March 7, 2021

Trekking in Kudremukh National Park


Trekking group: Planned by Pratap Sikdar

Event date: 26th & 27th January 2013

Team size: Started as 6 members and finished with 8 (2 of them joined us on second day)

Trek distance: Around 45.5 Kms. in 2 days

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

  • First day: Mission Kurinjal Gudda peak (Around 16 Kms. of trek)
  • Second day: Memorable 23 Kms. trek inside Kudremukh National Park

About the place: 

Kudremukh also spelled Kuduremukha is a mountain range in Chikkamagaluru district, in Karnataka, India. It is also the name of a small hill station town situated near the mountain, about 48 kilometres from Karkala and about 20 kilometres from Kalasa. The name Kuduremukha (as it is known by the locals) literally means ‘horse-face’ (in the local language Kannada) and refers to a particular picturesque view of a side of the mountain that resembles a horse’s face. It was also referred to as ‘Samseparvata’, historically since it was approached from Samse village.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 1

Heights of peaks inside Kudremukh National Park:

  1. Kudremukh Peak: 1892M
  2. Kurinjal Peak: 1159M
  3. Gangadikal Peak: 1455M
  4. Valikunja: 1039M
  5. Narasimha Parvata: 1150M
  6. Seetha Bhumi: 1473M

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 2

Trekking experience:

As planned by Pratap, we need to start from Bangalore at sharp 9:30 PM so we could reach Balagal village by early morning. Unfortunately due to Bangalore traffic everything got delayed. Vehicle boarded by Pratap, Sandeep, Rishab and Amal came late to our place. Our pickup point is Navarang theatre. At 11:00 PM, Myself and Sanju was picked up by vehicle in front of ORION Mall. We were at Navarang theatre around 9:30 PM. Till vehicle came, Myself and Sanju spent time by sharing our past trekking experiences to each other.

Day 1: 26th January 2013(Saturday) – Mission Kurinjal Gudda peak

Day in brief:

We thought we will reach Balagal late in the morning but kudos to our Qualis driver!!! Driver safely reached us to Balagal village after overnight journey. We all reached Balagal by 7:00 AM. Met our guide Arun who is waiting for us. After freshen up, had breakfast at small hotel and filled Tiffin box with Puliyogare for afternoon lunch.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 3
Breakfast at baalagal village in small hotel

Started towards forest office at 8:30 AM to avail permission from forest department with our guide Arun. After getting permission from Department, we all moved towards Bhagwathi Nature camp at 9:00 AM to start our trek to Kurinjal Gudda peak.

We all wanted to reach Kurinjal Gudda peak with different trail (through dense forest) to make trek more adventuresome. But our guide Arun is not confident about trail, also there are lot of trees felled down on trails so it will be very difficult to find trails. We dropped our plan and decided to walk on jeep trail. Left Bhagwathi Nature camp at 9:45 AM and reached base of jeep trail at 10:00 AM.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 4
Photo session time during ascending…:)

At 10:00 AM, we all started our trek to Kurinjal Gudda peak. For me this is second visit to Kurinjal Gudda peak. I already trekked this peak in October 2012 so i know this route very well. Trail is very clear and properly visible to our eyes so it is easy to reach the peak.
Meanwhile we tried different trails to make our trek more adventurous. Also took few breaks in between. We all reached the peak at 11:45 AM.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 5
In search of new trails…
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 6
There you go!  We are nearing Kurinjal peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 7
Beautiful Kurinjal peak!!!

Relaxed for half an hour, took plenty of photos and enjoyed the beauty of Kudremukh from the top. Lakhya Dam was clearly visible from the top and place is surrounded by beautiful hills. View of Western Ghat at its best…:).

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 8
Breathtaking view from top of the Kurinjal peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 9
One more classical view from the top
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 10
Small ruined house at Kurinjal peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 11
Only views!!! Truly beautiful…:)
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 12
Best one!!! Is it?

