October 22, 2021

Dzongri & Goecha La Trek – 2016


Dzongri & Goecha La Trek is one of biggest surprises of year 2016 for me. Dream’t of it but it happened in flow. It was my 5th Himalayan Trek & 2nd of the year 2016. Just one month back I had been to Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh in search of Happiness and one month later headed to one of favorite travelers destination Sikkim. It’s my maiden visit to North Eastern state of India Sikkim and decided to go via Kolkata. Nowadays my every Himalayan Trek is mentored by Achintya Kundu. I wanted to go with small group for this Himalayan Trek and thinking of going with Himalaya Trekkers (HT). Had discussion with founder of HT Saptarshi Roy 2 months prior and booked flight & train tickets in advance as per HT itinerary. It was Achintya Kundu who helped me lot on booking flight & train tickets since i was visiting this part of India first time in my life.

About Dzongri & Goecha La:  Dzongri & Goecha La Trek is one of the treks in India which is popular to both Indians as well as people all over the world. The trail is inside Kangchendzongha National Park in West Sikkim. The route climbs steadily to cross a ridge at Dzongri, then proceeds north to the Oglanthang Valley to reach the high altitude pass, Goecha La at its head. The trek splits in two parts. First half is till the high point of Dzongri. Dzongri Top offers Amazing Panoramic view of Himalayan Mountains belongs to Sikkim and Nepal. Few to mention are Mt. Kangchedzongha Range, Kabru North, South & Dome Peaks, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Rathong, Kokthang and Siniolchu peaks. In the later half trail enters into the scenic wide open valleys and finally ends up in moraine ridge at Goecha La. The route has very thick vegetation, along with hundreds of Bird species, Butterflies and Wildflowers, especially different varieties of Rhododendrons.

Note: This is very popular trek among Indians and foreigners so more details available on Internet..

Altitude details of Dzongri & Goecha La:

  1. Dzongri Top (DABLHAGANG)                           Altitude: 4171 Mtr
  2. Goecha La                                                             Altitude: 4940 Mtr

Himalayan Mountains of Kangchendzonga National Park:

  1. Kabru North                                                         Altitude: 7338 Mtr
  2. Kabru South                                                         Altitude: 7318 Mtr
  3. Kabru Dome                                                         Altitude: 6585 Mtr
  4. Black Kabru                                                          Altitude: Not available
  5. Mt. Rathong                                                         Altitude: 6678 Mtr
  6. Mt. Kangchendzonga                                         Altitude: 8586 Mtr
  7. Goecha peak                                                         Altitude: 6172 Mtr
  8. Mt. Pandim                                                           Altitude: 6691 Mtr
  9. Mt. Jopunu                                                           Altitude: 5650 Mtr
  10. Mt. Tenzing Khang                                              Altitude: 6010 Mtr
  11. Mt. Lama & Lamuney                                          Altitude: Not available

River & Bridges of Kangchendzonga National Park: There are 4 Famous Bridges which is constructed to 4 different Rivers can be witnessed while trekking inside Kangchendzonga National Park, West Sikkim.

Please find details below:

  1. 1st Bridge – Pha Khola River
  2. 2nd Bridge – Chu Che River
  3. 3rd Bridge – Minthu Gang River
  4. 4th Bridge – Prek Chu

Note: Chu means River in Nepali language.

Trekking group: HIMALAYA TREKKERS – Website link: www.himalayatrekker.com

Event date: 03rd November 2016 to 14th November 2016

Team size: 5 Himalaya Trekkers

Trek distance: Around 106 Kms. from Yuksum & back.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Strenuous

Dzongri & Goecha La Trek – 2016 TEAM

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek TEAM

Trek Crew – Rhik Sengupta, Mon Bahadar Subbu, Bhim Limboo & Rohit Subbu

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek Crew

Team HT at GOECHA LA on 10th November 2016


Integral part of North eastern Himalayan Trek – Dzos

A dzo (also spelled zo, zho and dzho) is a hybrid between the yak and domestic cattle. The word dzo technically refers to a male hybrid, while a female is known as a dzomo or zhom.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek Dzos

