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Nagala west – Swimmers Paradise


Trekking group: Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) – Website link:

Event date: 27th & 28th April 2013

Team size: 22 ASCENDers

Trek distance: Around 16 Kms. from both ways.

Difficulty level: Easy

Nearest town is Pichatur (Andra Pradesh)

Distance from various cities:

  • From Bangalore – 269 Kms.
  • From Chennai – 82 Kms.
  • From Tirupathi – 55 Kms.

How to reach the place: First reach Pichatur. From Pichatur bus stand go straight take right diversion towards Aare village which is around 5 Kms. Once again take right diversion after reaching the Aare village. Another 2 to 3 Kms. will take us to starting point of the trek (Nagala west dam).

Trekking experience:

Nagala west: I heard about this place from many of my friends, last weekend of April 2013 i experienced it. Amazing landscapes, 16 Kms. of trek, Crystal clear 3 water pools – This place is having everything for perfect and memorable weekend.

BASC 4th Birthday celebration event:

BASC decided to celebrate April month in special way since BASC turned 4th on 17th April 2013. They celebrated 4th year by organizing cycling event just one week back. I also attended the event and did around 110 Kms. of cycling over last weekend. But i am not sure what’s in store for me next weekend. Suddenly saw event registration mail came from Sathish on Tuesday regarding the new event which is also related to Birthday celebration. This time they decided to enjoy weekend in Nagala west which is very famous for crystal clear water pools. Heard about this place from many of my trekking friends, so decided to experience it. Meanwhile I am bit low on confidence to get into water so not sure whether i should register for the event or not. Finally, I made up mind and registered for the event.

Day 1: 27th April 2013 (Saturday)

Day in brief:

As usual we all started from common assembling point of BASC “Shantala silk house” near Majestic at 10:00 PM on 26th of April. After little delay, we all started from Shantala silk house around 10:45 PM and reached Pichatur by early morning at 5:00 AM. It was nearly five and half hours of travel from Bangalore to Pichatur. Since we had lot of time, all of us waited for hotels in Pichatur to get open so we can finish our breakfast and proceed towards starting point of the trek. There were lot of confusion regarding starting point of the trek(Nagala west dam), whether we need to take right or left. Finally, Sathish cleared all doubts by calling Arun Karthik in the early morning.

All of us freshen up and had our breakfast(Menu is Idly and Vada) at small hotel near Pichatur bus stand. Started towards starting point of the trek at 8:15 AM. We all reached Aare village on TT which is around 5 Kms. from Pichatur then took right, another 3 Kms. of travel took us to starting point of the trek. Reached starting point of the trek around 8:45 PM.

BGBTD Nagala west 1
Starting point of the trek (Nagala west dam)

Started our trek around 9:00 PM. At one moment, I felt i was in different world by looking at those beautiful hills. I was very busy in capturing snaps from my Sony camera. Why not? i am in such a beautiful place and if i won’t return with photos it is completely waste of money and time by attending the event…:)

BGBTD Nagala west 2
Amazing view of Nagalapuram range of hills – PIC #1
BGBTD Nagala west 3
Amazing view of Nagalapuram range of hills – PIC #2
BGBTD Nagala west 4
A huge lake at base of the hill

On the way, we all went on wrong trail and started to ascend. Some local-ides are roaming inside the forest told us we choose wrong trail so we went back to mysterious place where anyone will get confusion to choose right direction. Reason behind this is you will get 3 different trails(left, center and right). We choose left trail which is right one. While moving, we will get stream and followed trail which is just beside the stream took us to first pool.

BGBTD Nagala west 5
Crossing through dense forest
BGBTD Nagala west 6
Stream found on the way

It was nearly 5 Kms. of trek and around 2 hours took us to reach first pool. We need to cross through dense forest and streams. It was an nice experience…:)

Reached first pool around 11:00 AM. All of us got into water and enjoyed for 1 hour.

BGBTD Nagala west 7
First pool
BGBTD Nagala west 8
Team enjoying at first pool

Started from first pool around 12:15 PM. It was another 1 and half Kms. of trek which took us to second pool.

BGBTD Nagala west 9
The small rock climbs that we did very often (This is between first & second pool).

