April 16, 2021

Journey to Chitkul via Shimla & Sangla


Journey dates from Bengaluru to Chitkul: 17th,18th & 19th May 2017

Journey to Chitkul from Namma Bengaluru is unforgettable & memorable one!!!

17th May 2017: It was My 1st visit to Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side and i was fully prepared for what to explore en-route Chitkul from Namma Bengaluru. After lot of inquires with Sonu Negi ji and Control Room of Shimla Bus Stand regarding timings of Shimla-Sangla HRTC Bus, finally day is arrived on 17th May 2017 mornings. Epic journey of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017 started from my house around 6:30 AM in the morning. I took BMTC Bus to Hebbal from Nagadevanahalli Bus stop. Reached Hebbal around 8:00 AM then took Volvo Bus to Bangalore Airport.

Reached Bangalore Airport by 8:30 AM since traffic was less on Airport Road and waited for Aashish to join me. He joined me around 8:45 AM and both of us did check-in around 9:00 AM. Still 2 hours of time left to board Delhi flight, killed remaining time by relaxing at Airport. Finally, boarded Delhi flight around 11:05 AM. Flight was little delayed at Runway and take-off done around 11:25 AM.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_1
Myself & Aashish in Selfie mode on Blore-Delhi flight!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_2
Bengaluru-Delhi flight, A click from window seat – Jet Airways (Seat: 40H)

Reached Delhi Airport around 2:30 PM. Myself & Aashish killed time till 4:30 PM at Delhi Airport cos our Bus to Shimla was scheduled around 8:30 PM in the night from Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus Stand. Took Delhi Metro as transport to reach Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus Stand and reached Bus stand by 6:00 PM. Relaxed at Metro premises which is just few meters from Bus stand for an hour. Around 7:30 PM, moved to Bus stand. Sandhya joined us around 8:10 PM. Bus arrived at Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus Stand at 8:15 PM. 3 of us boarded Volvo Bus to Shimla and journey to Himachal Pradesh began at Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus Stand around 8:30 PM.

18th May 2017: Had small pit-stop for dinner en-route and reached Shimla Bus Stand around 5:00 AM during morning hours of 18th May 2017.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_3
Shimla Bus Stand on early hours of 18th May 2017
Epic experience of Shimla-Sangla Bus drive on HRTC

Distance from Shimla to Sangla: Around 242 Kms. via NH5 as per Google map.

How to reach Sangla from Shimla: From Shimla, Take following route to Sangla: Shimla –> Kufri –> Fagu –> Rampur –> Tapri –> Karcham –> Sangla

After reaching Shimla Bus Stand around 5:00 AM, Aashish & Sandhya were freshen-up at Bus stand. Still 2 hours of time left for us to board Shimla – Sangla Bus.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_4
Aashish & Sandhya at Shimla Bus Stand

Boarded Shimla – Sangla Bus around 7:15 AM which directly came from Chandigarh.

Note: There is Bus  with number HP 25 A 3043 which runs every alternative day from Shimla around 7:00 – 7:15 AM from Shimla Bus Stand to Sangla. One can call Shimla Bus Depo Control Room for details on Bus timings, they will help you.

Helpline number of Shimla Bus Depo Control Room: 01772656326

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_5
Bus Number – HP 25 A 3043

It was an amazing experience indeed since we are travelling on Public Transport unlike TT or Cab drive. Bus Stopped at Fagu for breakfast around 10:30 AM. After half an hour of break for breakfast, Bus resumed to Sangla. On the way Bus stopped at Rampur, Bhabhanagar and many places which comes on NH5. It was epic journey indeed with we are heading towards Kinnaur Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This journey reminded me of Epic Shimla – Kafnu Journey in the year 2013 during My 1st Himalayan Trek Pin Bhabha Pass.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_6
Breathtaking views all the way on NH5!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_7
Fabulous views indeed!!!
Collage of Epic Shimla – Sangla Journey

Reached Tapri around 3:15 PM and Bus was stopped for half an hour here. Journey continued with hardly under 30 Kms. left for Sangla. Reached Sangla Bus Stand at 5:00 PM.

Group Photo with HRTC Bus Staff

I always loves to make my journey’s memorable by Thanking people who deserves it. Clicked group photo with Bus driver Devendra Kumar & Conductor Pancham da at Sangla Bus Stand.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_9
At Sangla Bus Stand
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_10
Beautiful Sangla Bus Stand in the lap of Himalayas!

Decided to do ivernght stay at Baspa Guest House and found this one cost effective. Shifted to Baspa Guest House which is just 100 meters from Sangla Bus Stand.

