September 24, 2021

Jalandhari Gad Valley – A Heaven in the lap of Himalayas!


Jalandhari Gad Valley, Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand is one of the Beautiful valley’s of Uttarakhand. This breathtakingly beautiful valley is famous for it’s Mighty 3 Passes, Never ending Snowfields, Kyarkoti Meadows, Spectacular view of Chhotkhaga Pass, Bhojpatra Trees, Snow-caped Mountains, Jalandhari River, Beautiful Flowers, Patches of Glaciers, Temporary Mountain Lakes, Breathtakingly Beautiful Gangnani, Jaw-dropping views of Waterfalls, Breathtaking view of Gangotri range of Peaks, Heavenly Harsil Valley, Famous Lal Devta, Pine-trees, Streams & Many more…

Other Attractions of Jalandhari Gad Valley: Shepard’s with their flocks of Sheep & Goats between Harsil & Gangnani, Frequent sightings of families of lively Langoor (Black-faced monkey’s) around Lal Devta near Harsil, Chances to witnessing ibex, Snow Fox, Mountain Crow, Eagles, Cows and Horses.

There are few treks passes through Kyarkoti Meadows of Jalandhari Gad Valley Lamkhaga Pass, Harsil Kyarkoti Trek, Kyarkoti Trek are few to name.

Altitude: Altitude of Jalandhari Gad Valley, UttaraKhand ranges from 2500 Mtr to Above 5000 Mtr.

Best time to Visit:  Mid May to September.

This article mainly concentrates on what we have seen in Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakhand during Lamkhaga Pass Expedition in the month of May 2017. I have tried my best to document everything in this article:

Mighty 3 Passes of Jalandhari Gad Valley

Mighty 3 Passes of Jalandhari Gad Valley, Uttarakhand can be viewed from Upper Baspa Valley of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh during Lamkhaga Pass Expedition. Below are 3  Passes which can be viewed throughout the journey from Upper Baspa Valley to Snowfields of Lamkhaga Pass  Base:

  1. Chhotkhaga Pass
  2. Dudhiyan Pass
  3. Lamkhaga Pass

Altitude of Lamkhaga Pass is around 5,282 Mtr (17,329 Ft). Chhotkhaga Pass & Dudhiyan Pass Altitude is unknown. As per trek crew, both passes are almost impossible to cross since it’s difficult terrain.

Note: Lamkhaga Pass is not clearly visible in this pic since it is situated back side of snowfields near Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate Camp-site.

BGBTD JGV Mighty 3 Passes of Jalandhari Gaad Valley

Never ending Snowfields

Post crossing Lamkhaga Pass, One has to go through experience of walking on Snowfields which is never ending in-terms of length. A Marathon walk indeed! 🙂

BGBTD JGV Never ending Snow fields


Kyarkoti Meadows

Kyarkoti Meadows of Jalandhari Gad Valley, Uttarakhand can be divided into 2 Meadows. They are Upper Kyarkoti and Lower Kyarkoti Meadows.

Upper Kyarkoti Meadows: Upper Kyarkoti Meadows is very high altitude meadow of Himalayan Standard which is Wide & Beautiful. It is surrounded by Snowy Mountains, Streams, Boulders, Moraines, Glaciers, many more…

BGBTD JGV Upper Kyarkoti Meadows

Lower Kyarkoti Meadows: Lower Kyarkoti Meadows is very high altitude meadow of Himalayan Standard which is more of Greenery with Spectacular view of Chhotkhaga Pass, Bhojpatra Trees, Temporary Lakes, River in the lap of Himalayas, Snow-caped Mountains, Glaciers, Streams, many more…

BGBTD JGV Lower Kyarkoti Meadows

Spectacular view of Chhotkhaga Pass

Chhotkhaga Pass can be seen from Lower Kyarkoti Meadows of Jalandhari Gad Valley. View is Simply Spectacular in the lap of Himalayas!

BGBTD JGV Spectacular view of Chhotkhaga Pass

Bhojpatra Trees of Kyarkoti

Bhojpatra Tree is a tree widely found in the Himalayas. It is well known for the use of it’s bark for writing in Ancient India. Kyarkoti Meadows or Kyarkoti Bugyal is one of the meadows where one will find Alphine Forest of Bhojpatra trees throughout the valley.

BGBTD JGV Bhojpatra Trees of Kyarkoti

Jalandhari River

Jalandhari River flows across Jalandhari Gad Valley which can be witnessed throughout the journey. A walk on the banks of Jalandhari River is Lifetime Experience for sure!

