January 23, 2022

Night Trek to Kabbaladurga


Trekking group: Planned by Sandeep Bharat

Event date: 30th April 2013

Team size: 9 members

Trek distance: Around 6 Kms (Up and Down)

  • Ascending: Hill base to top – 3 Kms.
  • Descending: Top to hill base – 3 Kms.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Nearest Town is Kanakapura

Distance from Bangalore: Around 77 Kms.

How to reach the place: Driving down from Bangalore on Kanakapura road will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the time of travel. Reach Kanakapura (50 Kms) then go straight on the main road it will take to place called Sathanur (a further 21 Kms). From Sathanur, a diversion to the right goes to Kabbala village(another 6 Kms).

About the place:

Kabbaladurga is another monolith near Bangalore located about 77 Kms away. The peak is home to the temple of goddess Kabbalamma and had derived its name from the temple. We can find ruins of a fort at the peak. It is green, rocky and serene making it an ideal weekend getaway. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking and perfect place for trekkers & climbing enthusiasts. The climb is as difficult as you want it to be. You may take the regular path or just dash up head-on.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 1

Day in brief:

It was my second visit to Kabbaladurga. This time i have decided to write a blog on this place. I had been to this place before, it was initially stages of trekking for me  in and around Bangalore – September 2012 with BMC (Bangalore Mountaineering Club).

It was 30th April 2013 evening, I was spending time with my niece at Sister’s house (Holiday for me) and got message from my good friend Sandeep Bharat mentioning “Night trek to Kabbaladurga tonight”. I little hesitated to tell YES because one reason is “I already had been to this place”, Second one is “I just returned from Nagala west trek with BASC and not took proper rest for last 2 days”. After little chat with Sandeep I told YES to him. He told me to join at assembling point(Gopalan Mall near Jayadeva Hospital on Bannerghatta Road) at 9:30 PM. I had my dinner around 8:30 PM and started from my house towards Gopalan Mall at 9:00 PM.

It was huge traffic jam at Bannerghatta road caused me little delay and reached the assembling point around 9:50 PM. Sandeep along with other 4 members already waiting for me. Once i joined them, we all together started towards Kabbaladurga around 10:00 PM.

With 4 bikes all of us moved towards Kanakapura road. Bike riding on Kanakapura road is very delightful – Fabulous road with lovely curves!!! It was an amazing experience..:). As usual, Sandeep already did all kind of research about how to reach the place? It came to help us.

It was already 12:15 AM when we reached Sathanur on Kanakapura road. As per information collected by Sandeep, we need to take right diversion at Sathanur which will take us to Kabbala village. But we all moved 2.5 Kms ahead and searching for right diversion.  At that time GPS came to our help and found that we are 2.5 Kms. ahead so decided to go back and take right direction to reach Kabbala village.

We found mentioned place at Sathanur town. It was in the middle of Sathanur town. We can see pillars on either side of road with Kabbala written on right one. This is where we need to take right diversion.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 2
Pillars on either side of road with Kabbala written on right one

Another 6 Kms. of travel will take us to base of the Kabbaladurga hill. At 1:00 AM, reached base of the hill and other 3 guys joined us. Now we are group of 9.

All of us started our trek to top of the hill at 1:15 AM. Due to darkness, we lost the trail and can’t go further up. Decided to relax here for half an hour and once again started to search new trail. Finally, Sandeep found clear trial which was difficult to climb. To climb this hill, 3 things are very essential – “Presence of mind, Concentration and Balance”.

Note: Weak hearten people don’t try to climb this hill.

Steep ascent at middle of climb without railings will make climb more adventuresome. All of us climbed very carefully and took necessary rest in between.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 3
Steps without railings will make climbing Adventuresome!

We will get sixty degree incline at 60% of climb but reaching the top will not be difficult if you keep right balance and presence of mind.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 4
Steps & Railings all over to make climb safest one

View from top is breathtaking as usual!  360 degree view is treat for our eyes…:)

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 5
Breathtaking view from the top…:)

Reached top around 3:30 AM, Relaxed here and few of them slept. Meanwhile Sandeep did little exploration around as usual. All of us slept for 1 and half hour. It is already 5:45 AM, all of us waiting to take glimpse of Sunrise from top of Kabbaladurga hill.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 6
View of sunrise from the top at early morning

Took plenty of photos here and explored top of the hill completely.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 7
Goddess Kabbalamma Temple
BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 8
Group photo at top before descending (Photo Courtesy : Gururaj B S)

Started to descend around 6:45 AM and reached base around 7:30 AM.

BGBTD Night trek to Kabbaladurga 9
With our vehicles before leaving to Bangalore…:) Photo Courtesy: Gururaj B S

Took more photos at base of the hill and started towards Bangalore around 7:45 AM. Reached my house around 10:30 AM and had fabulous driving experience on Kanakapura road.


For me, this event is unforgettable one since i had nearly 160 Kms. of bike ride on Tuesday night and Wednesday early morning.

Finally i want to thank Sandeep Bharat for calling me to this trek and also i want to thank other team members who made this night bike ride come trek more memorable for each and every one.

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