Along with us one more group was there at the peak. They came with guide Parmesh who is experienced one and knows trails better than Arun. After lot of discussion, we all decided to take forest route to reach base with help of guide Parmesh.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 13
Dense forest inside KNP
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 14
Descending through dense forest

We all started descending at 12:15 PM and while walking into dense forest we are discussing about evening plans and what’s in store for us on Sunday.
On the way, we got water resource (Streams) at 1:45 PM so we all decided to have lunch here.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 15
Lunch time inside forest 😛

During this time of the day, we have already covered 90% of descending only 10% is left i.e around 2 Kms.
After lunch (Puliyogare), we all started at 2:25 PM and reached Bhagwathi Nature camp at 2:45 PM. Relaxed for half and hour. We already told our driver to be there at Bhagwathi Nature camp by afternoon since we will finish Kurinjal Gudda trek here. He is waiting for us from afternoon.
At 3:30 PM, we all started towards Balagal village and reached Balagal around 4:00 PM. Relaxed here for half an hour. Meanwhile Amal shoes got damaged while trekking. Without foot wear he can’t do trek on Sunday so he decided to purchase new chappal for him. Arun and Amal left for kalasa at 4:45 PM to buy new chappal.
Myself with other 4 members started towards Mullodi Rajappa’s house which is nearly 6.5 Kms. from the base. After 6.5 Kms. of ascending on jeep trail, we all reached Rajappa’s house at 6:30 PM.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 16
Board at Mullodi Rajappa’s house

Our plan is to take bath at Somavathi falls but we dropped the plan since it is already dark. We took bath in Rajappa’s house. Campfire is already arranged around compound of Rajappa’s house. We made circle and shared our trekking experience to each other. Few more people joined us who came for Kudremukh trekking. Weather is very cold out there and little satisfaction can be seen in our faces since day went well for us according to the plan.
We had our dinner at 8:30 PM and slept around 9:00 PM since we need to wake up early to start our second day journey.

Day 2: 27th January 2013(Sunday) – Memorable 23 Kms. trek inside Kudremukh National Park

Day in brief:

We all wake up around 7:00 AM after good sleep. After freshen up, had our breakfast and filled Tiffin box with Lemon rice for lunch.
Started trek inside Kudremukh National Park from Mullodi Rajappa’s house at 8:30 AM with our guide Arun. Two more members joined our group: Srinath and Santhosh. Now we are group of 8 with guide.

Day journey inside Kudremukh National Park with Beautiful photos

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 17
Srinath walking (Back ground: Kudremukh peak)
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 18
Group photo at the base (Background: Kudremukh peak)
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 19
Close view of Thirumaleguppi peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 20
At another classical view of Thirumaleguppi peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 21
Gomukh and Durgada Habba peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 22
Inside Kudremukh forest
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 23
Mesmerizing view of Erumaleguppi peak
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 24
Descending inside KNP (Back ground: Erumaleguppi peak)

View of Bandaje hill from KNP

Bandaje falls is a waterfall located in the Charmadi ghat section of the Western Ghats in the Belthangady taluk of Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka.
Bandaje falls has a very nice view, and it is believed to be 700 metres above the sea level (though no one has officially measured it). It flows as a single stream, and falls from approximately 400+ metres in between the vallies of Western Ghat. This flows further and joins the river Netravathi as a tributary.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 25

View of Jamalabad fort from KNP

Jamalabad fort, located 8 Kms. north of Beltangadi town, (65 Kms. from Mangalore) is 1700 ft above sea level and was formerly called Narasimha Ghada, which refers to the granite hill on which the fort is built. It is also referred locally as ‘Jamalagadda’ and ‘Gadaikallu’.

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 26

BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 27
Group photo (Back ground: Erumaleguppi peak)
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 28
View of Erumaleguppi peak from the base
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 29
View of Bandaje hill from the base
BGBTD Trekking around Kudremukh 30
Final group photo after completing 45.5 Kms. trek

Finally, we left for Bangalore around 9:00 PM. Reached Bangalore on Monday morning around 5:00 AM and left for our places.


  • For me Kudremukh trek is unforgettable one. This trek motivated me to do more treks inside Kudremukh National Park in near future.
  • Thanks to Pratap Sikdar for inviting me for this trek. A very well organized trek and looking forward for more treks with you in the future.

Keep Trekking and enjoy the mother nature….:)

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  1. Great description of KNP trek information given will be useful for me for planning.May I have the contact no. Of the guide please ?

    1. Thanks a lot Sir!

      Please find guide details below:
      Guide Name: Aruna M. L.
      Mobile: 9481578065, 8277279970 Home: 08263-214235

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