Note: One can easily find Guest House in Sangla Town. There are plenty. Once u reach Sangla Town, you can look for Guest House as per your need.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_11
Baspa Guest House
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_12
Contact Details of Baspa Guest House

Decided to explore Bering Nag Temple of Sangla in the evening. I started towards Bering Nag Temple by 5:30 PM and explored temple. Spent some time in Photography too…

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_13
Streets of Beautiful Sangla

Meanwhile Aashish & Sandhya joined me. They played Volley-Ball with Kids of Sangla in the premises of Bering Nag Temple. It was drizzling at Sangla with Cloud covered all over the valley. Awesome Weather to chill out!

Selfie at Bering Nag Temple
Memorable moments at Bering Nag Temple, Sangla

Started back to Baspa Guest House. We had Snacks & Tea at one of Hotels on the way return to Guest House and reached Guest House around 8:30 PM. Told Bye Bye for the day with plan of visiting Kamru Village & Sangla Buddhist Monastery in the mornings of 19th May 2017 before leaving to Chitkul.

19th May 2017: After visiting Bering Nag Temple on previous evening, it is time to explore remaining 2 places of Sangla – Famous Kamru Fort & Sangla Buddhist Monastery. Inquired about Bus timings of Chitkul with local people, they informed there is Bus for Chitkul around 12:00 PM Noon from Sangla. Planned exploration of Sangla as per Bus timings so Bus for Chitkul shouldn’t be skipped. Locals told next Bus for Chitkul will be at 3:00 PM so decided to board Bus by 12:00 PM noon itself.

Day in brief:

After got-up around 5:30 AM, 3 of us freshen-up and started our trek to Kamru Fort of Kamru Village which is 2 Kms. of trek from Sangla Town at 6:30 AM.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_16
Aashish & Sandhya at Sangla Bridge on 19th May 2017 mornings
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_17
Marching towards Kamru Village via Sangla Town
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_18
Heavenly views of Sangla Valley!!!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_19
Another view of Sangla Valley

Explored Kamru Temple followed by Kamru Fort. Had great interaction with Kinnauri people like Watch-woman of Kamru Fort Chandru Negi and Hariram near Kamru Temple. Explored these places to the core and clicked as many as pics. Returned back to Sangla Town around 10:15 AM.

For more information on what to explore at Sangla, visit the link: Sangla – A Buddhist Town in the lap of Himalayas!

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_20
Some photo moments with Kinnauri people at Kamru Temple
Myself with Hariram at Kamru Temple, Sangla
Selfie with Watch-woman of Kamru Fort, Sangla
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_23
Return journey to Sangla Town from Kamru Village
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_24
Fabulous Valley indeed!
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_25
Scenic Sangla Valley

Meanwhile visited Sangla Buddhist Monastery at Sangla Town. Had Alu & Gobi Parata for the breakfast at one of the Hotels at Sangla Town and returned to Baspa Guest House around 11:00 AM .

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_26
At Sangla Town, Heading for Morning Breakfast

Checked out at 11:40 AM and left Baspa Guest House around 11:45 AM to catch Chitkul Bus.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_27
Started to Sangla Bus Stand around 11:45 AM
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_28
Final Pics of Sangla Town
BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_29
Reached Sangla Bus Stand at 11:55 AM
HRTC Bus drive from Sangla to Chitkul

Distance from Sangla to Chitkul: Around 27.1 Kms via Sangla-Chitkul Rd as per Google map.

How to reach Chitkul from Sangla : From Sangla, Take following route to Chitkul: Sangla –> Batseri –> Rakchham –> Chitkul

Bus drive from Sangla to Chitkul is Adventurous one with views of evergreen Baspa Valley and Baspa River. After checking-out at Baspa Guest House around 11:45 AM, 3 of us boarded Chitkul Bus at 12:00 PM Noon.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_30
Bus Number – HP 25 A 3013

We met one more trek mate Anand Bayes who is coming from Pune. Meanwhile few hours before when i called Sonu ji, he told uide Happy ji & few porters will be on same bus. Reached Chitkul around 1:45 PM since road was not in good condition and 27 Kms. of journey took us 1 hour 45 minutes.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_31
Epic Sangla-Chitkul Bus Drive

Moment we reached we came to know about Happy ji and other trek crews. Our plan is to have overnight stay at Thakur Guest House but Rooms were full for the day so shifted to Rani Guest House which is just 50 meters away.

Thought of exploring Chitkul rest of the day after lunch. Sonu ji & remaining Trek Crew came around 3:00 PM to Chitkul. They directly moved to Ranikanda Camp-site to drop camping stuff cos Jeep trails were already there for 10 Kms. post Chitkul. Meanwhile myself, Aashish, Anand & Sandhya explored Chitkul to the core. It was great experience indeed with interacting with Kids of Chitkul & Spending great time on the banks of Baspa valley.

For more information on Chitkul, visit the link: Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side!

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017_32
Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side
Some pics from Chitkul Exploration

Had dinner at Thakur Guest House in the night and told Good Bye for the day with Lamkhaga Pass Journey from Chitkul to Harsil is in store for next few days!!!

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