December 2, 2020

Narasimha Parvata Trek


Adventure group: Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) – Website link:

Event date: 29th & 30th December 2012

Team size: 13 ASCENDers (5 Organizers, 4 first timers for BASC)

Team members:

  1. Pratap Sikdar(Organizer)
  2. Jinu John
  3. Girish NL
  4. Girish Motwani
  5. Vani Maradi
  6. Sharath Vishnu
  7. Sree Sudhir
  8. Dr. Pradeep Kumar
  9. Sreekar Muralidhar
  10. Kotresh PT
  11. Prabhakar Chowdary
  12. Debashih Pradhan
  13. Gautham Baliga

Trek distance: Around 28 – 29 Kms.

For Narasimha Parvata:

  • Dodda Mane(Agumbe) to Malandur – 6 Kms. (In TT)
  • Malandur to Barkana falls – 7 Kms.
  • Barkana falls to Narasimha Parvata peak – 5 Kms.


  • Narasimha Parvata to Kigga – 5 Kms.

Trek Distance for the day: Around 17 Kms. of trek

For Kote Gudda(Manipura Kote or Babruvahan Fort):

  • Magebailu village to Kote Gudda – 4.5 Kms.


  • Kote Gudda to Magebailu village to Magebailu falls – (4.5 + 1.5 =6 Kms.)
    Magebailu falls to Magebailu village – 1.5 Kms.

Trek Distance for the day: Around 12 Kms. of trek

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Nearest town from Agumbe side(Dodda Mane) – Thirthahalli around 32 Kms.

Nearest town from Kigga side – Sringeri around 10 Kms.

Trekking experience:

A trek with experienced trekkers, few first timers to BASC and beautiful landslcapes of Agumbe, Kudremukha National Park – Narasimha Parvata trek has been most memorable one for me. These are the multiple experiences i had during my visit to Narasimha Parvata trek with BASC.

During this trek, we have covered Barkana falls, Narasimha Parvata, Sri Rishyasringa temple, Kote Gudda (Manipura Kote or Babruvahan fort), Magebailu falls and Sringeri temple.

28th December 2012:

With 13 ASCENDers from BASC, we all started our journey to Agumbe from Shantala silk house – Majestic (common assembling point of BASC) around 10:30 PM. Around 12:15 AM our TT (vehicle) had breakdown and it was not starting again. TT driver and we all tried to get everything back on track till 1:00 AM. No luck(might be engine problem)…:(:(. Then TT driver called his manager and arranged another one which came to our place at 3:00 AM (we all spent these 2 hours by sharing our past trekking experiences to each other). Shifted our luggage and started towards Dodda Mane around 3:20 AM. According to our plan, we should have reached Dodda Mane in Agumbe (It comes under Shimoga District) around 7:00 AM since we had TT breakdown, reached Dodda Mane around 9:45 AM.

Day 1: 29th December 2012 (Saturday)

Day in brief:

After morning activities, had breakfast and packed our lunch. Met the guide Venkatesh and started towards Narasimha Parvata in TT around 10:45 AM from Dodda Mane.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 1
Famous Dodda Mane

First we reached to Malandur (From where we will start our trek) and started our trek around 11:00 AM. As mentioned in the event registration page, this trek is moderate to difficult one. While ascending, we all passed through dense forest and reached the Barkana falls (It comes in border of Udupi district as per our guide’s information) around 1:15 PM. As usual we had couple of breaks in between. As per Jinu’s GPS machine, we have done 7- 7.5 Kms. trek till Barkana falls.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 2
Dense forest at initial stages of the trek
BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 3
First break of the trek with group photo inside dense forest

Explored the falls and took some snaps. Enjoyed the beauty of nature from Barkana falls. It was breathtaking!!!

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 4
Breathtaking view of Western ghats from Barkana falls
BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 5
A stream around Barkana falls

All of us hungry and eager to have our lunch. Done with lunch and took some rest. Started towards Narasimha Parvata from Barkana falls around 2:20 PM. Once again we need to go through dense forest which is full of trees and also steep ascent starts from here.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 6
Dense forest with full of trees
BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 7
Steep ascent inside dense forest

Climbing this phase was more difficult since not only dense forest also it was very difficult to find trails. You might lose your way very easily in this phase of the trek. Thank God!!! We had good guide who guided us in right way without any delay. Once we crossed dense forest it was open space with breathtaking landscapes of Kudremukh.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 8
Awesome walk in open space….:)
BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 9
Relaxing after passing through dense forest and steep ascent

We all reached the Narasimha Parvata around 5:00 PM. All of us tired, took some rest and explored the peak.

Narasimha Parvata comes under Kudremukh National Park region so now we are in Chikmagalur district.

Note: In this trek, we will cover 3 Districts (Shimoga, Udupi and Chikmagalur).

Then comes sunset, view of the sunset from top of Narasimha Parvata is mesmerizing to our eyes. Simply Awesome!!!

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 10
Sunset at Narasimha Parvata

On top of the hill, we will get one small house. As per guide’s information, it was constructed around 13 years back from forest department. Over night stay has been done in this house.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 11
Small house at top of the Narasimha Parvata. Accomdation can be done here :p

Small house at top of the NP
At night, we brought water from well which is only half kilo meters from where we stayed. Also collected some woods and with the help of match box started cooking. Had our dinner and slept around 9:00 PM.

