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Himalayan Treks are always special & unique. WINTER TREK to PANGARCHULLA PEAK via KUARI PASS – 2015/16 is my 3rd Himalayan trek & 2nd Winter trek in Himalayas. After experiencing HAR KI DUN WINTER TREK in the month of January 2015, obviously I am looking forward for another Himalayan trek. Choosing a himalayan expedition is always tough task since there are multiple trek routes available in the states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, etc… My good friend cum one of the organizers of BASC (Bangalore ASCENDers) Achintya Kundu already planned a himalayan trek in the month of December 2015 with subject “Winter Himalayan Expedition to Pangarchulla Peak_26th December to 3rd January 2016”. He tied up with HIMALAYA TREKKERS for this expedition. I haven’t done any treks with Achintya for last 2 years and badly want to be in himalayas for last week of the year so made up my mind to join this trek with Achintya Kundu.

About KUARI PASS & PANGARCHULLA PEAK history : When Lord Curzon was Viceroy of India, he undertook several treks in the Garhwal, including one over the Kuari Pass to Joshimath and since then it has come to be known as Curzon’s trail. It is very popular among European and American travellers. In 1905, Lord Curzon reached Kuari Pass from Ghat via Ramni. Today many trekkers prefer to undertake the trek in the reverse direction. The main attraction of Curzon’s trail is the majestic view of the Twin Peaks of Nanda Devi–the main summit (7816 m), which is the highest peak situated completely within India and the east summit (7434 m) of Nanda Devi, Kamet (7756 m), Dronagiri (7066 m) and Hathi Parbat (6727 m) and Ghori Parvat (6708 m). Along the trek we’ll pass through pristine Rhododendron, Oak and Deodar forests. Rare Himalayan flora and fauna found in abundance on the Curzon’s trail.

As the Curzon Trail takes you through lush green fields, remote villages and virgin forests. Providing an enchanting view of the imposing peaks of Nanda Devi , Kamet ,Chaukhamba, Dronagiri and Hathi-Ghodi Parvat,It takes you through lush green fields, remote villages and virgin forests. The arms length view of ranges like the Mt.Nanda Devi, Kamet , Dronagiri and Hathi-Ghodi Parvat, is the reward that awaits the trekker atop this pass. When Lord Curzon trekked this route he started from Ramni to reach Kauri pass. We shall be trailing the same path as did Curzon, but in the reverse direction, starting from Ramni and then climbing the pass. The maximum height reached during the course of trekking is 4268 mts and the trek is generally not very difficult.

No matter how tired you get the fresh mountain breeze and the glorious scenery around will always rejuvenate you. Apart from the Pass, the two major attractions of this trip are Joshimath and Auli. Joshimath is where Sri Shankaracharya is said to have attained enlightenment. Auli is well known for it’s skiing slopes. there will be star watching sessions for those who are interested in astronomy. Also there is opportunity for rock climbing and moon light trekking. At the concluding part of the trek there is an irrestible chance for bathing in the hot springs of Tapovan to rejuvenate your tired nerves after an exhaustive Trek!!! This trek is the perfect getaway from the monotony of your daily life and will be an unforgettable experience.

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Altitude details of Kuari Pass, Pangarchulla & Mini Pangarchulla Peaks:

  1. Kuari pass                               Altitude: 3840 Mtr
  2. Pangarchulla Peak               Altitude: 4575 Mtr
  3. Mini Pangarchulla Peak     Altitude: 4300 Mtr

Trekking group: HIMALAYA TREKKERS – Website link: www.himalayatrekker.com

Event date: 28th December 2015 to 01st January 2016

Team size: 16 ASCENDers

Trek distance: Around 42 Kms. from Dhak Village to Auli.

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate



Our Guides – Two Mountain Men from Uttarakhand


Farewell Group Photo before leaving to AULI at TALI camp-site

BGBTD WTtoPPviaKP Farewell Group Photo

Trek Itinerary: Please find trek itinerary prepared by Achintya Kundu for this Winter Expedition below:

DAY 0 (27th December): Reach Joshimath. Night stay in Hotel.
DAY 1 (28th December): Drive from Joshimath to Auli and trek to Tali (3300m). Night stay in Tent.
DAY 2 (29th December): Trek from Tali to Kuari Khana. Night stay in Tent.
DAY 3 (30th December): Trek from Kuari Khana to Pangarchulla Peak and back. Night stay in Tent.
DAY 4 (31st December): Trek to Kuari Pass and down to Khulara. Night stay in Tent.
DAY 5 (1st January): Trek down to Tapovan and drive to Joshimath. Night stay in Hotel.

