December 5, 2021

Day 6: Trek from Chillar Ghat to Bidaka


Trek date during Har Ki Dun winter trek: 29th January 2015 (Thursday)

Trek distance: Around 5 to 6 Kms.

Time taken: Around 5 to 6 hours

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Highlights during the trek:

  1. Bidaka campsite turned into heaven after fresh snowfall in the afternoon.
  2. Heavy snowfall post lunch at valley.
  3. Enjoying with snow to the core in the evening at Bidaka campsite.

Day in brief:
We are almost into final stages of the trek with 2 days to spare and it was formalities of completing the trek is only pending task left but no one expected there is lot of surprise awaiting for us on 6th day of the winter trek. After one of the quite days at Govind Pashu National Park, all of us had cold sleep on snowy surface of Chillar Ghat campsite. As usual all of us got up around 6:30 AM in the morning one by one and freshen up. Surprisingly i saw my shoes and base of rucksack got freezed due to frozen land. Few of things especially inner wear and clothes kept inside rucksack got freezed :P.

Had morning tea followed by breakfast. Next campsite Bidaka is not so far yet not near but it was long return journey awaiting for us.

Around 9:30 AM, we all started to descend from Chillar Ghat campsite towards Bidaka with sun is clear and no sign of bad weather which might turn into snowfall. Initially phase of the day is full of descending. Clicked more snaps.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 138
Descending started towards Bidaka campsite on snowy trail
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 139
Lovely collage of amazing people of the trek with Trek pole is center of attraction
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 140
One more! This time Dharani n Ishan in the pic 😛
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 141
Wow!!! Lovely trails to get down but keep eye on trails cos these are more slippery
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 142
Group photo – En route Bidaka
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 143
Everything going great for us with weather is clear

Had lunch around 1:00 PM and took small break before leaving to Bidaka campsite. As soon as we finished our lunch, mother nature started to show her true colors! Weather at valley got worsen and it started to snowing! started with light snowfall, finally heavy snowfall is in full swing within half an hour.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 144
What a snowfall! Approaching Bidaka campsite

Snowing continued as we reached Bidaka campsite around 3:00 PM. It was heavy and continuous snowfall. Bidaka campsite turned into virtual heaven and valley is dream paradise on earth!!! Most of us enjoying the beauty of the place and few of them opted to stay back in tent.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 145
Lovely group pic captured at virtual heaven…
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 146
One more group photo at Bidaka
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 147
My DSLR is very busy in capturing beauty of campsite. Don’t want to miss this golden opportunity of lifetime!

Even pitched tent got covered with snow and it is extra effort of ours made tent comfortable one for stay.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 148
Rajesh, Chaitanya and Myself with our tents

We all played with snow to the core! Made snowball and throwing at each other can be seen at campsite during this unforgettable evening. Had snacks followed by tea. Myself, Rajesh and Chaitanya planned to explore the place in the evening. What an evening! Heaven on earth made our trek memorable one for lifetime and all of us enjoying the scenic beauty of Bidaka campsite to the core.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 149
Picturesque beauties of the place captured in the evening during exploration

Had dinner and told good bye for the day. It was final overnight stay for all of us during this unforgettable winter trek and felt sad because trek will come to end tomorrow. But life is like that there is end for everything! but we have to move on 🙂

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