January 23, 2022

Night Trek to Muthurayana Betta


Trekking group: Planned by Sandeep Bharat

Event date: 5th April 2013

Team size: 13 members

Trek distance: Around 3 Kms. (Ascending and Descending will take around 1.5 Kms. respectively)

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance from Bangalore: Around 35 Kms.

How to reach the place: Go straight on Kanakapura road –> After 30 Kms. of drive on Kanakapura road, we will get Board (Ravgudlu) with Arch –> Take left turn –> Another 3 to 5 Kms. of drive will take us to Muthurayana Betta.

Day in brief:

It was Friday evening and my weekend plans are still not decided. I have registered for Channarayan Durga trek with BTC on Sunday, unfortunately due to some other commitments I backed out from the event. Meanwhile Saturday is off day for me so thinking about what shall I do in weekends. Around 7:56 PM, I was just checking on my phone for updates in social networks. I saw one message from my good friend Sandeep”Last minute plans for night trek to Muthurayana Betta. Any one in”. I made up my mind and called Sandeep. He told me to join other guys at assembling point (Gopalan Mall near Jayadeva Hospital on Bannerghatta Road) at 10:00 PM. I was there by 10:00 PM. By the time I reached there, already 4 of them waiting for us. Sandeep and Ashok came around 10:20 PM. Sandeep told me there will be 13 guys coming for the trek so we need to wait for another 6 to join us. After delay of 1 hour, 6 of them came on car around 11:30 -11:35 PM at assembling point.

It was raining and lightning all over. We could see there is lot in store for us next few hours. I didn’t bought raincoat and have to go bike ride on Kanakapura road. Finally, decided to take risk by riding bike on rainy night.

At 12:00 AM, We all started from assembling point with 2 cars and 2 bikes. We all moved towards Kanakapura road and after 45 minutes of travel reached Ravgudlu around 12:45 AM. Took left turn. On the way we have to cross through village. Sandeep did lot of research before start of trek so it came in handy for us to search our destination Muthurayana Betta. I, Ashok and Sandeep went ahead of 2 cars and found base of the Hill.

Around 1:00 AM, reached base of the hill and parked our vehicles. We can find small temple at the base. This is starting point of the trek.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 1
Temple surroundings at base of the hill – Pic #1
BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 2
Kundanjaneya temple at the base
BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 3
Temple surroundings at base of the hill – Pic #2

Started our trek to top of the Hill. Trails are clearly visible for our eyes. On the way to top, we have to cross steep ascent which was very easy to climb. Trekking to top was very easiest one and perfect destination for night trek.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 4
Steep ascent which was easy to climb

It took us 45 minutes to reach the top. We can see open ground on top, few boulders here and there. All of us did little exploration and introduced themselves.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 5
Boulders on top of the hill

Few of them brought sleeping bags so they took rest. I with other 6 guys decided to explore the top. In night, we have explored the complete hill. After few minutes of exploration we all slept around 3:00 AM and wake up at 6:00 AM.

It’s time to witness Sunrise… :). Valley is surrounded by range of hills. We could imagine how beautiful sunrise will be with backdrop of hills. In one words it was simply Awesome!!!

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 6
Sunrise from top of the hill

View from the top is mesmerizing!!! It was a treat for our eyes. All of us enjoying chilly morning at top.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 7
Beautiful view from top – Pic #1

Few of them did bouldering too in the morning and took nice snaps. Explored top of the hill around 1 hour and took plenty of photos.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 8
Beautiful view from top – Pic #2

Started descending at 7:00 AM and reached the base of the hill around 7:30 AM.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 9
Descending from top – Pic #1
BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 10
Descending from top – Pic #2

There was a small temple at the base as I mentioned earlier. Relaxed here for half an hour and took lovely group photos.

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 11
One of our trek mate descending near Kundanjaneya temple

Around 8:15 AM started back to Bengaluru. On the way, had our breakfast at Adigas hotel and departed to our houses. I reached my home around 11:00 AM.

When we enquired with few of villagers in the morning they told that we climbed Kundanjaneya Betta and not Muthurayana Betta :P. We can find another hill on right side that is actually Muthurayana Betta according to the villagers. All of us went to explore Muthurayana Betta, unfortunately climbed wrong hill. Anyhow all of us felt that we have climbed better hill because Muthurayan betta seems smaller comparing to Kundanjaneya Betta. At the end we enjoyed lot that mattes the most J

BGBTD Muthurayana Betta 12
This Betta was called Kundanjaneya Betta due to presence of Kundanjaneya Temple at the base


It was a nice experience for me. Apart from Sandeep and Vinuthna, i don’t know anyone in this group. As usual I made many new friends in this trek and enjoyed a lot.

Finally, I want to thank Sandeep Bharat for giving me opportunity to become part of this trek 🙂

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