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Day 7: Trek from Gangnani to Harsil & Visit to Gangotri Dham


Trek date during Lamkhaga Pass Expedition: 26th May 2017 (Friday)

Trek distance: Around 12 to 14 Kms.

Time taken: Around 4 to 5 hours.

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Highlights during the trek:

  1. Beautiful Gangnani Camp-site.
  2. Group photo before leaving to Expedition end point Harsil Village.
  3. Snow-caped Mountains of Jalandhari Gad Valley.
  4. Jaw-dropping view of Waterfalls at Gangnani.
  5. Glacier, Stream & Moraine crossings.
  6. Classic Himalayan Landscapes.
  7. Famous Pine-tree forest of Indian Himalayas.
  8. Breathtaking view of Gangotri range of Peaks.
  9. Famous Lal Devta.
  10. Breathtaking view of Harsil Valley.
  11. A walk on flat terrain with more of Boulders & Streams.
  12. Horse, Shepard’s with Goats, Cows, Monkeys through out the stretch.
  13. Beautiful Bridges while closing in Harsil.
  14. Famous Harsil Village.
  15. Visit to Gangotri Dham.
  16. Witnessing Ganga Aarati at Gangotri Dham and having Darshana of Ganga Mayya.

Challenges: Easy to Moderate day of the trek since it is last day of the Expedition and around 12 Kms. of trek to finishing point Harshil village.

Altitude Meter: Please find altitude details for the day below:

  • Gangnani camp-site comes around 3215 Mtr.
  • Harsil Village comes around 2480 Mtr.

Day in brief:

I can divide Day 7 into 2 parts:

  1. Trek from Gangnani camp-site to Harsil
  2. Visit to Gangotri Dham

Part 1: Trek from Gangnani to Harsil 

Final day of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017 with 12 to 14 Kms. of trek is pending till Harsil Village.  Everyone have different plans and few of them want to reach Harsil Village by noon. My plan is to leave for Gangotri Dham once reaching Harsil Village. All of us woke-up around 7:00 AM. Morning tea served by Happy & Rajeev ji to everyone. Everyone got freshen-up and had breakfast at camp-site. All of us shared our feedback with everyone and took group photos at camp-site.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_237
Beautiful Gangnani Camp-site
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_238
Breathtakingly Beautiful Gangnani
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_239
Morning Breakfast getting ready at Kitchen Tent on Final Day
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_240
Dining Tent of Raacho Trekkers
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_241
Final Group Photo at Gangnani Camp-site

Started our final walk around 9:00 AM from Gangnani Camp-site to Harsil. It was easy walk on meadows of Jalandhari Gad Valley followed by dense Pine-tree forest. Breathtaking view of Gangotri range of peaks & Harsil Valley giving heavenly feeling to everyone.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_242
Final few Kms. of trek to Harsil Village began at 9:00 AM
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_243
Beautiful Gangnani!!!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_244
Life is Beautiful when you are in Mountains! Isn’t it?
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_245
Breathtaking Journey indeed!


BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_246
A look back at Beautiful Gangnani!



BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_247
Heading towards dense forest of Pine-trees
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_248
Almost in dense forest stretch of Gangnani to Harsil!

As we continued our journey, continuous steep ascent began which took us to Famous Lal Devta around 10:15 AM.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_249
Closing in Lal Devta!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_250
Famous Lal Devta of Valley




Took 15 minutes break at La Devta and started towards Harsil. It was down hill walk all the way towards Harsil Village.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_251
Breathtaking view of Harsil Valley while getting down from Lal Devta
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_252
Downhill stretches while closing in Harsil Village
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_253
Heavenly Harsil Valley – Pic#1
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_254
Heavenly Harsil Valley – Pic#2
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_255
Few meters away form getting down!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_256
Nice frames! Isn’t it ???
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_257
Closing in Harsil Village – 1 or 2 Kms. Away
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_258
More closer to Harsil Village via Valley!!!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_259
Wow is the only one word enough to describe serenity of the valley…
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_260
Final break before getting into comfort zone…
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_261
Yippy! Harsil Village is just few minutes away 🙂
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_262
Pit-stop at Bagori
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_263
At Bagori


Reached Harsil Village around 1:00 PM. With that around 90 Kms. of Epic Himalayan Journey from Chitkul to Harsil comes to end. Felt Great and over the Moon cos joy of Successful Expedition is never expressed in words!!! 🙂 : ) 🙂

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_264
At Harsil Village – Expedition End point!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_265
Strrets of Harsil Village


All of us g=had Lunch at SKYLARK Restaurant at Harsil Village. Post lunch each of us told Good Bye to most Beautiful people of entire journey with lots of unforgettable memories & stories!!! Each of us had different plans for our journey before heading to where we belongs post Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017.












Part 2: Visit to Gangotri Dham

After having lunch at SKYLARK Restaurant at Harsil Village on last day of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017, 5 of us – Myself, Aashish, Aditya, Anand & Sandhya booked Tata Sumo and left for Gangotri Dham around 3:00 PM from Harsil Village. Reached Gangotri around 4:30 PM and booked 2 separate rooms for accommodation in the night.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_266
Holy place of Hindus – Gangotri Dham

Had Bath & freshen-up, started to roam Gangotri around 6:00 PM in the evening. Had snacks on the streets of Gangotri & moved to Gangotri Temple to witness Ganga Aarati around 7:45 PM. Witnessed Ganaga Aarati of Gannga Mayya around 7:45 PM in the evening.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_267
Post Ganga Aarati scenes at Gangotri Dham!

Meanwhile Myself, Aditya &  Anand booked Private Bus to Haridwar on 27th May 2017 Mornings which will leave Gangotri around 7:30 AM.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_268
Final pics of Gangotri Dham

Had dinner at one of the Hotels. Returned to room and told Bye Bye for the day with Return journey to Namma Bengaluru is in store for me!!!

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