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For me trekking is a passion. Trekking has become integral part of my life for last 1 year and exploring the new places become one of my hobbies. I never thought, i will do an Himalayan trek because it was very expensive and lot of planning is required.

One of organizer and my good friend Pratap Sikdar from Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) decided to organize Himalayan trek and he posted event registration page in BASC website. Looking at tour plan and cost of the trek, i thought it will be worth visit and once in a lifetime opportunity to visit these places. His plan to do PIN BHABHA Pass Trek and Trip around amazing Lahaul & Spiti district with 15 days of holiday. Registered for the event and flight tickets also booked with return journey in advance.

After lot of deadlocks and Uttarkhand disaster which is happened few weeks back gave us warning sign to explore northern side of India. This Trek+Trip event suppose to be postponed to August but finally we made it. Weather GOD also helped us to complete the event successfully – It was bright sunshine throughout event expect Shimla & Manali.

Trip Itinerary (6th July 2013 to 21st July 2013):

Day 1: 6th July – Fly to Delhi and leave for Shimla by evening Bus.
Day 2: 7th July – Reach Shimla early morning and halt.
Day 3: 8th July – Drive from Shimla to Kafnu (Trek starting point, camp).
Day 4: 9th July – Trek from Kafnu to Muling.
Day 5: 10th July – Trek from Muling to Kahra.
Day 6: 11th July – Trek from Kahra to Pustirang.
Day 7: 12th July – Trek from Pustring to Phaldar via BHABHA Pass.
Day 8: 13th July – Trek from Phaldar to Mudh Pharka. Drive to Dhankar village visit kungri monastery on the way and night halt.
Day 9: 14th July – Visit Dhankar monastery and Dhankar lake. Leave for Lhalung village and night halt.
Day10: 15th July – Trek starts again Lhalung to Demul, Night halt at some villages house.
Day 11: 16th July – Trek from Demul to Comic. Drive from Comic – Langza to Kaza village.
Day 12: 17th July – Visit KEE monastery, Hikkim, Kibber, GETE, Chichum village, Tashigang village, Night at Kaza.
Day 13: 18th July – Kaza to Kunzum La , Kunzum La – Drive 2/3 hrs and Trek to Chandratal Lake. Back to Batal and night halt.
Day 14: 19th July – Batal to Manali – Drive 6/7 hrs.
Day 15: 20th July – Manali trip and leave for Delhi at night.
Day 16: 21th July – Reach Delhi in the morning and leave for Bangalore.

We had small changes in Day 13 and Day 14. i.e. nothing but we went directly to Manali from Kaza instead of overnight stay at Batal as per driver & guide suggestion.

Everything went for us according to the above plan and Himachal Pradesh exploration is Huge success for 8 of us. Its Life time event for all of us.


Right to Left: Sree Sudhir, Deepak KP, Prem Dorji (Guide), Pratap Sikdar (Organizer), Achintya Kundu (Co-organizer), Myself, Ronjith (Cook), Govind Gorur, Uttam Mallya and Sabu Paul (Not in the pic)

Please find my detailed write ups on our Himalayan expedition at Himachal Pradesh in 2013 below:

Pin Bhabha Pass Trek

Lahaul & Spiti valley

HIGHLIGHTS of the event:

  • Successfully completed BHABHA Pass trek, Trek from Lhalung to Demul & Demul to Comic (Spiti Villages).
  • Visited Dhankar Lake and Monastery.
  • Visited Kungri, Lhalung, KEE, Kaza and Tangyud monasteries expect Tabo monastery.
  • Had visit to almost all Spiti villages (Kee, Dhankar, Lhalung, Demul, Comic, Batal, Gete, Kibber, Chichum, Rangarika, Hamsa, Losar, Tashigang, etc…).
  • Memorable visit to Kunzum pass and Chandertal Lake.
  • Amazing weather(Bright sunshine) throughout the event expect Shimla and Manali.
  • Memorable journey on deadly dangerous roads of HP throughout the event (Shimla to Kafnu, Kaza to Manali Highways and throughout Lahaul & Spiti district) and many more….


I want to thank Girish Motwani, Rajesh P Nayak and Sandeep Bharat for their valuable input and guidance made this event successful. Also special thanks to Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) for sponsoring this event.

Special thanks to Achintya Kundu for managing the account of the Trek & Trip. It was not easy to manage the accounts and your effort will be well appreciated.

Finally, I want to thank Pratap Sikdar for giving me an opportunity to become part of this event and event is turned out to be memorable one for 8 of us.

Thanks a lot buddies!!!

BASC Rocks!!!

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