Travel Plan:
December 26th: Reach Delhi by morning flight [for example Indigo 6E126]. Take 3:00 PM train [Train No 12055 ] to Haridwar. Night stay in Hotel.
December 27th: Travel from Haridwar to Joshimath by shared vehicle. Trek Itinerary starts once we reach Joshimath.
January 2nd: Travel from Joshimath to Haridwar by shared vehicle. Night stay in Hotel.
January 3rd: By train [Train No 14318] reach Delhi in the afternoon. Take evening flight [for example Indigo 6E107] to Bengaluru. If you are not in a hurry you can reach Delhi on 4th January morning and catch a flight 9:00 AM onwards.

Due to snow at Auli, we started from Dhak village and it was reverse route than planned. Started at Dhak village and finished at Auli. By the time we reached Auli on 1st of January 2016, snow was melted. It was the Best trekking experience of my life with snow throughout the trek. Gulling, Khulara and Tali were camp-sites. Khulara camp-site was base camp-site for us while attempting Pangarchulla Summit. It was impossible to summit Pangarchulla (4575 Mtr) in the winter due to snow covered boulders en-route summit, so guide took us till Mini Pangarchulla Summit(4300 Mtr). Day 3 while attempting Mini Pangarchulla Summit is one of challenging days of my life and Day 5 was most beautiful day of my life with mighty Himalayan mountains on right side of our path. Arguably, Best Himalayan experience of my life and will be remembered forever as special trek of my life 🙂 🙂 🙂

Please find the blog links for day wise Winter Trek experience of Pangarchulla Peak via Kuari Pass below:

Bengaluru, Delhi, Haridwar – 3 Cities in 1 Day
Journey to Joshimath
Day 1: Trek from Dhak to Gulling via Tugasi Village
Day 2: Trek from Gulling to Khulara via Chitrakatha
Day 3: Summit Day to Mini Pangarchulla Peak
Day 4: Easy Trek from Khulara to Tali 
Day 5: Beautiful Trek from Tali to Auli
Return Journey to Namma Bengaluru

Different trek routes of Kuari Pass & Pangarchulla Peak Trek: There are multiple routes available to attempt Kuari Pass & Pangarchulla Peak inside Nanda Devi National Park.  From Joshimath, there are 2 routes to the KUARI Pass. One goes through Auli, Gorson, Tali, Chitrakatha and other goes to Dhak, Tugasi, Khulara to Galigarh & Kuari. From Kuari Pass, it is common trail to reach Pangarchulla and Mini Pangarchulla Peaks.

Note: During our WINTER TREK to PANGARCHULLA PEAK via KUARI PASS – 2015/16, we have not used Lord Curzon trail to reach Kuari Pass. Started from Dhak village & finished at Auli. Gulling, Khulara & Tali were camp-sites.

Highlights during winter trek to Pangarchulla Peak via Kuari Pass:

  • Experienced long walk on snow trails.
  • Summit day of Kuari Pass & Mini Pangarchulla.
  • Snow capped mountains & trails everywhere.
  • Breathtaking Himalayan mountains of Nanda Devi National Park, Uttarakhand.
  • Beautiful & Breathtaking Landscapes of Garhwal region of Himalayas.
  • Camping in snow for 2 days.
  • Camp-fire throughout the trek.
  • Longest camp-fire of the trek on 31st December night which went till 1st day of 2016.
  • New year celebration with mighty Himalayan mountains.
  • Unforgettable Day 3  & Beautiful Day 5 of winter trek.
  • A walk on Snowy Gorson Bugyal.


  • After long time i had trekking experience with my friend Achintya Kundu. Thanks for inviting me buddy and giving opportunity to be part of this unforgettable experience!!!
  • My first experience with HIMALAYA TREKKERS is most memorable one. Thanks to amazing crew !!!
  • Thanks to our Guides Dev Singh, Mahipal Singh & local guide Puran Sirji for being supportive throughout the trek. We never felt, we did trek with strangers for 5 Days. After the trek, all of us become like family. Thanks for being supportive, informative and friendly throughout the trek. Amazing guides indeed!!!
  • Thanks to cook Birander Singh Rana & team for yummy and hygienic food during the trek. Also thanks to great support crew of HT for their love and care during the trek.
  • Thanks to friendly 15 Adventurous Souls from Bengaluru for making this event memorable one and will remain in our memories as one of unique treks of our lives. All of them are Gem of this trek and made this journey beautiful one!!!
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