Farewell Group Photo at Tsokha camp-site before leaving to Yuksum

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek Farewell Group Photo

Trek Itinerary: Please find trek itinerary for Dzongri & Goecha La Trek prepared by Himalaya Trekkers below:

DAY 1 (04th November): NJP to Yuksom by car – 160 Km – 8/9 hours
DAY 2 (05th November): Trek to Sachen – 8 Km – 4 hours
DAY 3 (06th November): Trek to Tsokha – 7 Km – 4 hours
DAY 4 (07th November): Trek to Dzongri – 12 Km – 6/7 hours
DAY 5 (08th November): Dzongri to Thansing – 10 Km – 5/6 hours
DAY 6 (09th November): Trek to Lamuney – 4 Km – 2 hours
DAY 7 (10th November): Trek to Goecha La (View Point 1/2/3) and back to Kochurang – 22 Km – 10/14 hours
DAY 8 (11th November): Kokchurang to Tsokha – 18 Km – 6/7 hours
DAY 9 (12th November): Tsokha to Yuksom – 15 Km – 5/6 hours
DAY 10 (13th November): Return to NJP/Bagdogra by car – 160 Km – 8/9 hours (by 6 pm)
*** Arrange your return from NJP late evening or later and accordingly book your tickets***

For more information on Dzongri & Goecha La Trek organised by Himalaya Trekkers, visit this link: Dzongri & Goecha La Trek

Travel Plan:

Below travel plan was planned by me to reach trek start point Yuksum:

November 03rd: Reach Kolkata by morning flight and catch 10:00 PM train to NJP from Sealdah (Probably Darjeeling Mail).
November 04th: Travel from NJP to Yuksum by shared vehicle. Trek Itinerary starts once we reach Yuksum.
November 13th: Post trek completion, Travel from Yuksum to NJP by shared vehicle. Night train to Kolkata (Probably Darjeeling Mail).
November 14th: Take afternoon or evening flight to Bengaluru since i will reach Kolkata from NJP in the morning.

Journey started at Namma Bengaluru followed by exploration of Kolkata, Night train journey to NJP from Sealdah then cab drive to Yuksum is memorable one. Trekking in Kangchendzonga National Park is unforgettable one due to serenity of the place. A journey into Heaven!!! Camping in Beautiful & Magnificent camp-sites like Sachen, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thangsing & Lamuney were experience of life time with 4 Adventurous souls. Day 4 trek to Dazongri Top (DABLHAGANG) & Day 6 trek to Goecha La is unique experience of our lives due to tough terrain, steep ascent, boulder zone and witnessing hidden gems  – Samiti, Emerald & Goecha Lake. Walking on Kilometer long desert (flat bed) named Zamathang Pass is never been experience. Snow-capped mountains of Kangchendzonga range, Classic Himalayan camp-sites such as Tsokha, Thangsing & Lamuney and Prek Chu river around the place made our trek special one. Weather was awesome through out the journey with clear sky it made we can complete this trek without any hassle. Arguably, The Best Himalayan experience of my life and will be remembered forever as one more special trek of my life .

I have decided to have 4 write-ups for Dzongri & Goecha La Trek – 2016. Complete Himalayan Trek in one page so it will be useful for many people to plan their itinerary, Himalayan Mountains of Kangchendzonga National Park, Golden Beauties of West Sikkim and detailed write-up on day-wise experience. Please find blog links below:

Romance with Mountains – Dzongri & Goecha La Trek

Himalayan Mountains of Kangchendzonga National Park

Golden Beauties of West Sikkim

Please click on below links for day wise experience of Dzongri & Goecha La Trek:

Journey to Yuksum
Day 1: Trek from Yuksum to Sachen
Day 2: Trek from Sachen to Tsokha via Bakhim
Day 3: Trek from Tsokha to Dzongri via Phedang & Deorali Top
Day 4: Trek to Dzongri Top & Trek from Dzongri to Thangsing via Kokchurang
Day 5: Easy Trek from Thangsing to Lamuney & Trek to Samiti Lake
Day 6: Summit Day to Goecha La & Easy Trek from Lamuney to Thangsing
Day 7: Trek from Thangsing to Tsokha via Kokchurang & Phedang
Day 8: Trek from Tsokha to Yuksum via Sachen
Return Journey from Yuksum to Namma Bengaluru

Note: Dzongri & Goecha La Trek is Evergreen & Popular trek. It comes in Sikkim. It is Moderate to Strenuous in-terms of trek distance & time we need to spend on trekking inside Kangchendzonga National Park, West Sikkim.

