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Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar



Biking date: 8th April 2016

Motor bike: Honda CB Unicorn

An unplanned long weekend, Hot summer weather, Hunger to explore new places and 3 & half months without adventure made me to rethink what to do on Ugadi weekend. There are lot of places in my bucket list to explore around Namma Bengaluru, Kotilingeshwara Temple in Kolar is one of them. I was thinking about this place from long time. Finally, decided to explore Kotilingeshwara Temple by going Solo on long distance Motorbike ride.

Day in brief:

It was festival weekend and ugadi day (New year for Hindus). I woke-up around 4:00 AM as usual. Nowadays my day starts at 4: 00 AM for last 1 month due to office shifts. Freshen-up and opened door of my house, a summer surprise awaited for me. It was drizzling outside and not stopping too… I am in a dilemma to take a call on my days plan. Finally, decided to take risk with knowing it will not rain after K R Puram on Bengaluru-Tirupati Highway + it’s summer rain which will not last for Max. 2 hours. Started from my house exactly at 5:21 AM on my Honda Unicorn towards Kolar. It is still drizzling at 6:00 AM when I reached K R Puram. As expected rain stopped as I crossed K R Puram and continued my ride towards Kotilingeshwara Temple. Filled up Bike tank on the way. Stopped near Hoskote on Bengaluru-Tirupati Highway and clicked sunrise in my camera.

BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 1
Beautiful sunrise on Bengaluru-Tirupati Highway

Continued towards Kolar. After more enquires with localides about route to reach the temple, it was 8:10 AM when I reached Kotilingeshwara Temple with covering distance of 105 Kms.

Nearest town is Bangarapet (Kolar District)

Best time to visit: Any time of the year

Distance from different cities:

  • Bengaluru: Around 96 Kms. via NH4
  • Kolar: Around 30.9 Kms.  via SH 95 and SH5

How to reach the place:

  • By Bus: Take Benagluru to Bangarapet or KGF bus from Majestic to reach Kotilingeshwara Temple. From Bangarapet, temple was another 13.8 Kms. which can be reached on Auto.
  • By Bike/Car: Go straight on Bengaluru-Tirupati Highway and take big left deviation of 360 degree at huge circle near Kolar, reach Bangarapet than continue towards Kotilingeshwara Temple which is another 13.8 Kms.

Route direction: Bengaluru –> Hoskote –> Kolar –> Bangarapet –> Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar

Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar: Kotilingeshwara is the presiding deity of the temple of the same name in the village of Kammasandra in India. Kammasandra is a small village situated in Kolar district of Karnataka state. It is about five kilometers from Kolar Gold Fields and about 6 Kilometers from Aaladamara (Bharath Nagar) Bus stop, near BEML nagar. This place has the distinction of having one of the largest Shivalinga in the world. Over 2 Lakh (200,000) devotees visit the temple on Maha Shivratri every year.

For more information, visit the link: Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar

Photo Gallery of Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar

Temple is full of Shiva idols all over the premise. A must see temple in Kolar for Lord Shiva devotees! As usual took plenty of photos and felt blessed at temple. It’s worth visit and thought my day was not wasted by visiting Kotilingeshwara Temple on auspicious day for Hindus.

BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 2
Collage of Selfies clicked during Temple visit

Time was 9:30 AM, when my exploration of temple ended. Minimum of 1 hour is required to see full temple. If you are one of photography souls, it might take more time to explore.

I wasn’t took breakfast till 9:30 AM but made habit of sipping little bit of water every 1 hour since the day started on wheels and was not hungry to have breakfast since weather is Hot & Humid. I was feeling more thirsty then hungry to have breakfast so had 2 Tender coconut near entrance of Kotilingeshwar Temple after leaving temple premises around 9:45 AM.

I had lot of time in the day and weather also Hot & Humid. Had 2 minds whether to return Bengaluru immediately or explore one more place near Kolar. Googled about Kaiwara and it’s history already before the road trip. It is lovely place to explore near Bengaluru. Finally , made up mind to visit Kaiwara on the way back to Namma Bengaluru.

Paddy field en-route Kolar was very tempting and huge farm houses can be seen on both sides of road. Saw one huge Cabbage farm and decided to stop at farm.

A visit to Cabbage farm at Kolar

While riding back i saw huge Cabbage farm and decided to explore it. It was very Hot & Humid weather though my soul was telling me to explore the farm. After 200 meters of walk towards farm, I felt it’s worth exploration because farmers were cutting the fully grown Cabbages and packing of Cabbages is in full swing which will be delivered to Chennai market. 5 farmers along with owner of the farm was busy in preparing Cabbage bags which will be delivered to Chennai market. I interacted with them and clicked some beautiful photos & videos of the farm. They shared their experiences with me and in-return they gave me 2 Cabbages free. It was such lovely visit for me and will be remembered for life time!!!

Owner of the farm house told me they also grow all sorts of vegetables in the farm and sell it to Andra, Karnataka & Tamilnadu markets.

BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 3
Owner & farmers of Cabbage farm
Photo Gallery of Cabbge farm

It was 11:30 AM, when I left Cabbage farm and continued towards Kaiwara. Since it’s solo road trip, interacted with many localides to find shortest routes to Kaiwara. People are very kind and helped me to find shortest possible route to Kaiwara. Reached Kaiwara around 1:00 PM.

BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 4
A pit-stop near Kailasagiri, Kaiwara
BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 5
Lovely Landscapes near Kaiwara – Pic#1
BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 6
Lovely Landscapes near Kaiwara – Pic#2
BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 7
My Bike Honda Unicorn near Kaiwara – Backdrop is Kailasagiri
BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 8
Lovely Landscapes near Kaiwara – Pic#3

Weather is not at all favouring to explore the Kaiwara with scorching Sun & Humid weather. Decided to explore the place on another day with early start from Bengaluru cos there were 5 to 6 places in Kaiwara to explore.

BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 9
Selfie at Kaiwara

Left the place around 1:45 PM to my sister’s house at Banaswadi. Took Chintamani-Hoskote road to reach Namma Bengaluru and reached my sister’s place around 3:00 PM. With this my first solo road trip around Namma Bengaluru comes to end. Many more to go!!!

BGBTD SRTtoKotilingeshwara 10
Selfie on Chintamani-Hoskote Road

Total distance covered during Solo Road Trip: Around 264 Kms.

Biking route: From my place, I took following route to explore Kolar district: Avalahalli Bus Stop, Girinagar –> Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple –> Kolar –> Kaiwara –> Hosakote –> Banasavadi –> Avalahalli Bus Stop, Girinagar

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