Reached second pool around 12:45 PM. It was already afternoon and its lunch time. Ram and Karthik prepared delicious lunch(Menu is Puliogare and Chitranna), meanwhile others including me enjoying every bit of water. Took plenty of memorable pics…:)

BGBTD Nagala west 10
Second pool
BGBTD Nagala west 11
Fun at second pool…:)

Had lunch and started towards third pool around 2:45 PM. Reached third pool by 3:15 PM (another 1.5 Kms. of trek).

BGBTD Nagala west 12
Third pool

All of them got into water expect me, Shabbir, Sridevi and Saritha. Few of them enjoyed a lot in third pool. Third pool is almost 30 feet deep and one should have tube or wear life jacket if he/she is a non swimmer. Meanwhile I am busy in clicking photos…:).

BGBTD Nagala west 13
Third pool is the best one and deepest too!

Sathish and Karthik jumped from almost 25 feet. Few of them also enjoyed diving from reasonable height.

BGBTD Nagala west 14
What a jump – Enjoyment at its best!


Till 5:00 PM, we were all enjoyed in third pool. Few of them suggested us to climb another 1 Kms. which will take us to small falls and there we can find open space for camping.

But few people have heavy luggage’s and it was steeper to climb this stage(Dangerous one also) so we all decided to camp at surroundings of third pool.

Once again Ram & company started cooking for dinner. This time menu is Rice and Sambar. All of us helped them as per our capabilities. Since there is lot of time left for dinner we all decided to play games. All of us played 2 games and enjoyed it.

  • Played Antakshari such way one team was supposed to sing and other team was supposed to dance to the song.
  • Dumb charades.
BGBTD Nagala west 15
Its Govind’s turn – Fun at its best!

All of us tired and feeling sleepy after great day at pool. Had our dinner and slept around 9:30 PM.

Day 2: 28th April 2013 (Sunday)

Day in brief:

We all wake up around 6:00 AM on Sunday and freshen up. Meanwhile preparation for breakfast is in full swing. Menu is Bisibele bath.

BGBTD Nagala west 16
Niranjan busy in cutting onions & potatoes for breakfast
BGBTD Nagala west 17
Govind, Karthik & Ranganath – All set for cooking ???!

Sathish brought few soup packets. Had soup as starter before Bisibele bath. Once again all of us got down into third pool including myself and others who were not enjoyed last evening. Spent enough time in the pool. Had our breakfast and started to descend at 12:00 PM. We all reached first pool within 30 minutes and decided to spent time here till evening.

BGBTD Nagala west 18
Descending is quite easy…

Sathish decided to have brief self-introduction from everyone. Some self-introductions went for half an hour. Teasing, pulling legs, raging, questions & everything is there in self introduction. It was one of longest self-introduction part I have seen in my all treks till date..:P. It was 3:00 PM and all of us hungry. Most of them brought Maggie packets so prepared Maggie and completed our lunch.

BGBTD Nagala west 19
Maggie packets – All set for lunch!

Self-introduction is continued till 5:45 PM. Still few of them not finished their intro. It was already dark and we need to reach starting point of the trek before it becomes more dark. Started back at 6:00 PM from first pool and reached the place where we started our trek around 7:30 PM.

Self-introduction which was started in first pool is continued after reaching the starting point of the trek.

Most interesting part of the trek is we met one of most inspirational person. We can call him Trekking Legend – Govind Gorur. He explained us about mishaps, experiences he had during his Himalayan expedition. All of us very curious to listen everything explained by him. It was almost went for 2 and half hours. Wow!!! Hats off to this guy, he is such an inspiration.

We all started back to Bangalore around 9:30 PM. On the way, stopped at Pichatur bus stand and had snacks, drinking water to fill our hunger. Decided to have dinner at dhaba near Chittur. Had dinner in dhaba and left for Bangalore around 12:00 AM.

Reached Bangalore by 6:00 AM in the morning and departed to our houses.


  • A memorable weekend with BASC. It had everything starting with trek, beautiful landscapes, dense forest, lovely water streams, 3 crystal clear water pools with back drop of water falls and last but not least fun…:)
  • Thanks to Sathish R for organizing such a wonderful outing to Nagala west.
  • Thanks to Sathish, Ramkumar, Niranjan, Ranganath, Karthik and Govind for preparing Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for all of us.
  • Thanks to Govind Gorur for sharing his trekking experience with us.

I will definitely visit this place again, that time i will learn swimming then visit the place. I had been to so many treks before this, but i felt this one is best till date…:).

Strongly recommended!!!

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