September 24, 2021

Journey to Yuksum


Journey dates from Bengaluru to Yuksum: 03rd & 04th November 2016

Journey to Yuksum from Namma Bengaluru is unforgettable one!!!

It is my first visit to Kolkata & North eastern states of Incredible India Sikkim. I was fully prepared with what to explore in Kolkata since i am visiting City of Joy first time in my life. Decided to spend some time exploring Kolkata in the afternoon before boarding night train to NJP from Sealdah. Booked my flight & train tickets according to Himalaya Trekkers itinerary.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 1
All set for Unforgettable experience!!!

Journey started from my house around 5:00 AM in the morning on 3rd November 2016. Took BMTC bus to Majestic at 5:30 AM from Girinagar and reached Majestic by 6:00 AM. Since my Vistara flight for Kolakta was scheduled around 10:10 AM decided to reach Bangalore Airport 2 hours before. Got bus to Bangalore Airport around 6:30 AM from Majestic and reached Bangalore Airport by 7:30 AM. Had breakfast at Bangalore Airport and did check-in around 8:15 AM. Still 2 hours of time left to board Kolkata flight, killed remaining time by relaxing at Airport. Finally, boarded Kolkata flight around 10:10 AM and it was my first visit to Kolkata with excitement level sky high having lot of expectations. A solo flight journey to Kolkata too unlike last Himalayan Journey 🙂

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 2
Myself in selfie mode inside Vistara flight
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 3
Empty Vistara flight to Kolkata 😛
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 4
Bangalore-Kolkata flight, A click from window seat – Vistara (Seat: 14C)
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 5
Having lunch on Vistara flight 🙂
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 6
A capture from flight while landing…

 A visit to Indian Museum, Kolkata

Reached Kolkata around 12:35 PM after spending 2 and half hours on flight. Sapta & Achintya helped me to plan Kolkata visit. As per suggestion from Sapta, took Volvo bus to Esplanade from Kolkata Airport. Lovely experience of witnessing new places in store but surprise awaited for me at Kolkata. It started to rain around 2:00 PM as i approaching to Esplanade. It started to rain heavily once i reached Esplanade at 2:30 PM and i am sure this gone effect my plans. Had lunch in one of the Hotels near Esplanade and walked towards Indian Museum which is just 1 and half Kms. from where i got down. Reached Indian Museum around 3:15 PM and explored Museum for 1 hour. Captured Indian Museum beautifully in my camera. I personally felt Indian Museum is very huge and require half day to explore.

Indian Museum: The Indian Museum (Bengali: ভারতীয় যাদুঘর) is the largest and oldest museum in India and has rare collections of antiques, armour and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies, and Mughal paintings. It was founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, in 1814. The founder curator was Dr Nathaniel Wallich, a Danish botanist.

For more information Indian Museum, visit the link: Indian Museum, Kolkata

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 7

It was still raining at Kolkata around 4:30 PM and it is getting dark very early at Kolkata. I am damn sure i can’t explore much then Indian Museum. It was dark by 5:00 PM and thought it is better to reach Sealdah early. Took local bus from Esplanade to Sealdah at 6:00 PM which costed me just 6 rupees. Bus was jam packed but it is nice experience! Due to my solo exploration, it is easy to plan as per my need 🙂

Reached Sealdah around 6:45 PM. My train Darjeeling Mail was scheduled around 10:00 PM and had enough time. Shifted to rest room at Sealdah Railway station and spent remaining time at rest room.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 18
Crowded Sealdah Railway station, Kolkata

Meanwhile I met one of my trek mate of Dzongri & Goecha La Trek from Kolkata Soumen at Sealdah Railway station around 9:00 PM. He along with his friend Arjit will board Padatik express to NJP which will start 1 hour late then mine. I boarded my train at 9:30 PM and solo train journey to NJP started exactly at 10:15 PM from Sealdah. I booked sleeper class on General compartment which costed me just 350 rupees. Had good overnight sleep on train and reached NJP at 9:05 AM on 4th November morning hours. Had first glimpses of Mt. Kangchendzonga around 8:00 AM from Sealdah-NJP(Darjeeling Mail) train during morning hours while approaching Siliguri.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 19
First glimpses of Mt. Khangchendzonga while approaching Siliguri

My trek-mates from Kolkata Arjit & Soumen reached NJP Railway station little late. Once they reached, 3 of us introduced our-self and had breakfast.