BGBTD JGV Jalandhari River

Beautiful Flowers of Kyarkoti

Jalandhari Gad Valley is said to have more variety of flowers during post monsoon compared to Valley of flowers. It is one of the famous valley’s of Uttarakhand which will give opportunity to witness variety of flowers. We trekked in the month of May so we couldn’t witness much flowers during our journey at Kyarkoti Meadows of Jalandhari Gad Valley, Uttarakhand.

BGBTD JGV Beautiful Flowers of Kyarkoti

Patches of Glaciers

Jalandhari Gad Valley is full of Patches of Glaciers throughout Kyarkoti Meadows. One can see huge Glacier-slopes all over the valley. At some point, One has to cross Glaciers followed by Streams, Moraines  which is  going to be Adventurous experience for Trekking enthusiasts!

BGBTD JGV Patches of Glaciers

Temporary Mountain Lakes of Kyarkoti

We have seen as many as 2 Temporary Mountain Lakes at Jalandari Gad Valley on 6th day of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017.

Temporary Mountain Lake 1: This Lake is 1st one which is formed due to landslide near river. It can burst at any time but water storage formed a Heavenly beautiful lake in the lap of Himalayas. This lake belongs to Lower Kyarkoti. As per my Altimeter, Lake was formed at an altitude of 3555 Mtr.

BGBTD JGV Temporary Mountain Lake 1

Temporary Mountain Lake 2: This Lake is 2nd one which is surrounded by Glacier. It is formed due to landslide near river. Another Heavenly beautiful lake in the lap of Himalayas. This lake also belongs to Lower Kyarkoti. As per my Altimeter, Lake was formed at an altitude of 3400 Mtr.

BGBTD JGV Temporary Mountain Lake 2

Breathtakingly Beautiful Gangnani

Gangnani is extremely beautiful place which is surrounded by Snow-caped Mountains, Pine-trees, Waterfalls & Stream belongs to Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakhand, India.

BGBTD JGV Breathtakingly Beautiful Gangnani

Jaw-dropping views of Waterfalls

Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakhand is also famous for Jaw-dropping views of Waterfalls too. N number of Waterfalls can be witnessed throughout journey. 2 eyes are not enough to witness beauty of Nature!

BGBTD JGV Jaw-dropping views of Waterfalls

Breathtaking view of Gangotri range of Peaks

Breathtaking view of Gangotri range of Peaks can be witnessed throughout journey from Lower Kyarkoti Meadows to Gangnani to Harsil. Classic views indeed!

BGBTD JGV Breathtaking view of Gangaotri range of Peaks

Famous Lal Devta

Last stretch of Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakhand goes through Uphill & Downhill walks which goes through Lal Devta. It is famous tree worshiped by locals. It can be witnessed during the journey and can be used as pit-stop point too.

BGBTD JGV Famous Lal Devta

Heavenly Harsil Valley

Harsil Valley of Gangotri National Park, Uttarakhand comes in last stretch of Jalandhari Gad Valley journey from Harsil side. With entering into Harsil village, views of Harsil Valley will transform your journey from Jalandhari Gad Valley to Harsil Valley’s of Uttarakhand. It  will give Awesome feeling for tourists across the World for sure!!!

BGBTD JGV Heavenly Harsil Valley

Final words: As a Trekker cum Travel Blogger, I will rate Jalandhari Gad Valley of Garhwal Region, Uttarakhand 10 out of 10. A complete package and must visit valley indeed for Adventure & Peace seekers!!! My article will give clear picture why i rated this valley 10 out 10. A valley which should be kept in to do bucket list of every adventure seekers. It’s worth visit and going to be Lifetime experience indeed!!!

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  1. Lovely pictures Baliga ji. Your blog has captured the name and details of other two nearby passes too which is really nice.

    1. Thanks a lot Sandhya ji 🙂 I am use to it now after so many Adventure Journey’s and experience in Travel Blogging…

  2. having been on this journey with you, I must say you have done complete justice to the terrain with your words.. looking forward to more write ups from you.. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the memories.. good luck

    1. Yeah…It is my Pleasure to trek with you people… Awesome experience indeed! Hopefully i will come up with Nice articles on Lamkhaga Pass in coming days 🙂

  3. minor correction which may be considered for correcting the captions … Route to Chhotkhaga from Kyarkoti leading into valley towards right ….similarly in the first pic indicating the Chhotkhaga its further to the left

    1. Ashutosh ji,

      Thanks for going through my article & suggesting me some minor corrections. I have gone through ur YouTube Videos on Lamkhaga Pass Journey which u experienced few years back. Great Job (Y) I did this trek with Lamkhaga Pass Specialist Guide Sonu Negi in the month of May 2017. Whatever information i got from Sonu ji and his team i have documented here. Thanks for ur feedback 🙂

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