will be final day of the trek to Harsil which is our ending point.

All of us wake-up late on Day 6 since we had long day on Day 5 which lasted for 12 hours including crossing Lamkhaga Pass. I woke-up around 7:00 AM and freshen-up meanwhile i spent sometime on Photography. Breakfast was served around 8:30 AM, meanwhile everyone enjoyed sunshine at Upper Kyarkoti Meadows. All of us dried our Clothes, Shoes and other wet belongings which is effected by long Snow walk on previous day.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_206
High Altitude Himalayan Camp-site Upper Kyarkoti
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_207
Another capture of Upper Kyarkoti Camp-site
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_208
Team at Upper Kyarkoti Camp-site



Started our return journey to Gangnani Camp-site around 10:00 AM from Upper Kyarkoti where we camped overnight. It was easy walk on Moraine & Boulders of Upper Kyarkoti Meadows which is surrounded by Snowy Mountains.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_209
Start of Day 6 journey at Upper Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_210
Pit-stop at Upper Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_211
Never know River crossing ahead! Lovely pictures..


It was 10:45 AM when we crossed Jalandhari River followed by walk on patches of Glacier took us to open fields.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_212
Jalandhari River crossing at Upper Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_213
Small break post River crossing
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_214
Continued our return journey post River crossing!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_215
Nice Glacier crossings at Upper Kyarkoti Meadows!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_216
Lovely Experience indeed!





Took small break of 15 minutes around 12:00 PM noon and clicked some photos.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_217
Group Photo at Upper Kyarkoti Meadows

Continued our journey around 12:15 PM. Reached Lower Kyarkoti area of Kyarkoti Meadows which is full of Serenity with Spectacular view of Chhotkhaga Pass, Jalandhari River, Snow-caped Mountainous,  Temporary Mountain Lakes, Glacier, Stream crossings & many more.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_218
Continued our journey post 15 minutes break…
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_219
Heading towards Lower Kyarkoti Meadows

Note: Flowers are also one of the Highlights of Jalandhari Gad Valley! Since we trekked in month of May we could see very less flowers over the valley. Jalandhari Gad Valley is Best visit post Monsoons in the month (August or September).

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_220
Fabulous Landscapes with some Flower signs
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_221
Closing in Lower Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_222
There you go! Fabulous Lower Kyarkoti Meadows





Had Lunch break around 2:15 PM with at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows and started back to Gangnani around 2:50 PM.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_223
Lunch break at Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_224
Day 3 Lunch at Kyarkoti Meadows with view of Chhotkhaga Pass


Witnessed as many as 2 Temporaray Mountain Lakes & Bhojpatra Trees throughout the stretch of Lower Kyarkoti Meadows. Also experienced Scary Stream crossings which took us to Gangnani Bridge around 6:00 PM.

For more information on Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakhand, Please follow the link: Jalandhari Gad Valley – A Heaven in the lap of Himalayas!

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_225
Classic Himalayan walk at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_226
Temporary Mountain Lake 1 at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_227
Much needed break at Lower kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_228
Jalandhari River, Bhojpatra Trees made journey Heavenly one!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_229
Bhojpatra Trees of Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_230
Temporary Mountain Lake 2 at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_231
Glacier crossings at Lower Kyarkoti Meadows

As soon as we crossed Gangnani Bridge, Steep ascent took us to dense Pine-tree forest followed by Wooden Bridge crossing took us to Breathtaking Beautiful Gangani Camp-site around 6:30 PM.

Gangnani Bridge

Gangnani Bridge is situated at Beautiful Gangnani of Jalandhari Gad Valley, Uttarakashi District, Uttarakhand. This Bridge is only connectivity between Lower Kyarkoti Meadows & Gangnani. This is newly constructed Bridge for Jalandhari River near old broken Wooden Bridge.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_232
Famous Gangnani Bridge
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_233
Team posing while closing in Gangnani
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_234
Team at Gangnani Camp-site



BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_235
Gangnani Camp-site of Lamkhaga Pass Journey







Had Hot water for drinking followed by Lemon Tea at camp-site. Also Pasta and Soup were served to us in the evening. Had dinner around 8:00 PM and told Bye Bye for the day with final journey to Expedition end point Harsil  is in store!


Gangnani camp-site is extremely beautiful camp-site which is surrounded by Snow-caped Mountains, Pine-trees, Waterfalls and Stream belonging to Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakhand, India.

Temperature: Around 5 to 10 degree Celsius at night since camp-site is situated at lower altitude.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_236
Beautiful Gangnani Camp-site
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