June 15, 2021

Day 5: Trek from Osla to Chillar Ghat


Trek date during Har Ki Dun winter trek: 28th January 2015 (Wednesday)

Trekked villages: Around Osla village

Trek distance: Hardly 5 Kms. to Chillar Ghat campsite from Osla village. To kill time we trekked from Chillar Ghat to Seem village on different trail(Around 8 Kms.).

Time taken: Around 5 to 6 hours

Difficulty level: Easy

Highlights during the trek:

  1. Osla village of Govind Pashu National Park of UttarKashi District.
  2. High altitude snowy mountains on both sides of trail.
  3. Trails full of snow.
  4. Snowy Chillar Ghat campsite on the banks of Supin river.
  5. Views of Zigzag trails and Breathtaking trails of further camps.
  6. Had Gulab Jaamoon as sweet for the dinner at Chillar Ghat campsite.

Day in brief:

Every second and even minute is unforgettable during this beautiful winter trek. Most of us have DSLRs and few of them have point n shot cameras as their shooting gears for the event. Every morning and evening of this trek is beautiful with picturesque mountains around the valley. Cameras is most busy gears of this beautiful journey and all of us wanted to store these memories in their boxes forever.

After beautiful day at valley, all of us had good overnight sleep. Few people in this group had habit of playing cards, Dumb charades and other time pass games late night but i avoided these fun activities because of weather conditions. Prepared to sleep so early every day and make sure i am fit enough till the last day to finish this beautiful journey.

All of us welcomed with one more beautiful morning at the valley and clicked many jaw dropping pics of the valley. As usual team got up one by one around 6:30 AM and freshen up. Plan for remaining part of the trek is to get back Sankri by 30th evening with camping in snow at Chillar Ghat campsite on 28th and camping in bare land at Bidaka campsite near Taluka village on 29th. As per revised schedule for remaining part of the trek, we all started to Chillar Ghat campsite at 9:00 AM.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 107
Vijay’s water bladder is showing winter magic with water freezed inside tube.
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 108
Morning magic of mother nature captured from Osla home stay
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 109
Can you identify Kedarkanta Peak in this pic ?

Trek lead Saranbir gave us full permission to ask queries regarding villages, temples of this national park to starter of the trek Mahaveer Rawat. Spent some valuable time at Osla village before getting down to Chillar Ghat campsite and few of them had call with with their loved ones at solo STD shop at Osla village.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 110
Memorable captures while getting down from Osla village
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 111
Team enjoying easy descent at valley!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 112
Team gathered for small break before crossing the bridge
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 113
Beautiful capture – Valley of GOD in my DSLR…
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 114
Trails leading to Chillar Ghat campsite
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 115
One more beauty in my camera…
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 116
Horses carrying camping accessories
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 117
Refreshing break on the banks of Supin river

Around 11:00 AM, reached Chillar Ghat campsite and kept our heavy backpacks at unfinished guest house at campsite.
Started to trek till Seem village to kill the remaining time which is around nearly 4 to 5 Kms. from Chillar Ghat campsite. One of beautiful trails, it was with heavy snow throughout the trails. Clicked amazing snaps all the way till Seema village and explored beautiful bridge of Seema village.

A Beautiful journey to Seema village from Chillar Ghat campsite in Pics

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 118
Me enjoying the with Ice sword formed En route Seema village
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 119
Kid at work!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 120
Collage of lovely sheep & goats…
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 121
Closeup view of Osla village – En route Seema village
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 122
Walk on snowy trail is memorable experience!!!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 123
Best collage of the trek 🙂
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 124
Team responded quickly to my demand for this group pic  – The Best one!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 125
Trails of Seema village 1
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 126
Trails of Seema village 2
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 127
Finally reached Seema village
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 128
Team exploring Seema village
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 129
Trails to further camps at Har Ki Dun valley
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 130
Incredible stuff!!!
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 131
Finally started walk back to Chillar Ghat campsite

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 132Reached Chillar Ghat campsite by 3:00 PM afrer a walk on unforgettable trail at Har Ki Dun winter trek.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 133
Getting down to Chillar Ghat campsite after Seema village exploration
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 134
First snow camping experience of my life at Chillar Ghat campsite
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 135
Chillar Ghat campsite

Had lunch and spent remaining time of the day at campsite. Meanwhile all of us had KT session by TL Saranbir on how to pitch tent? It was very informative session and all of us educated ourselves regarding tents. It was unforgettable experience for all of us with camping in snow.

BGBTD HKDWT 2015 136
KT session on How to pitch tent ? by TL Saranbir
BGBTD HKDWT 2015 137
Golden dusk!!!

Had Gulab jamoon sweet for dinner. Had dinner by 8:00 PM and rested for the day in snowy campsite.

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