October 22, 2021

Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017


It was year 2016 when i am peak in My Adventure activities and want to experience something Big in Indian Himalayas years to come. As usual contacted My good friend & mentor for Himalayan Treks Achintya Kundu. He suggested me to do Lamkhaga Pass in 2017 and told about Sonu Negi (Raacho Trekkers). I got contact details of Sonu Negi from Website & Facebook, inquired with him for Lamkhaga Pass in July 2016. He told me to do either Lamkhaga Pass or Parang La in September 2016 but i have gone through Blogs of Lamkhaga Pass and found it was good attempt during the month of May & June cos lot of Snow available and Weather will be nice for pass crossing too. Meanwhile Sonu ji haven’t got enough members for any planned treks and forced to cancel September 2016 plans so he advised me to join Lamkhaga Pass in May 2017 with him. This is how this trek happened to me! 🙂

Meanwhile I am 6 Himalayan Treks old before attempting Lamkhaga Pass in May 2017 (I have experienced as many as 6 Himalayan Journeys at Indian states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim & Leh Ladakh).

About Lamkhaga Pass: Lamkhaga Pass (5282 mts/17329 ft) is one of the toughest pass which connects Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh with Uttarakashi District of Uttrakhand. Lamkhaga Pass trek starts from India’s last village from Tibet side – Chitkul in Himachal, though it can be done from Harsil side also. This trek is a fairly remote trek, which was first crossed by Greek-British author and mountaineer Marco Alexander Pallis in 1933.

Altitude details of Lamkhaga Pass:

  1. Lamkhaga Pass                           5282 Mtr (17329 ft)

Breathtaking view of Lamkhaga Pass Crossing from Kinnaur side

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017 Lamkhaga Pass

Trekking group:  Raacho Trekkers – Website link: www.raachotrekkers.com

Event date: 20th May 2017 to 27th May 2017

Team size: 10 Energetic Trekkers

Trek distance: Around 85 to 90 Kms. from Chitkul (Himachal Pradesh) to Harshil (Uttarakhand).

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017 TEAM

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017 TEAM

Team RAACHO TREKKERS –  Sonu, Happy & Rajeev

Real Heroes of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017 were Sonu Negi, Happy Negi & Rajeev Negi who led our team to Successful Lamkhaga Pass Expedition. All belongs to Charang of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh. One of the coolest men i have seen in my 7 Himalayan Treks of Indian Himalayas. 8 days of Epic Journey with them from Chitkul (Himachal Pradesh) to Harsil (Uttarakhand) will be remembered years to come! They have given many memorable treks to lot of Adventure souls over the years. Feel proud to trek with them!

The way Sonu ji leads entire team and crew from the front is example. Very caring & friendly in nature. Always there for any help in the mountains. It was pleasure to trek with such inspiring people in the mountains!!!

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017 Team RAACHO TREKKERS

14 Porters from Nepal

We were accompanied by 14 Porters throughout the Expedition during Epic Journey from Chitkul to Harsil. All belongs to Nepal. They are Heart, Soul & Lifeline of our trek cos they carry all camping stuff throughout the journey which weighs more than 15 to 20 Kgs.

Hats off to them! Trek without them is incomplete. Real Heroes of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition indeed!!!

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017 14 Porters from Nepal

Nepali Cook – Lokesh Thapa

Thanks to cook Lokesh Thapa from Nepal for Yummy and Hygienic food during the trek. Food during Lamkhaga Pass Expedition will be remembered years to come.

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017 Cook

Farewell Group Photo at Gangnani before leaving to Harsil Village

BGBTD Lamkhaga Pass Expedition - 2017 Farewell Group Photo

Expedition Itinerary: Please find Expedition itinerary for Lamkhaga Pass Expedition prepared by Raacho Trekkers below:

Day 0: Reach Base Camp Chitkul by road from Shimla
Trek Starts :-
Day 1: Chitkul (3435 meter) to Nagasthi – Rani Kanda (3700 meter) ?10 km 5 hr trek .
Day 2: Rani Kanda to Dumti (4050 meter) – 9 km/5 hr trek.
Day 3: Dumti to Gundar (4450 meter) – 15km/7 hr trek
Day 4: Gundar (4400 mts) to Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp (4400 meter)
Day 5: Lamkhaga Pass BC to Base Camp 2 (Kinnaur)
Day 6: Lamkhaga Pass BC(Kinnaur) to Lamkhaga Pass BC (Gangotri Side) via Lamkhaga Pass (5282 mts/17320 ft) / 14432 ft) 11 km/6 – 7 hr trek
Day 7: Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp to Kyarkoti (3820 meter) – 16 km/7 – 8 hr trek
Day 8: Kyarkoti to Harsil (2400 meter) – 14 km/6-7 hr trek