Cab Drive from NJP to Yuksum

Distance from NJP to Yuksum: Around 153 Kms. via NH10 as per Google map.

How to reach Yuksum from NJP: From NJP, Take following route to Yuksum: NJP -–> Melli -–> Jorethang –> Tashiding –> Yuksum

Post breakfast 3 of us moved towards front gate to catch Cab to Yuksum. Our cab driver Munnu along with Mon Bahadur Subba (HT representative) reached NJP Railway station around 11:30 AM  and finally started our cab drive to Yuksum at 12:00 PM from NJP Railway station.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 20
NJP Railway station, Silliguri, West Bengal
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 21
Myself, Soumen & Arjit at NJP
BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 22
All set for cab drive to Yuksum from NJP Railway station

Another trek-mate from Pune Richard is already reached Siliguri on previous day. He joined us on the way and we are only 4 in number. It is very small team indeed! Had much needed pit-stop near Teesta river around 1:15 PM and continued our journey to Yuksum.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 23
Pit stop on the banks of Teesta river

Teesta River: The Teesta River or Tista Bengali তিস্তা is a 309 kilometres (192 mi) long river flowing through the Indian state of Sikkim. It carves out from the verdant Himalayas in temperate and tropical river valleys and forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal and flows through the cities of Rangpo (Sikkim) and Jalpaiguri & Kalimpong (West Bengal) before joining the Jamuna, a distributary channel of the Brahmaputra through Bogra in Bangladesh. It drains an area of 12,540 square kilometers (4,840 sq mi).

For more information in Teesta River: visit the link: Teesta River

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 24
Beautiful Teesta River

Reached Melli around 2:15 PM and had lunch at HOTEL TOP GREEN, Melli Bazar.

Melli: Melli is a town on the West Bengal-Sikkim border near the River Teesta.

For more information on Melli town, visit the link: Melli

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 25
Pit stop at Melli for lunch

Had Veg & Chicken Tali at HOTEL TOP GREEN for lunch. Dal & Chaval is common food in these North eastern states.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 26
Team having lunch at HOTEL TOP GREEN

After lunch break of 45 minutes continued our journey to Yuksum at 3:00 PM. Crossed one huge bridge at Melli which was constructed to Teesta River. Post crossing the bridge, it was Entry & Check-post gate to Sikkim. This is where Sikkim starts and finally we entered one of the Beautiful state of North eastern India.

Note: Both states West Bengal & Sikkim will be divided by River Teesta.

Once we entered Sikkim, Cab journey started to become more adventurous one! Roads are not in better condition with under construction. Stopped at small city of Jorethang and i bought Sandals for me to wear during trek.

Tragedy of this Himalayan journey is i was not 100% fit cos of bike accident near my office 2 days before trek. I had cut on my right leg and ignored it. It was generating pain & puss since it was not cured properly. I was finding very difficult to walk, still i haven’t decided to drop out. Jo Kuch Aayega, Deka Jaayega i.e the feeling and confidence i took with me. In worst case also i don’t want to miss this Romantic Goecha La experience.

Jorethang: Jorethang (Nepali) is a major town in South Sikkim district in the Indian state of Sikkim. Jorethang lies on the Rangeet River, a tributary of the Teesta River, on the way to Pelling from Darjeeling, Siliguri and Kalimpong.

For more information on Jorethang, visit the link: Jorethang

Finally, reached Yuksum around 8:00 PM and shifted our luggage’s to HOTEL GOECHALA VALLEY. Had dinner at HIMSHA RESTAURANT & POOL HOUSE near HOTEL GOECHALA VALLEY.

BGBTD Dzongri & Goecha La Trek - 2016 27

Told Bye Bye for the day around 10:00 PM with exciting 1 week in store 🙂

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