December 5, 2021

Trek to Kunti Betta


Adventure group: Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) – Website link:

Event date: 16th December 2012

Team size: 10 ASCENDers

Trek distance: Around 5 Kms. (Up and Down)

Difficulty level: Easy

Nearest town is Pandavapura (Mandya District)

About the place:

Along with Kunti Betta, We visited nearby places like Nambi Narayana Temple and Tonnur Kere.

  1. Kunti Betta: Kunti Betta is a hillock near Pandavapura in Mandya District. The place is rich in history & heritage. Pandavapura features during the Mahabharata period. It is said the Pandavas ended their exile of 14 years in Pandavapura. Kunti, mother of the Pandavas, liked the hillock so much that it became one of her favourite haunts. The town is also named after the Pandavas because of their brief stay in this region.Here is where Bheema slayed Bhakasura, the demon. A top Kunti betta, one can see the utensil shaped rocks which were apparently used by Pandavas for cooking. Sugarcane is grown in abundance in the fields around this place, giving it a feel of Mauritius . The multitude of canals passing by the fields gives the location an exotic look.The Kunti Betta is a short n sweet trek. It comprises two rocky hills separated by a valley accessible via flight of steps. The valley houses an antiquated temple and large monolithic rock cut images of Nandi and Ganesha. Mythology states that the Pandavas during their period of exile stayed here for some time, and The small plateau houses Kunti kola (a small rock depression where rainwater gets collected) and nearby is a giant formation resembling a footprint known as Bheemana Pada (Bheema’s Footprint).
  2. Nambi Narayana Temple: Ancient beautiful Sri Vaishnava temple of Nambinarayana . Large in dimensions . A “must See”. Associated with the 12th century stay of Sri Asuri Ramanujacharya , the great Sri Vaishnava saint. Sri Nambinarayana temple beautiful architecture catches the eye of the beholder. The Narasimha temple is built on a small hillock. One has to climb about 20 to 25 steps to reach the temple. This temple has been recently renovated. Contructed by Vishnuvardhana.
  3. Tonnur Kere(Lake): It’s a man-made water barrage across Yadavanadi connecting two rocky hills and built from the times of king Ramanuja around 1000 years ago. It was known as ‘Tirumalasagara’ at that time and now has many names like ‘Kere Thodanur’ after the second capital of Hoysala Empire. Kere Thonnur’, has a huge lake called Moti Talab which was built by Vishnuvardhana and ‘Moti Talab’ meaning Lake of Pearls, probably bit of exaggeration for the clear water the Kere holds. The water in the lake is crystal clear and never dries up even in the middle of a drought. The lake has some Water falls too.

Day in brief:

Early morning around 6:20 AM, TT Driver Manju picked up myself, Mrs. Shalini Kumar and Anthony George from Navrang theatre and moved towards Banashankari bus stand. This is our common assembling point. Our plan is to start at sharp 7:00 AM from Banashankari bus stand. Since Hema was bit late, we all started from Banashankari around 7:30 AM. On the way, we had a nice breakfast at Bidadi (Famous for Tatte Idli) and moved towards Kunti Betta (Mandya District) and Reached the base around 10:30 – 11:00 AM.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 1
Temple at base of the hill

We can see one small temple at base of the hill. After small break, we all started to ascend the hill. This hill was small but little bit challenging to climb. Reached top of the hill around 12:30 – 1:00 PM.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 2
ASCENDers started their journey to conquer the peak
BGBTD Kunti Betta 3
In search of new trails to reach the peak

After reaching the peak, had our snacks after that comes most important part of the trip “self-introduction”. As usual “self-introduction part” will be entertaining due to Pallavi’s presence. She had assigned task to each and every member of the group after their introduction. The only guy who hasn’t completed his task is Raju aka Ghajini of the trek…:)

Hill is full of rocks and view from top of the hill is Breathtaking one. We can witness huge lake at base of the hill with beautiful landscapes.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 4
Huge lake at base of the hill – Pic #1
BGBTD Kunti Betta 5
Breathtaking view from the top
BGBTD Kunti Betta 6
Huge lake at base of the hill – Pic #2

After small photo session at the peak, started to descend from the top around 2:00 PM and reached the base around 3:15 PM. Then we had one more group photo session with villagers who came to roam around the place.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 7
Descending the hill – Pic #1
BGBTD Kunti Betta 8
Descending the hill – Pic #2

Around 3:45 PM, started towards Thondanur to visit Nambi Narayana temple and Tonnur Kere. Reached the temple around 4:15 PM and spent some time in the temple.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 9
Nambi Narayan temple, Thondanur
BGBTD Kunti Betta 10
Inside view #1 (Nambi Narayan temple, Thondanur)
BGBTD Kunti Betta 11
Inside view #2 (Nambi Narayan temple,Thondanur)

Then visited one more temple by name Gopal Krishna swamy temple which is opposite to Nambi Narayana temple. We had darshana of Paartha Saarathi swamy here.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 12
Gopal Krishna Swamy temple, Thondanur
BGBTD Kunti Betta 13
Inside view #1 (Gopal Krishna Swamy temple, Thondanur)
BGBTD Kunti Betta 14
Inside view #2 (Gopal Krishna Swamy temple, Thondanur)

We had one more round of snacks here (a nice sour oranges with mixture of salt n red chili powder- which recalls about our school days) and then moved towards Tonnur Kere.

Wow!!! What to say about this lake. A very huge and lovely place to spend some time in evening.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 15
Huge Tonnur Kere
BGBTD Kunti Betta 16
Lovely evening at Tonnur Kere

Spent some time at Tonnur Kere and started back to Bangalore around 6:00 PM.

On the way, had small visit to ALEMANE (This is the place where Jaggery-Bella has been made). On the way finished our dinner @ Maddur Tiffanies.

BGBTD Kunti Betta 17
Bella in making (Inside Bella factory – Pic #1)
BGBTD Kunti Betta 18
Bella in making (Inside Bella factory – Pic #2)
BGBTD Kunti Betta 19
Bella in making (Inside Bella factory – Pic #3)

Reached Banashankari bus stand around 9:15 PM.

Suggestion: Please wear proper clothing while climbing this hill, Jeans with full arm shirt or T-shirt will be better or else we have to take a nice kisses from thrones.


  • Hearty thanks to BASC for organizing this wonderful trek.
  • It was very fun filled trip and personally I enjoyed a lot whole day with 10 ASCENDers in which 3 of them are new faces to BASC.
  • Thanks to Pallavi Ranganath – For proof reading of this blog and some minor correction in this blog.
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