Day 2: 30th December 2012 (Sunday)

Day in brief:

We all wake up around 5:30 AM and waiting to capture sunrise. Some guys in the group told us it was rained midnight around 12:30-1:00 AM. Sadly clouds were covered and we couldn’t witness sunrise from Narasimha Parvata. Took some memorable clicks and group photos.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 12
Group photo at sunrise point around Narasimha Parvata

Thereafter we had our breakfast and tea was prepared by Jinu and Co…:). Few of them brought ready made Chapaati’s and Biscuits…

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 13
Final group photo before leaving the Narasimha Parvata

Started towards Kigga at 9:00 AM and reached the base around 10:30 AM. It was around 5 Kms. of journey to the base. We will find clear trails to reach the base. Just we need to do is follow the trials.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 14
At Kigga, posing for the group photo….:)

Here we will find one temple named as Sri Rishyasringa temple. All of us hungry so we had snacks nearby temple. Till here guide Venkatesh was with us.

Then we all started towards Magebailu village which is around 5-6 Kms. Reached Magebailu village around 11:30 AM in TT. We hired one guide from here and our mission is to conquer Babruvahan fort or Manipura kote which was situated on top of the Kote Gudda. It was 4.5 Kms. of ascending through beautiful hills of Kudremukh National Park will accomplish our mission.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 15
Memorable trek at KNP – Pic #1
BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 16
Memorable trek at KNP – Pic #2

We started our journey to Kote Gudda around 12:00 AM and reached the top around 1:30 PM. Explored the Babruvahan fort and had our snacks.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 17
Memorable trek at KNP – Pic #3
BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 18
Manipura kote or Babruvahan fort

After relaxing for 45 minutes, started to descend around 2:20 PM and reached the Magebailu village around 3:30 PM.

Waited for other fellow ASCENDers to join who are all lagging behind. Around 3:45 PM, started towards Magebailu falls which is nearly 1 and half Kms.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 19Magebailu falls is unique in nature. It is located inside dense forest. After 15-20 minutes of walk, we all reached Magebailu falls around 4:00 – 4:10 PM. Took bath in falls, relaxed and took some snaps. Spent around 1 hour here.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 20
Beautiful Magebailu falls

Around 5:15 PM, we all started back to TT from falls. All of us packed our luggage and left for sirimane falls around 6:00 PM. Sadly falls is closed at 6:00 PM….:(

So we decided to drop this one from our tour plan and left to Sringeri temple for our dinner. Meanwhile on the way all of us visited Sri Rishyasringa Temple at Kigga and had darshana of swamy.

Sri Rishyasringa Temple: Kigga, also called Marukalu is situated on the Nandini, a tributary of the Tunga, is renowned for its Sringeshwara temple, which stands on the site where Rishyasringa was absorbed in the celestial light. The antiquity of the place is attested by inscriptions of the seventh century which refer to the deity here as Kilganeshwara or Kilganadeva or the lord of Kilga. The linga in the sanctum is shaped like a rudraksha bead, with a horn-like projection on top. Its left side is believed to represent Santa. There is a common belief that if the linga is properly worshipped, famine will be averted in the land to a distance of twelve yojanas all round. This reminds us of the story in Ramayana that Sage Rishyasringa’s advent removed the acute drought in Romapada’s capital.BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 21

The navaranga is approached by three entrances and has four sculptured pillars, in one of which the graceful contours of the charming poses of fair danseuses are so arranged as to present the shape of a palanquin supported by antelopes and supposed to represent the vehicle in which Rushyasringa was borne to King Romapada’s capital. Valamburi Ganesha and Mahishamardini adorn the shrines in the antarala ardha mandapa. The Rathotsavam will be conducted in Chaitra masa. (source:

Time was already 7:00 PM and some of them want to take snacks so we had Avalakki and Moseranna at one hotel in Kigga. Avalakki is Yummy!!!….I liked it very much…:). Thereafter we all left for Sringeri temple around 7:40 PM and reached temple at 8:00 PM.

BGBTD Narasimha Parvata Trek 22
Sringeri temple

Had darshana of sharadambe devi and prasadam. Left for Bangalore at 9:00 PM and reached Bangalore around 4:30 AM on Monday morning.

Contact Person and Guide details:

  1. Kasturi Shenoy(Kasturiakka): Kasturiakka is the main contact(Dodda Mane). She needs to be informed in advance.
    Kasturiakka can be reached at 08181233075. You can reach out to her son-in-law Ravianna @ 09448814187.
  2. Guide Name: Thimmappa  Contact No. 09483496142
  3. Guide Name: Venkatesh    Contact No. 09480329458/08277411618


  • Thanks to Kasturi Shenoy(Kasturiakka) for great hospitality during visit to Dodda Mane.
  • Special thanks to below guides of western ghats for guiding us in right direction throughout the trek.
    1) Venkatesh – Narasimha Parvata.
    2) Ganesh – Kote Gudda.
  • I want to thank Pratap Sikdar for giving me an opportunity to become part of this trek and also i want to thank other members who made this trek memorable for each and every one. It is one of the most memorable 2 day trek I had in my life. Looking forward for more treks like this with Pratap in the future.
  • Also my hearty thanks to BASC for sponsoring this trek.
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