September 24, 2021

Trek from Lhalung to Demul village


Trekked villages in Spiti: Lhalung to Demul village

Trekked date during Lahaul & Spiti valley trip: 15th July 2013 (Monday)

Trek distance: 8 to 10 Kms.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highlights during the trek:

  1. Spiti river
  2. High altitude mountains and Breathtaking Landscapes.
  3. Challenges: River crossing and continuous steep ascent.

Day in brief:

After visiting Dhankar, our plan for next 2 days is trekking in Spiti villages. For that 5 of us (Myself, Pratap, Achintya, Sabu and Deepak) along with guide Prem Dorji already reached Lhalung village on Sunday evening.

BGBTD HP Lhalung village

All of us got up on Monday morning with good sleep since we reached Lhalung village in the evening itself on previous day. Everyone got enough time to take rest. It was nice and warm Spiti morning. Had our breakfast and packed Roti & Egg burji for our lunch. Had group photo with family who gave us great hospitality during the stay.

Few pictures of Lhalung home stay:

BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 1
Home stay where we did overnight stay
BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 2
Kitchen setting inside home stay – Really impressive!!!
BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 3
Yummy Breakfast – Roti with Egg burji (Common food of the journey)…:)
BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 4
Guide with family members of home stay

Started trek to Demul village around 9:00 AM from home stay where we did overnight stay at Lhalung village.

BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 5
Beginning stage of the trek

It was tired walk for all of us after PIN BHABHA ass trek. Sabu is leading us with Deepak following him. Myself, Pratap and Achintya with guide lagging behind.

BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 6
Small house on the way with backdrop of Spiti

After 1 hour of walk, We met with river crossing where bridge was broken and one has to cross the river to move another side of the river. With lot of circus, guide helped us to do river crossing.

BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 7
Memorable walk on the banks of Spiti river

After small break, resumed our trek to Demul village. It was continuous steep ascent waiting for us and i thought only will power could help us to reach the destination. Meanwhile Sabu is way ahead of us, he is first to reach Demul village.

BGBTD HP Lhalung to Demul 8
Continuous steep ascent – At least one pic i uploaded!

With continuous steep ascent following us back to back. Finally, we reached Demul village (One of remote and high altitude villages of Himalayas) around 2:30 PM in the afternoon.

BGBTD HP Demul village

Had tea and shifted to two different houses in Demul village (Myself, Pratap & Achintya in one house, Sabu & Deepak in another house).

Note: In Demul village, Only 2 guys can stay in home stay (Max. 3 depends on number of people).

Did overnight stay here in Demul village and departed for Comic village next morning.

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