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Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta


Trekking group: Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) –  Website link: www.bangaloreascenders.org

Event date: 8th & 9th June 2013

Team size: 22 ASCENDers

Trek distance: Around 37 Kms. in 2 days.

  • First day: Talacauvery –> Nishani betta –>Camping site –> Around 15 Kms.
  • Second day: Camping site to Kerala border via Kurudi –> Around 22 Kms.

Note: This is our actual plan of the trek. Due to bad weather conditions we cancelled second day plans and via jeep trail reached back to main road.

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult since we are trekking in monsoon

Nearest town is Bhagamandala (Around 8 Kms. from Talacauvery)

Distance from Bangalore: Around 287 kms.

How to reach the place: Reach Bhagamandala first then move towards Talacauvery which is around 8 Kms. from Bhagamandala town. Near by Talacauvery arch is starting point of the trek.

Best time to trek: December to May

Trekking in monsoon is always difficult and challenging one. Leeches, Heavy rain, Extreme wind on top of the Hill, Misty weather, etc… will give special experience. I wanted to experience it so once I saw the event registration page in BASC website I registered for the event.

Trekking experience:

Event organizer Niranjan along with 20 members of BASC started from common assembling point “Shantala silk house (Majestic)” around 10:50 PM on mini bus. They picked me at R.V.College of Engg and started our journey towards Coorg. Our destination is Bhagamandala.

All of us know it will rain heavily since it is monsoon season and place which we decided to trek also famous for its heavy rain during the monsoon & Greenery surrounding the place. We all prepared very well to face any challenges during the trek. I have done enough preparation as per my capabilities and kept my luggage as minimal as possible so my trekking in monsoon goes smoothly.

Day 1: 8th June 2013 (Saturday)

Day in brief:

Reached Bhagamandala around 5:30 AM in the early morning. After freshen up, waited for another 1 & half hours for hotels at town to get open. Had our breakfast (Menu is Idly & vada) at Kaveri darshini hotel in front of Sri Bhagandeshwara temple and packed our lunch (Pulav) for afternoon.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 1
Sri Bhagandeshwara temple

Forest office will open at 9:00 AM so still 1 hr is there therefore Niranjan decided to have self-introduction part to kill the time. Meanwhile all of us geared up to face leech bites and finished self intro session around 9:00 AM. By the time self-intro finished, our guide Jayaprakash came.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 2
Self intro session on the streets of Bhagamandala

After all the formalities of forest dept. permission, we all started towards Talacauvery in mini bus which is our starting point of the trek around 9:30 AM.

Note: Main intention of this trek to enjoy every bit of monsoon rather than breath-taking views.

Mist is surrounded all over and we couldn’t see anything. Looking at weather, it is clear that it was not right time for the trek plus leeches are waiting to suck our blood.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 3
Starting point of the trek

Started trek to Nishani betta around 10:00 AM and it was joy of walk. Forest is full of leeches and trying to escape leech bite is always most funniest part of monsoon trek.

Blood donation is in full swing!!!.Everyone donating blood to leeches 🙂 .

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 4
A walk on misty weather

It was raining very badly in the valley and we couldn’t see anything since Mist is covered all over.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 5
Into the forest

On the way we found stream. It was already 1:00 PM so decided to have lunch at stream. Niranjan gave us half an hour time to finish our lunch. All of us had lunch and continued our trek around 1:45 PM.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 6
Group photo in misty weather

It was leeches more worrying factor for all us rather than rain. Countless leeches, few girls were more concerned about leech bite…:)

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 7
@Nishani betta around 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoon. Wow!!! simply loved the weather 🙂

I haven’t gone through any blogs about Nishani betta before so I can’t write much about this place. At 4:00 PM, we all reached flag point which is nothing but Nishani betta summit.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 8
Memorable ascent on Nishani betta in misty weather

Extreme wind is pushing all of us and heavy rain on top of the hill made weather more pleasant. I felt it is one of best moments of my life :). Loved the weather!!! that’s why I always tell “Trekking is an experience” and one should be ready to face any challenges during the trek.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 9
Extreme wind + heavy rain made weather very pleasant…:)

Relaxed for half an hour and started to descend towards camping site around 4:30 PM. Reached camping site around 5:15 – 5:30 PM which is around 2 kms. It was raining badly and once after reaching camping site all of us felt we all achieved something BIG in our life.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 10
Camping site (Photo Courtesy: Krutika Suchak)

After freshen up, we all relaxed at camping site and few of them played Mafia game also. Meanwhile Niranjan, Ram and Govind busy in preparing dinner for all of us. They prepared Tomato rice for dinner. Around 8:30 PM, had dinner and slept at 9:30 PM.

Our team is in BIG number and space is also less. Any how all of us managed to find place and slept… :P.

Meanwhile all of us decided to cancel our second day plans as per our guide Jayaprakash suggestion and planned to return Bangalore by Sunday night. Our plan for Sunday is to trek till Kerala border via Kurudi from camping site (Around 22 kms. of trek).

Reason behind cancellation of second day plans:

  • Heavy rain
  • Need to cross 3 rivers which is very difficult in this monsoon.
  • Dense forest: We can expect there will be countless leeches.

Day 2: 9th June 2013 (Sunday)

Day in brief:

All of us wake up around 6:00 AM and few of them slept till 8:00 AM. After freshen up, everyone shared whatever they brought for breakfast. Niranjan & co. prepared yummy Maggie for all of us..:).
Had our breakfast and started towards main road to catch mini bus around 9:30 AM from camping site.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 11
All of us pointing at something…:)

It was jeep trail and 6 kms. of walk took us to main road. Took plenty of photos while coming back to main road.

BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 12
While returning to base resting under the roof of village house to skip from rain..:p Photo Courtesy: Krutika Suchak
BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 13
Group photo on the way back(Photo Courtesy: Krutika Suchak)
BGBTD Monsoon trek to Nishani Betta 14
Relaxing under the tree at school ground

Around 11:30 AM, started back to Bangalore. On the way, had lunch at Madikeri in hotel Neel sagar. Around 2:30 PM, stared from Madikeri and reached Bangalore around 9:00 PM then all of us departed to our places.


Yes, we couldn’t get breathtaking views due to heavy rain on Saturday but enjoyed every bit of monsoon trek. Leeches, heavy rain, extreme wind on top of Nishani betta & Mist surrounding the valley made this trek memorable one. Really loved the monsoon trek at extremely difficult conditions. Around 21 kms. of trek done in 2 days.

Finally, i want to thank Niranjan Kumar for organizing the event and also appreciate his effort to take 21 participants for trek in extremely difficult conditions. Hats off to him…:)

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  1. This was my very first Trek in Karnataka.  Leeches dont bother me anymore anywhere in my next Treks, I have seen the worst.

    1. Hey this blog was old one. I did Nishani Motte trek 2 years back. Haven’t wrote blog on this years trek since i had same experience second time also. Good to see u are now used with leech bites…Happy trekking!!!

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