May 9, 2021

Return Journey to Namma Bengaluru


After 7 days of unforgettable journey, it was time to return to Namma Bengaluru. Achintya already booked 2 cabs for return journey to Haridwar with help of guide on 5th day of trek. Most of us wanted to explore Haridwar since majority of people in the group were visiting Haridwar first time. I already visited and explored Haridwar in January 2015. Our return journey is memorable one with exploration of Haridwar and visit to Karim’s & Al-jawahar hotel famous for Non veg located near Jam Masjid in Delhi.

Return Journey in brief:

All of us woke-up early in the morning on Saturday 2nd January 2016. Plan was to start by 5:00 AM so we can reach Haridwar early in the evening and get enough time to explore the place.

Jhankar & Achintya at Birla House, Joshimath

2 cabs came at 5:15 AM and started our return journey around 5:30 AM to Haridwar. Had stops for breakfast and lunch en-route Haridwar. Finally, reached Hotel Ashoka around 3:15 PM in the evening. Shifted our luggages to hotel and freshen-up. Few people booked different hotel and rest including me settled at Hotel Ashoka.

Return Journey to Haridwar is quite one
Stop for lunch break around 1:00 PM
Breathtaking views at Byasi-Rishikesh stretch #1
Breathtaking views at Byasi-Rishikesh stretch #2

Myself & Achintya started towards Har Ki Pauri with hope of seeing Ganga Arati around 4:30 PM. We had Aloo Paratha for snacks in the evening nearby Hotel Ashoka. Started to walk towards Har Ki Pauri which is 2 and half Kms. from Hotel Ashoka. On the way had famous Gulaab Jaamun on the streets of Haridwar.

Famous Gulaab Jaamun of Haridwar

Continued our walk towards Har Ki Pauri, our trek-mates already reached Har Ki Pauri and missed Ganga Arati. Non of us able to attend Ganga Arati cos day is small and Ganga Arati was already done around 5:45 PM. When we reached Har Ki Pauri, it was 6:30 PM and thought Ganga Arati was scheduled for 6:30 PM. Bad luck 🙁

Roamed streets & Galli of Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar. Had famous Sweet milk at one of the stall.

Tasty Sweet Milk
3 of us tasting Sweet Milk

Done shopping for our near ones  & moved towards Hotel Ashoka. Rested for the day with train journey scheduled for 7:50 AM in the next morning.

It is 3rd January 2016 & last day of long journey for me. A winter trek with unforgettable experience will rest in history with last day. After freshen-up, started to Haridwar Railway station around 7: 15 AM and boarded 7:50 AM train on Uttaranchal Express with Train No. 19556/UTTARANCHAL EXP to Delhi. After little delay, all of us reached Delhi around 2:15 AM in the afternoon. Decided to visit Karim’s & Al-Jawahar hotel for Non veg located near Jama Masjid, Gali Kababian, Old Delhi, Delhi.

Food feast at Al-Jawahar

After reaching Al – Jawahar near Jama Masjid, we had Mutton Burra & Chicken Afgani as starter. Tasted Mutton Roganjosh, Mutton in white curry and Mutton Badami with Tandoori Roti. Keema Nun is must try at Al-Jawahar. For 4 people group, cost came Rs. 500 per head.

Food feast at Al-Jawahar 😛

Me and Achintya left early around 4:30 PM since our flight for Bengaluru was scheduled for 7:40 PM. Boarded Indigo flight (Flight No. 6E 107 & Seat No. 18E) around 8:00 PM after little delay and reached Namma Bengaluru at 10:15 PM. Departed to our places with unforgettable memories. With this 9 Days long journey comes to end 🙂

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