October 22, 2021

Day 7: Trek from Bidaka to Sankri via Taluka


Trek date during Har Ki Dun winter trek: 30th January 2015 (Friday)

Trek distance: Around 5 to 6 Kms.

Time taken: 2 Scenarios will decide time taken here:

  • It depends if we walk till Sankri its more than 8 hours.
  • If you prepare jeep journey fom Taluka to Sankri, Trek will be till Taluka from Bidaka – 1 and half hours.

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Highlights during the trek:

  1. Beautiful morning at Bidaka campsite.
  2. Breathtaking scenic mountains with white snow covered.
  3. Memorable walk till Sankri – Snow everywhere due to fresh snowfall previous day.

Day in brief:

Final day of the trek with plans to reach Sankri by 3:00 PM and leave for Dehradun as early as possible so we can reach the city by night.

As usual all of us got up around 6:30 AM in the morning and freshen up. Had morning breakfast and packed for lunch.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 150
Morning chit chat from trekkers during final day of the memorable trek
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 151
Lovely click! Isn’t it?
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 152
Nature Kaa Jawab naahi! – Scenic beauty of valley from Bidaka
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 153
One more magnificent click – Morning experimentation of DLSR during trek is in full swing

Removed our tents and Had final session of the trek from our trek lead Saranbir Singh with Thanksgiving. Clicked final group photo of the trek and started towards Taluka to catch jeep around 10:00 AM.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 154
Final group photo of the Har Ki Dun winter trek at Bidaka campsite
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 155
Lovely collage of final walk in the valley – Har Ki Dun winter trek nearing end
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 156
Ishan and Chaitanya posing for my camera while getting back to Taluka
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 157
Beautiful capture of white valley
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 158
Finally reached Taluka village

Reached Taluka by 12:00 PM in the noon but lot of delay in arriving cabs caused us to have lunch at Taluka itself. All of us explored Taluka village and clicked final set of picstures at Govind Pashu National Park.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 159
Exploring Taluka village – Great set of Pics!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 160
Exploring Taluka village – Great set of Pics!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 161
Streets of Taluka village in my camera!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 162
Prabhu is alone partner of me while nearing Sankri

Surrendered Gaiters, Micro Spikes, Eco bags, Sleeves and Sleeping bag to trek crew. Final settlement of all outstanding also done at Taluka. Trek lead Saranbir informed us to walk on jeep trail till arrival of vehicle on Taluka-Sankri road. All of was walked halfway stage then shifted to one jeep and reached GMVN guest house around 3:15 PM.

Cab driver Charan Singh with 4 cabs already waiting for us at Sankri outside guest house. All of us packed our belongings and shifted to 4 cabs.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 163
Final pics at Har Ki Dun!

All of us left for Dehradun with carrying unforgettable memories from beautiful journey at Har Ki Dun valley around 4:00 PM and reached Dehradun around 12:00 AM in the morning.

Booked rooms in Hotel Shubham near Dehradun railway station for overnight stay and rested for the day. Tiring and longest day at Garhwal region of Himalayas finally comes to end.

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