Highlights during Dzongri & Goecha La Trek:

  1. Solo exploration of Kolkata.
  2. Train Journey from Sealdah to NJP & Cab drive from NJP to Yuksum.
  3. Trekking inside dense forest which is full of Rhododendron trees.
  4. Camping experience in Magnificent camp-sites of Himalayas – Sachen, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thangsing & Lamuney.
  5. Unexpected meet-up with Harsh Chaudhary (Bihari) & Arun Singh Rawat (Pahadi) at Bakhim and Saranbir Singh at Lamuney.
  6. Famous 4 Bridges of 4 different rivers inside Kangchendzonga National Park, West Sikkim.
  7. Wooden Bridge at Kokchurang camp-site on the banks of Prek Chu.
  8. Walking on Paved wooden Logs post Tsokha camp-site – Different experience altogether.
  9. Breathtakingly beautiful Phedang & Deorali Top viewpoints.
  10. Memorable early morning Trek to Dzongri Top (DABLHAGANG).
  11. Fantastic & Evergreen 360 degree view of Kanchendzongha National Park from Dzongri Top.
  12. Scenic stretch of Dzongri to Thangsing.
  13. Trek to Samiti Lake.
  14. Hidden beauties of Oglanthang valley – Samiti & Emerald Lake.
  15. Trek to Goecha La (Viewpoint 3) via Viewpoint 1 & Viewpoint 2.
  16. Kilometer long desert (flat bed) which is known as Zemathang Pass between VP1 & VP2.
  17. Snow-capped Himalayan Mountains of Kangchendzonga National Park, West Sikkim including Mt. Kangchedzongha range, Kabru North, South & Dome Peaks, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Rathong, Kokthang and Siniolchu peaks.
  18. Horses, Mules & Dzos all over the valley.
  19. Classic Himalayan Landscapes.
  20. Awesome weather throughout the journey with clear sky during 8 days of trek.
  21. Specialty of this Himalayan trek is it will be remembered for small team of 4 for almost 8 days and crew size is 4 😛


  • My 5th Himalayan Trek and maiden visit to North Eastern state of India Sikkim. Thanks to Achintya Kundu for helping me in booking transport including flight & train tickets. Your guidance always helping me to make my journeys successful one 🙂
  • My second Himalayan trek with HIMALAYA TREKKERS is Unforgettable  & Successful one. Thanks to amazing crew !!!
  • Big Thanks to Amazing Trek Crew!!! – Trek crews including local guide Mon Bahadur Limboo, Bhim Hang Limboo & Rohit Subbu, Ground Coordinator of HT Rhik Sengupta for friendly gesture during the trek and helping everyone to complete this Himalayan Trek successfully. We never felt, we did trek with strangers for 8 Days at Kangchendzonga National Park. After the trek, all of us become like family. Thanks for being supportive, informative and friendly throughout the trek. Amazing people from mountains!!!
  • Big thanks another founder of HT Saptarshi Roy for his guidance in planning Kolkata visit and other guidance’s.
  • Thanks to cook Rohit Subbu (Cook) & Bhim for yummy and hygienic food during the trek. Pizza, Cake, Dal & Chaval prepared by you guys will be remembered forever.
  • Thanks to friendly 4 Himalaya Trekkers from different part of the country (2 from Kolkata, 1 from Pune and 1 from Namma Bengaluru) for making this event unforgettable one and will remain in our memories as one of the best treks of our lives. All of them are Gem of this trek and made this journey beautiful one!!!

Final Conclusion: Dzongri & Goecha La Trek is for experienced trekkers. Please beginners or 1st timer to Himalayas stay away from this Strenuous trek inside Kangchendzonga National Park, West Sikkim. Get some experience in trekking before attempting Dzongri & Goecha La.

Strongly recommended Himalayan Trek for every Adventurous Soul!!!

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