For more information on Lamkhaga Pass Expedition organised by Raacho Trekkers, visit this link: www.raachotrekkers.com

Travel Plan:

Below travel plan was planned by me to reach Expedition start point Chitkul:

May 17th: Reach Delhi by morning flight and catch 8:30 PM HRTC Bus to Shimla from Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus Stand and reach Shimla Bus Stand on 18th May early mornings.
May 18th: Catch early morning HRTC Bus from Shimla to Sangla from Sangla Bus stand and reach Sangla by evening. Explore Sangla in the evenings.
May 19th: Explore Sangla in the morning and tale HRTC Bus to Chitkul which is just under 30 Kms. from Sangla. Reach Chitkul and explore the place.
May 28th: As informed by Sonu Negi Kept 2 Buffer days before heading to Haridwar from Harsil Village so leave from Harsil to Haridwar on 28th May 2017 mornings.
May 29th & 30th: Explore Haridwar whole day and take Night train to Delhi from Haridwar. Reach Delhi on 30th May 2017 mornings and catch Bangalore flight by Noon.

Journey started at Namma Bengaluru followed by Epic HRTC Bus Drive from Shimla to Sangla, Exploratin of Sangla & Chitkul is Unforgettable one. Epic journey from Chitkul to Harsil is Unforgettable & Memorable one which will be remembered years to come. Camping in Beautiful & Magnificent camp-sites like Rani Kanda, Dumti, Gundar, Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate, Upper Kyarkoti & Gangnani Camp-sites were experience of life time with 9 Adventurous souls, 3 Skilled Guides, 1 cook & 14 Porters. Baspa & Nakdum River crossing were craziest one. Interacting with ITBP Men on Indo-Tibet Border from Kinnaur side post Chitkul for 3 days is lovely experience indeed! Epic Lamkhaga Pass crossing on Day 5 & Journey from Jalandhari Gad Valley till Harsil Valley is one of the Best experience from my 7 Himalayan Journeys. Walking on Snowfields & Snow-slopes of Baspa & Jalandhari Gad Valley is experience of Lifetime indeed! Weather was Awesome throughout the journey with clear sky, it made we can complete this Expedition 2 days prior without any hassle. Arguably, The Best Himalayan experience of my life and will be remembered forever as one more special Himalayan Journey of my life .

I have decided to have 6 write-ups for Lamkhaga Pass Expedition – 2017. Complete Himalayan Trek in one page so it will be useful for many people to plan their itinerary, detailed write-up on day-wise experiences and 4 more write-ups from the journey. Please find blog links below:

Lamkhaga Pass – A Himalayan Odyssey from Chitkul to Harsil

Please click on below links for day wise experience of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition:

Journey to Chitkul via Shimla & Sangla
Day 1: Trek from Chitkul to Rani Kanda via Nagasti ITBP Check-post
Day 2: Trek from Rani Kanda to Dumti
Day 3: Trek from Dumti to Gundar via Nitthal Thach ITBP Camp
Day 4: Trek from Gundar to Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate Camp-site
Day 5: Trek from Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate Camp-site to Upper Kyarkoti via Lamkhaga Pass (5282 Mtr)
Day 6: Trek from Upper Kyarkoti to Gangnani
Day 7: Trek from Gangnani to Harsil & Visit to Gangotri Dham
Return Journey from Harsil to Namma Bengaluru

Please click on below links for articles on Himalayan Towns of Sangal & Chitkul:

Jalandhari Gad Valley – A Heaven in the lap of Himalayas!
Baspa Valley – A Kinnauri Pride in the lap of Himalayas!
Sangla – A Buddhist Town in the lap of Himalayas!
Chitkul – India’s last village from Tibet side!

Note: Lamkhaga Pass is Off-beat & One of the remote passes of Jalandhari Gad Valley of Uttarakashi District, Uttarakhand. It can be attempted either from Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand side.

  • From Uttarakhand side, this Expedition can start or end at Harsil Village.
  • From Himachal Pradesh side, this Expedition can start or end at Chitkul Village.

This Expedition was hardly attempted by 10 to 20 people every year. It is Moderate to Strenuous in-terms of trek distance & time we need to spend during the Expedition.

This Lamkhaga Pass Expedition is all about experiences:

  1. Superb Team of 10 Trekkers.
  2. Awesome 14 Porters from Nepal.
  3. Skilled & very friendly 3 Negi’s of Kinnaur –  Sonu, Happy & Rajeev.
  4. A great cook Lokesh Thapa from Nepal who made Hygienic & Delicious food for us at High Altitude camp-sites.

Highlights from Lamkhaga Pass Expedition:

  1. Epic Bus journey on HRTC from Shimla to Sangla.
  2. Well Spent evenings with Kids of Sangla & Chitkul.
  3. Exploration of Beautiful Kamru Village (Kamru Temple & Fort), Bering Nag Temple & Sangla Buddhist Monastery of Sangla Valley.
  4. Beautiful Baspa Valley with Evergreen Baspa River.
  5. Camping experience in Extremely Scenic Rani Kanda, Dumti, Gundar, Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate, Upper Kyarkoti & Gangnani Camp-sites.
  6. Rani Kanda, Dumti & Nitthal Thach ITBP Camps and Nagasti ITBP Check-post.
  7. Interacting with ITBP Men on Indo-Tibet Border from Kinnaur side post Chitkul (The Last village of India).
  8. Legendary Karu Devta Temple of Dumti Meadows.
  9. Experience of trekking on Huge snowfields & Magnificent Snow-slopes (Either side of Lamkhaga Pass).
  10. Baspa & NaKdum River crossing along with Stream & Glacier crossings.
  11. Hailstorm & Snowfall experience on 2nd, 3rd & 5th day of the Expedition.
  12. Huge Snow-sliding experiences from Uttarakhand side post crossing Lamkhaga Pass – As many as 4 Snow-slides – 4th one is longest….:)
  13. Ridge walk while getting down to Upper Kyarkoti Camp-site.
  14. Jaw-dropping Jalandhari Gad Valley of Govind Pashu National Park, Uttarakhand with Bhojpatra Trees, View of Chottkhaga Pass, Temporary Mountain Lakes & Many more….
  15. Beautiful Harsil village of Uttarakhand near Uttarakashi.
  16. Experience of witnessing Horses, Cows, Donkeys, Monkeys, Eagles & many more throughout the Expedition.
  17. Classic Himalayan Landscapes.
  18. Awesome weather throughout the journey with clear sky during 7 days of trek.
  19. Visit to Gangotri Dham post Expedition and witnessing Ganga Aarati at 7:45 PM.


  • My 7th Himalayan Trek and 1st of its kindcos it was My 1st Inter-state Himalayan Trek. Thanks to Achintya Kundu for suggesting me this journey from Chitkul to Harsil. Lamkhaga Pass is one of the Off-beat Himalayan Treks of Indian Himalayas. Your guidance always helping me to make my journeys successful one 🙂
  • My first Himalayan Trek with RAACHO TREKKERS is Unforgettable & Successful one. Thanks to Amazing Crew!!!
  • Big thanks to founder of RAACHO TREKKERS Sonu Negi for his guidance in planning whole Lamkhaga Pass Expedition, Presence during the Expedition and guiding all of us to Successful Expedition.
  • Thanks to cook Lokesh Thapa from Nepal for yummy and hygienic food during the trek. Food during Lamkhaga Pass Expedition will be remembered years to come.
  • Big Thanks to other trek crews including local Kinnauri Guide’s Happy Negi & Rajeevi Negi. Both of them are gem of personalities. We never felt, we did trek with strangers for during 8 days journey from Chitkul to Harsil. After the Expedition, we all become good friends of these 2 guys from Kinnaur. Thanks for being supportive, informative and friendly throughout the trek. Amazing people from the  mountains!!!
  • Thanks to friendly 9 Energetic Trekkers from different part of the country for making this event unforgettable one and will remain in our memories as one of the best treks of our lives. All of them are Gem of this trek and made this journey beautiful one!!!
  • We were accompanied by 14 Porters throughout the trek during Epic Journey from Chitkul to Harsil. All belongs to Nepal. They are Heart, Soul & Lifeline of our trek cos they carry all camping stuff throughout the Journey which weighs more than 15 to 20 Kgs. Hats off to them! Trek without them is incomplete. Real Heroes of Lamkhaga Pass Expedition indeed!!!

Final Conclusion: Lamkhaga Pass Expedition is for experienced trekkers. Please beginners or 1st timer to Himalayas stay away from this Strenuous trek from Chitkul to Harsil. Get some experience in trekking before attempting Lamkhaga Pass.

Strongly recommended Himalayan Trek who loves Indian Himalayas!!!

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